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WP School Calendar is simple and responsive school calendar plugin for WordPress. You can use this plugin to create school calendar automatically and show it on your school website.

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Our goal is to help you create beautiful and responsive school calendar for your school website in minutes without hiring a graphic designer.

Over the years, we found that creating the school calendar is very difficult and not everyone can do that because they don’t have skill in graphic designing. You have to hiring a graphic designer to create school calendar for your school website.

So we started to develop WP School Calendar with simple goal to take the pain out of creating school calendar and make it easy.

It is very easy to use WP School Calendar. You only need to add important dates on the calendar when the activities or events will be held in the school, such as:

  • Registration for new students,
  • Orientation period for new students,
  • First and last day of courses,
  • Mid and final term examination,
  • Results publication date,
  • School holiday period,
  • Or other important dates.

Then the calendar will be displayed on the page that you specify automatically.


Here are main features of WP School Calendar:

  • Supports single and multiple day important date
  • Custom colors for important dates
  • Customize start / end of the school year
  • Various options for month format
  • Various options for weekday format
  • Ability to show past and upcoming school calendars by school years
  • Custom language text support and includes POT file for further customization

WP School Calendar Pro

The free version of WP School Calendar works just fine, but if you need more features and options you can purchase our Premium version. Here are some of the many features of WP School Calendar Pro:

  • Ability to export school calendar into PDF format
  • Ability to export school calendar to iCalendar
  • Ability to show tooltip on important dates
  • Various options for tooltip themes
  • Free dedicated expert support

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  • Frontend
  • Important Dates
  • Edit Important Date
  • Important Date Categories
  • School Years
  • Settings


  1. Install WP School Calendar either via the WordPress.org plugin repository.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Navigate to the School Calendar tab at the bottom of your WordPress administration menu to begin creating your new school calendar.

Întrebări frecvente

Who should use WP School Calendar?

WP School Calendar is perfect for education websites. If you want to create a school or university website, then you need to use WP School Calendar.

What’s required to use WP School Calendar?

WP School Calendar is a WordPress plugin. In order to use WP School Calendar, you must have a self-hosted WordPress site. That’s all.

Do I need coding skills to use WP School Calendar?

Absolutely not. You can create and manage school calendar without any coding knowledge.

Will WP School Calendar slow down my website?

Absolutely not. WP School Calendar is carefully built with performance in mind. We have developed everything with best practices and modern standards to ensure things run smooth and fast.

Does WP School Calendar work on non-WordPress sites?

No. WP School Calendar is a WordPress plugin, so it will NOT work on sites that do not use WordPress. Additionally, WP School Calendar is not compatible with the WordPress.com platform. You must be using a self-hosted version of WordPress to utilize WP School Calendar.

Can I use WP School Calendar Pro on client sites?

Absolutely. You can use WP School Calendar Pro on your client sites. You can purchase Single Site License for each client sites or Multi-Site License for some clients.

Do your plugin work with mobile devices?

WP School Calendar display beautifully on mobile devices. The plugin is specifically designed to be „mobile responsive”, allowing your plugin to automatically adapt to any mobile device on the market.

Can your plugin be used in different languages?

Yes. WP School Calendar has full translation and localization support via the „wp-school-calendar” textdomain. All .mo and .po translation files should go into the languages folder in the base of the plugin.

What if I have a problem / need support ?

You can find us in the WordPress support forum for this plugin. However, before you get in touch with problems, please do ensure that you read through all the FAQs and that you’ve updated to the latest release of our plugin.

The WP School Calendar team does not always provide active support for the WP School Calendar plugin on the WordPress.org forums. One-on-one email support is available to people who bought the WP School Calendar Pro only.


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