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Get any WordPress content like posts, pages, tagged content or custom post type and display them as a slider. Some additional responsive and designed themes are also available. This is definitively the best way to build a news page without coding anything. WP Latest Posts can be used with all page builders, Gutenberg, WooCommerce in a click and even in custom page layouts using a PHP snippet. We build your news layout, and so you can focus on your content only.

Mai multe detalii: https://www.joomunited.com/wordpress-products/wp-latest-posts

Demonstrație video:

Advanced settings to load WordPress latest posts

  • Select your content source like a post category, page selection, custom post type, tagged content
  • Select your display options like number of rows, column number, text crop, colors…
  • Select your image source (1st image or featured), or define a default one
  • Advanced parameters for date format, custom css for a perfect news display
  • Încarci conținut din WooCommerce sau din oricare alt modul care folosește tipuri de articol personalizat
  • Bloc Gutenberg dedicat
  • Compatibil cu WordPress multi-sit

Main recent posts features (free plugin version)

  • Unlimited Latest posts instances
  • Customizable elements to load: image, title, text, category, author, date, read more
  • Insert news blocks in the content editor with a button
  • Display as a sidebar widget
  • Select number of columns and pages in a news block
  • Select number of elements (post, pages) to be loaded
  • Filter news display by date
  • Define an offset for news display
  • Dispatch and order content in each block with jQuery mouse drag-and-drop
  • Select categories of the listed contents
  • Limit the total number of displayed news items
  • Select image source (featured image thumbnail, first image attachment, or post first image)
  • Add custom margins around images
  • Create carrousel sliding news displays with a few clicks
  • Full out-of-the box support of WordPress default theme and most common custom themes and styling
  • PHP code generation to include news display in your theme
  • Integrare cu WPML: filtrează conținutul de știri după limba WPML
  • Integrare cu Polylang: filtrează conținutul de știri după limba Polylang
  • Progressive loading for images in default theme for better performance

Latest posts plugin Addon features (optional)

  • 5 responsive premium themes
  • 3 Masonry type themes
  • Time line theme
  • Portfolio theme
  • Color picker for themes elements
  • Load content from tagged content
  • Load content from custom post type
  • Load content before/after a date
  • Load content from the latest X years, month, days, hours
  • Unlimited sidebar widget instances
  • Multiple news block instance per page
  • Automatic news title cropping using number of words, characters or lines
  • Automatic cropping of text excerpt using number of words, characters or lines
  • Automatic animation of sliders
  • Add a „load more” items button on masonry themes
  • Change animation type
  • Default image selection (if no image available in content)
  • Support WordPress tag as content source
  • Text personalizat pentru „Citește mai mult”
  • Default images as vector
  • 1 year 2 levels personal ticket support

Load Recent News from other plugins (integration)

  • WooCommerce
  • ACF full integration: load custom fields and group of fields
  • WPML integration: load only content by WPML language
  • Polylang integration: load only content by Polylang language
  • Load rencent posts from custom post types
  • Can be added as shortcode or PHP snippet
  • Can be added as Gutenberg block
  • Load your news in Elementor, DIVI and all page builders

Main plugins from JoomUnited:


Detailed documentation, information and support can be found here on the JoomUnited website

A dedicated private ticket support is also available on the website.

Capturi ecran

  • Filter latest content (post, page, custom post type) by category, date, order, type
  • Select one of the 6 themes (pro) and define options like columns, lines, colors...
  • Category grid theme based on masonry
  • Another masonry responsive theme with title and category
  • Smooth hover responsive slider theme
  • Time line theme with progressive loader
  • Open a content, use the button to add news block (or use shortcode & php snippet)
  • Multiple instance per page and use it as widget


WordPress installation is fully supported.
Once the plugin is installed, just create your first news block and insert it in any post or page, or use it as widget. The Pro Addon version update exactly in the same way, just login to your joomUnited account to validate your account first 🙂

Întrebări frecvente

Which browsers work best with the WP Latest posts administration interface?

WP Latest posts is using HTML5 features so to be sure run the latest version of Chrome / Firefox / Safari or IE11+

Which browsers are compatible with the WP Latest posts public display?

WP Latest posts is compatible with IE9+ and all modern browsers for news display

Ultimele articole WP îmi încetinește situl?

Very few 🙂 All your news display content is properly stored in the database also added to cache. Furthermore, there’s a progressive loading for images and an image size selection (or crop) in all themes for better performance


What’s the minimum version of WordPress required to run WP Latest posts? WordPress 5+ is required. WP Latest posts may generate PHP errors if you tried to run it on an earlier version, and so it will simply refuse to activate on any version of WordPress that’s older than 4.0

Where in WordPress does WP Latest posts plugin should be displayed?

In the admin of WordPress, on the left menu named WP Latest posts and its sub menu for news display configuration

Cum instalez Ultimele articole WP?

Go to the Plugins > WP Latest posts > Deactivate > Delete
If you choose to install it later all news display configuration data will remain in place (database stored)

Modulul Ultimele articole WP este compatibil cu siturile web multilingve?

Modulul are integrat nativ Polylang și WPML. Când modulul detectează limbile, poți filtra sursa de știri în funcție de limbă în fiecare bloc de știri.
Dacă folosești un alt modul multilingv, poți crea un bloc de știri separat pentru fiecare limbă și obții același rezultat.

Is WP Latest posts compatible with RTL content?

Yes, the support has been added since the 3.5.2 version.


2 septembrie 2020
Works well, would like to see some more styling features.
16 iulie 2020
Pretty good. Though in vertical view on mobile, there doesn't seem to be a way of navigating to the next set of image links.
9 aprilie 2020
Nice plugin for displaying the latest posts. Use it on the homepage and it looks nice, has some great features and for free is really great.
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Istoric modificări


  • Fix : Date format conflict with Another WordPress Classifieds Plugin
  • Fix : Load more posts


  • Fix : First image is not detected from WPBakery Single Image module


  • Fix : Blank page with multiple shortcodes
  • Fix : Add default option for widget


  • Fix : Conflict with Elementor tabs, Divi tabs


  • Add : Add the possibility to display the most popular posts


  • Fix : Translation sharing issue in some browsers


  • Add : Possibility to duplicate news block
  • Add : Selection of material icon for the hover icon
  • Add : Hexadecimal to rgba (add transparency) color selection
  • Add : Improve setting style and texts in backend
  • Add : Automatic testing for PHP versions, features…
  • Add : Material vertical theme compatibility for Pro Addon


  • Fix : Show/Hide icon on default theme mouse hover
  • Fix : Mouse hover icon on gutenberg block preview


  • Add : Refresh button on Gutenberg WP Latest Posts block
  • Add : Move the max number of news loaded on the main config tab
  • Add : Automatically activate theme background on click
  • Add : Better default image when no image is found
  • Add : Change some radio buttons to switcher on theme settings
  • Fix : Icon missing on default theme when user isn’t connected
  • Fix : Update some description text


  • Add : Material fonts missing


  • Add : Add Opt In feedback on plugin first disabling & review message


  • Add : Gutenberg block with latest news preview on admin
  • Add : Display the count of news content that will be loaded
  • Add : Direct link to the News post
  • Add : Quick shortcode copy on new block list
  • Add : Move the publication status to the block configuration


  • Fix : Sort by title & date on WP multi-site


  • Fix : Jutranslation url
  • Fix : Conflict with WPML plugin
  • Fix : Sort on multiple site


  • Fix : List categories in block settings on WP multiple site
  • Fix : List pages in block settings on multiple site


  • Fix : Compatibility with ACF plugin
  • Fix : Saving some settings does not apply


  • Add : Gutenberg block to load and search news blocks


  • Fix : Notice closed for a month
  • Add : WordPress 5.0 compatibility


  • Fix : Update new item in the settings


  • Fix : Display news block list
  • Fix : Blank screen while updating news block


  • Add : New UX for Blocks and Configuration
  • Add : Settings UX with AJAX search engine
  • Add : Hide settings when not related to the theme selected
  • Add : Plugin installer with quick configuration
  • Add : Environment checker on install (PHP Version, PHP Extensions, Apache Modules)
  • Add : System Check menu to notify of server configuration problems after install
  • Add : Add actions and filters for developers


  • Fix : Display excerpt content in multisite
  • Fix : Enhance code readability and performance with phpcs


  • Fix : Sharing translations


  • Add : Progressive loading in default theme, performance optimization
  • Add : Setting to define arrows color and arrows hover color
  • Add : Overlay color on image mouse hover
  • Add : Read more button design option


  • Add : Add the possibility to list as content source, the WordPress post categories


  • Fix : Put the PRO notifications under the content management
  • Fix : Image stretched to fit this size even if the setting is set to off


  • Fix : Disable touch slide on flexslider
  • Fix : Disable Crop Text option when using Category Grid theme


  • Corectează: conflictul cu modulul Divi Builder și tema Virtue
  • Corecție: schimbă metoda de afișare a imaginilor din imagine completă în miniatură


  • Adaugă: folosește PHPCS pentru a crea definiții standard


  • Adaugă: integrarea cu Polylang; filtrează conținutul de știri după limbă


  • Adaugă: integrarea cu WPML; filtrează conținutul blocurilor de știri după limbă


  • Corecție: decupează implicit textul titlului și textul


  • Corecție: folosește conținut complet și text decupat
  • Corecție: folosește rezumat articol


  • Corecție: prefixul pentru CSS personalizat nu este aplicat


  • Corecție: eroare PHP la actualizare
  • Corecție: notificare în partea din față când nu este setată nicio dimensiune de imagine


  • Adăugare: schimbă structura HTML a temei implicite de la tabel la div
  • Adăugare: înlătură vechiul cadru de generare a știrilor (optimizare)
  • Adăugare: adaugă posibilitatea într-un interval de timp ca un filtru
  • Adaugă: opțiunea de a deschide legăturile știrilor într-o fereastră nouă


  • Fix : Force CSS margin on UL element to avoid conflict with themes


  • Adaugă: instrument de traducere nativ


  • Corecție: avertizare PHP pentru multi-sit


  • Fix : News order by date for multisite
  • Fix : Conflict with SEO Ultimate plugin and bootstrap theme


  • Fix : AJAX dynamic custom post selection display


  • Fix : Get all sites


  • Add : Multisite feature: an option to call content from latest post from all sites within the network


  • Fix : Convert from .css.php to .css, security fix
  • Fix : Set grey color by default for background in portfolio theme


  • Fix : Handle name to avoid load a js file multiple and some effect of theme


  • Fix : Only the last widget is loaded


  • Fix : Transition effects are not applied


  • Fix : Conflict issues with minify plugin


  • Fix : Convert from .js.php to .js, security fix
  • Fix : Remove old default theme and fallback to new one
  • Fix : Issue in case of 2+ news block with ‘load more’ feature activated


  • Fix : Possible XSS vulnerability


  • Fix : Display custom post type
  • Add : WordPress 4.6 compatibility


  • Fix : PHP 7 Warning
  • Fix : Load more button style on some theme


  • Add : Add a an option to add a ‘load more’ button


  • Fix : Layout of the tooltip to insert news block in content and default logo


  • Add : Material design for admin
  • Add : New image and date selector


  • Fix : Fatal error on front-end, free version


  • Add : Add option to display the post category
  • Add : Add an option to display a message when there’s no post found
  • Add : Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) full integration – PRO version
  • Add : Load posts from latest: hours, days, months, years – PRO version


  • Fix : Update wrong span class
  • Fix : Empty span tag


  • Add : WordPress standard language files .po/.mo and add french translation


  • Fix : News blocks not displayed when source is pages or custom posts
  • Add : Add RTL content support


  • Add : Add loader when admin interface loading
  • Add : Add option for image’s position on default theme: center, left, right
  • Fix : Error 500 when select custom post with all taxonomies
  • Fix : Issue ‘all post categories’ selection not working
  • Fix : Navigation dots moving on slider
  • Fix : Option feature image in image source doesn’t work
  • Fix : Responsive issue for flexslider
  • Fix : Apply hook the_title before display title


  • Add : Order post randomly
  • Add : Offset parameter
  • Add : Codemirror for custom CSS edition


  • Add : PHP shortcode generation to insert latest news blocks in themes


  • Add : New default theme


  • Add : New portfolio theme


  • Fix : Notice PHP message


  • Fix : Notice PHP message


  • Fix : Enqueue style and script (Fusion Page Builder compatibility)


  • Add : Best Way to enqueue style (header) and script (footer)


  • Add : Add multiple settings in animation block


  • Fix : Add htmlentities in ‘alt’ attribute


  • Add : Add ‘Post content’ or ‘Excerpt content’ settings in advanced tabs


  • Add : Enable Crop text in grid theme


  • Add : Add list in Pages filter


  • Add : After/before date created filter
  • Add : Add Custom CSS Field
  • Fix : Order filter Add Custom CSS Field


  • Add : Change default image with new logo in editor on Latest posts insertion


  • Fix : Remove filter text field JS issue (admin)


  • Fix : Category display fix


  • Fix : Custom Taxonomies and Terms of CPT


  • Fix : Remove Uniform CSS and fix JS bug with WordPress 4.1