VdoCipher video plugin enables you to host premium video content on your WordPress website. VdoCipher’s Video Plugin gives you complete control over your video content, so you can start minting money out of your awesome videos.

With VdoCipher’s WordPress video plugin you get the highest protection from video piracy. Our video streaming service involves Video Encryption, Backend Authentication & Watermarking. This video encryption technology makes sure that no downloader or plugin can download your videos.

Perfect Choice for Premium Video Content

VdoCipher is the perfect choice for premium video content, such as lecture videos, music, and movies. VdoCipher WordPress video plugin seamlessly integrates with all popular WP membership plugins, including Members, Restrict Content Pro, MemberPress and WP eMember. The video plugin also works perfectly with top Learning Management systems such as Sensei, LearnDash, WP CourseWare, LifterLMS and LearnPress

Makes Embedding Secure Videos as Easy as Copying URLs

It would take you at most 10 minutes to signing up on VdoCipher and install the video plugin. You can embed videos to your website using a one-line shortcode.

Getting started

To get started, you should create an account on VdoCipher. You will then find an API secret key in the Config section of the dashboard. You will need this API secret key to use the video plugin. You can upload vidoes to the VdoCipher dashboard, or import directly from URL or Dropbox.

Multi-Bitrate Video Streaming

With VdoCipher video plugin your users get the choice to watch low bitrate videos to optimize their data usage. Our encoding optimizations ensure that videos use the lowest bandwidth for high quality videos.


php5-curl need to be installed on the server for this plugin to work.

Choose from different video player themes

You can add your own custom-made player skin on top of our video player. The themes gallery in the plugin enables you to change player skin and color.

Additional Resources

VdoCipher’s video encryption technology
VdoCipher’s complete feature set
Watermarking with the WordPress video plugin
Choose from Custom Player Themes

Capturi ecran

  • Select from different player themes
  • The setting screen to to enter the API key.
  • The options page
  • Using the shortcode to embed a video


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  • vdo/block


  1. Activate the „VdoCipher” plugin .
  2. Click on the settings link or go to Settings > VdoCipher to configure.
  3. Enter the API key that you received from VdoCipher and click Save.

Your video plugin is ready to use. Inside a post or page you can write [vdo id="id_of_video"] to embed the video in a post or page.

To set width and height use, [vdo id="id_of_video" width="300" and height="200"]

Întrebări frecvente

Please refer to the FAQ page on VdoCipher

Is there a free trial?

On account creation, you shall be provided with 5GB of free trial bandwidth.


25 noiembrie 2021
1) Doesnt have full API based integration with Learndash as Learndash has not enabled it. So all Learndash features are not available e.g. Video Progression Control. 2) Some integration issue within WordPress as pages got locked for editing after inserting the shortcode. Have to change the video streaming service provider now.
23 noiembrie 2021
1. Only works in browsers forked from Chrome. 2. Requires special Codec. 3. Right-click menu offers options not desirable for protected video.
25 mai 2019
I wanted to protect lot of small videos so I subscribed to the free trial to try the service. As I wanted to use a personalized big play button I asked the support service to customize the player. They worked for me also during the trial period. DRM videos work perfectly on Firefox and Opera with HTML5. If you use IE a message appears saying you have to enable flash or use Chrome for HTML5. Videos are distributed using a CDN so they play inmediatly and very fluently. Of course you cannot protect your video from grabbing them with some screen recorder but you can discourage from doing it (and distributing your videos) by overlaying user's email or/and IP in a fixed or moving position and with a very low alpha if you want to make it imperceptible. If you search for "video protect" adding a plugin in WP, VdoCipher does not appear, I think it deserves more visibility. Very easy to sue.
3 septembrie 2016
No per month price plan. That's very bad. The "Starter" plan looks just strange. 500 GB, 2300 hours of streaming, two hundred bucks to go — is this a "starter"??? Why don't implement light plans for about $5-10 per month and 50-100 GB of video? Though the basic idea of the service is clean and good. =(
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

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Istoric modificări


  • Added speed change options
  • Improved settings form
  • Removed the legacy player themes and flash options from settings
    If you are on one of the old themes and flash settings, this will show you
    an option to update to new settings.


  • Added gutenberg block support
  • More themes
  • auto upgrade of player version
  • Fixed undefined notice message
  • Fixed some more bugs
  • Better handling of video aspect ratio
  • Fairplay support in player
  • detailed analytics support in wordpress


  • Corecții de erori


  • Added player themes page


  • Added vdo_theme attribute to vdo shortcode


  • HTML5 watermark for custom version 1.6.4
  • User can opt for Flash watermark globally
  • User can add custom player version
  • Height change to auto for player versions more than 1.5.0
  • Tested for PHP version 5.6 and above


  • default player version set to 1.5.0
  • corrected bugs
  • height auto available
  • player tech over-ride enabled to play exclusively html5, flash, zen player


  • add new player


  • updated player theme


  • more documentation
  • updated player


  • fixed bugs for older php versions


  • add new player version 1.1.0


  • New player with ability to choose player version
  • Add custom themes from theplayer.io


Corecții de erori


  • set max height and width as default settings in 16:9 ratio
  • use asynchronous code for rendering video player
  • watermark date in wp timezone
  • use wp transport apis instead of curl


  • add filter hooks for annotation statement


  • Compatible with PHP5.2


  • Annotation can now be set from wordpress dashboard
  • Better system for storing client key
  • Clear options table of plugin related keys on deactivate
  • Include options form to set default options for videos.


  • A basic plugin which just makes it possible to embed vdocipher videos inside a wordpress plugin