Tutor LMS – eLearning and online course solution


Tutor is a complete, feature-packed and robust WordPress LMS plugin to create & sell courses online easily. All the features of this learning management system hits all the checkpoints for a full-fledged online course marketplace. You can create challenging and fun quizzes, interactive lessons, powerful reports and stats making Tutor potentially the best free WordPress LMS plugin. Manage, administer and monetize your education, online school, and online courses without having to write a single line of code.

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Tutor LMS is a completely free WordPress LMS plugin with premium high-quality addons that you can add to empower the core plugin more! This WordPress LMS plugin is lightweight with addons to enable certificates, e-mail notifications, shopping carts and so much more!

Get Tutor, the most advanced and powerful WordPress online course plugin.

Create, customize, manage, and sell online courses by building a functional e-learning website with this free LMS plugin for WordPress.

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Here are the most notable features of Tutor LMS plugin. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact us. Below are the best offerings of Tutor LMS.

  • Intuitive course builder
  • Unlimited courses and lessons
  • Frontend student dashboard
  • Video lessons
  • Multiple video sources (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, Embedded Video)
  • Teacher profiles and panels
  • Lesson management
  • Course requirement & instruction
  • Quizzes
  • Earning & Commission Allocation
  • Withdrawal Options
  • Purchase History
  • Styling Options
  • Course Widget
  • Teacher registration form
  • Course review and rating system
  • Q&A for students with course teacher
  • Video Poster (trailer/teaser)
  • Tracking course progress
  • Course Difficulty Level
  • Define Course Duration
  • Course Marketplace
  • Add course requirement and instruction
  • Quiz Timer
  • Quiz Attempts
  • Centralized Monetization Settings
  • Spotlight Mode
  • RTL Ready
  • Page Builder Support
  • Gutenberg compatible
  • Content Security

Aplicații Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS poate fi folosit de oricine caută să creeze un sistem de management al învățării cu drepturi depline. Unele dintre cele mai bune aplicații ale Tutor LMS includ următoarele.

  • Blended learning
  • Educație comunitară
  • Curs online
  • Training courses
  • Educație profesională continuă

These are just a few possibilities that Tutor LMS opens up for its users. There’s a whole new world of intuitive learning that’s yet to discover using this WordPress LMS plugin.

Intuitive Course Builder

Create courses with their details like videos, attachments, excerpt, additional data, the benefit of the course, requirement, topic, summary, announcement, and video banners in this WordPress LMS plugin. Have lessons under course and attach video and other attachments to each lesson. Tutor, the advanced WordPress LMS plugin lets you present courses on an intuitive user interface with all required options to offer a top-notch learning system.

Smart Course and Lesson Manager

With tons of awesome features inside this WordPress course plugin, it is easy to setup, control, and manage teachers, students, courses & lessons.
There’s rich Tutor Settings to define, select, and limit options for Course, Lesson, Quiz, Teacher, Student, and Email Notification.

Frontend Student Dashboard

Each student registered on your WordPress learning management system will have a frontend dashboard to see their course status, progress, notifications, announcements, and any other thing an admin or a course teacher sets from the backend.

Teacher Profiles and Panel

Set up easy registration forms to approve instructors for a course with this WordPress LMS plugin. Review instructor profiles and then have custom settings for instructor role. Select whether instructors can publish course directly or to be checked before publishing.

Quiz Creator

Create quizzes with this WordPress course plugin. Add questions while setting up quizzes or add them from preset questions from Question section. Set up the time limit and restrict the number of attempts, passing grades and so on. This WordPress LMS plugin also lets you limit the number of questions available for students to answer.

Multimedia Attachments

Engage your students by uploading multimedia lessons in versatile video sources such as Vimeo, YouTube videos, etc. Set an introductory video at the start of your course easily and define video poster and duration with this WordPress course plugin.

Question Patterns

With this free LMS plugin for WordPress, you create questions that are supposed to be added to the Quizzes. There are over 10 question types that you can choose from to fulfill all your quizzing needs. Using the WordPress LMS plugin, create questions by defining question type (True/False, Multiple Choice, Single Choice), marks for each question (if answered right), answer type, descriptions and answer hints for the students to attempt the right answer.) and more!

Student Question and Answers

Students can submit questions about courses before enrolling from their respective profiles. This useful feature in the WordPress LMS plugin encourages student interactions and helps boost conversion rates.

Email Notifications

Sending emails to students and teachers has been made automated in Tutor. You can send course enrollment, course completion, and quiz completion email to both students and teachers automatically.


Being integrated with WooCommerce, Tutor, the WordPress LMS plugin offers eCommerce functionalities and enables you to sell courses on your website.
You can see sales data, completed and pending orders for your courses from WooCommerce reports. If you want to issue discount coupons or PDF invoice, that too is possible. You can use any WooCommerce addon to monitor and improve your sales and marketing along with this WordPress LMS plugin.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration to monetize courses

Integrate your learning management system with the renowned EDD plugin. Sell your courses seamlessly with multiple payment gateways supported by EDD.

Earning and Commission Allocation

The earning and commission allocation feature in Tutor allows easy distribution of course earnings between the admin and other instructors using the WordPress LMS plugin. You can easily set the percentage of earning distribution with this option, any other fees that need to be deducted, and statements to show per page. You’ll get a detailed report on all your earning stats, deducted fees, deducted commissions, and every other useful information on your dashboard inside this WordPress LMS plugin as well. There’s a detailed graphical representation of your earning along with advanced filters to know how much you earned over a specific period of time.

Easy Withdrawal Method

The withdraw option in Tutor LMS helps manage withdrawals easily. You can predefine the minimum amount in this WordPress LMS plugin that needs to be earned before instructors can send a withdrawal request. It also comes with the option to select the withdrawal method such as bank transfer, PayPal and ECHECK. If you want to add additional information on withdrawal you can do so too with this WordPress LMS plugin. Easily view all the withdrawal information from your dashboard displaying current balance, pending, completed, and rejected withdrawal stats.

Purchase History

Keep track of all the purchase options using the purchase history in the dashboard in the WordPress LMS plugin. Check the purchase status, amount and when the purchase was made inside Tutor LMS.

Spotlight Mode

Tutor LMS comes with the setting to hide the header & footer for the course learning interface. Offer students a distraction free lesson with the spotlight mode option.

Gutenberg Compatible

Create online courses with the new Gutenberg editor without facing any issues whatsoever in the innovative WordPress LMS plugin. Tutor LMS is completely compatible with the Gutenberg editor in case you want to display your courses in the block interface. Moreover, Tutor LMS comes with three custom Gutenberg blocks. The blocks are- Tutor Student Dashboard, Student Registration, and Instructor Registration Form.

Content Security

Have the most secure learning management system when creating your online courses. Third parties cannot view the videos with the URL when you use our WordPress LMS plugin. It ensures that only enrolled students can have access to course videos.


  • Tutor Report: Get powerful stats for a complete analysis of which courses are performing great with students and judge individual course popularity. Monitor reviews with this WordPress LMS plugin and manually change quiz grades right from the panel.

  • Tutor Email: Sending emails to students and teachers has been made automated in Tutor. You can send course enrollment, course completion, and quiz completion email to both students and teachers automatically. Customize email templates easily with the WordPress LMS plugin.

  • Tutor Certificates: Offer beautifully designed certificates for completed courses to students. You can upload your own certificates with this amazing addon that comes with this WordPress LMS plugin.

  • Tutor Course Preview: Unlock a few courses for students to try out before they enroll in a lesson. This boosts conversion rates and allows target students to get the feel of the lessons.

  • Tutor Course Attachment: Include all the class materials in pdf, doc, etc. format for students to download. Attach lesson files, course outlines and every other information as an attachment with Tutor.

  • Tutor Multi Instructors: Add as many instructors as you want to individual courses. Enhance course experience of students by having the option to have a great lineup of teachers.

  • Tutor Prerequisites: Define a certain set of courses that students need to complete before enrolling for a new course.

  • Tutor Assignments: Create assignments that students can submit easily with a number of useful settings to assess students smartly.

  • Tutor Paid Memberships Pro: Subscriptions are made easy with the Tutor Paid Membership pro addon. Using the Tutor Paid Memberships Pro plugin integration with Tutor LMS, include site wise and category wise subscription for your eLearning platform.

  • WooCommerce Subscriptions: Have all the subscription options supported by WooCommerce using the WooCommerce Subscriptions addon. Earn higher revenue with the versatile subscription options in WooCommerce.

  • Frontend Course Builder: Build your course on the go using the frontend course builder in Tutor LMS plugin. Instructors can see how their course looks live without even having to go backend. The industry-first frontend course builder in any WordPress LMS plugin ever.

  • ** 5 Pro Question Patterns: **

    • Short Answer
    • Matching
    • Image Matching
    • Image Answering
    • Ordonare

Looking for the best LMS for WordPress? Get Tutor and start your e-learning website immediately.

Capturi ecran

  • Course list
  • Lessons
  • Course status
  • Student profile
  • Teacher profile
  • About instructor
  • Rating and review
  • Course details
  • Question and answers
  • Quiz results
  • Quiz question types
  • Multi instructors
  • Tutor LMS report
  • Quiz builder, questions
  • Quiz builder, question edit and settings
  • Course builder
  • Tutor LMS Working Lifecycle


Acest modul oferă 3 blocuri.

Student Registration
Tutor Student Dashboard
Instructor Registration


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.6.0 or greater (PHP 7.1 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic installation

The automatic installation is the easiest way to install any plugin in WordPress. You can perform an automatic installation of Tutor by logging in to your WordPress dashboard, navigating to the “Plugins” menu and click on the “Add New” button.

This will open up a page showing all the available plugins in WordPress. In the search field, type Tutor. The search result will show you our Tutor plugin, you can then see the detailed info by clicking on “More Details” and to install just click on the “Install Now” button.

Manual installation

To install Tutor manually, you need to download the plugin and upload it to your webserver via any FTP application.

The WordPress codex contains instructions on how to do this here.

Întrebări frecvente

Can I use Tutor with my existing theme?

Tutor LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin that works with any modern theme without any issues of site breakage.

Unde pot găsi ghidurile și documentația Tutor LMS?

For a detailed guideline on how to build a Learning Management system using our WordPress LMS plugin, refer to our user documentation on the Themeum site.

Where can I report a bug?

If you found any bugs or issues, please let us know by posting on the support section of this plugin on WordPress plugin directory or directly on our
support forums: https://www.themeum.com/support/ 🙂

Is this plugin free?

This WordPress course plugin has two versions. One is free and another is paid. The paid version of the WordPress LMS plugin has more advanced features which are not accessible in this free version. Click here to get the paid version.

Where can I get support?

You can get support by posting your issues on the support section of this plugin on WordPress plugins directory or directly place your question to Themeum Forums.

Is Tutor LMS device friendly WordPress LMS plugin?

If you’re using a responsive theme, then Tutor LMS will look great across all devices.

Pot folosi orice modul cu Tutor?

Tutor enables you to use any third party plugins without facing any compatibility issues. You can integrate and use the WordPress LMS plugin easily in your existing site without any trouble.


19 noiembrie 2019
You can always judge a good company by the type of support it provides to the users. The Support behind Tutor LMS is no exception! They have been very responsive to all my requests and always finding a solution to any issues. I highly recommend them to anyone.
19 noiembrie 2019
I bought the Tutor LMS Plugin after reading online about the different options available and this seemed to fit my needs perfectly. Especially the front end course builder for instructors. I had some issues with conflicting with my theme and plugins. So i contacted support and they spent a good couple of hourser reviewing and managed to fix my issue. So i can now gbegin to start to use the plugin. Fully recommend their first class support service.
15 noiembrie 2019
Tried a few plugins, but this really was the best... Easy to use and integrated nicely with WooCommerce. Keep up the great work guys.
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Istoric modificări

1.4.6 – 11 November, 2019

  • Added: Maintenance Mode
  • Added: Frontend course edit link from Course Edit Page Admin bar LINK
  • Fixed: bug during add topic in course builder
  • Fixed: certificate download fatal error related microtime() in tutor-pro version

1.4.5 – 21 October, 2019

  • Added: Disable Course Review option
  • Updated: removed media uploader on dashboard profile photo upload added native file upload system.
  • Updated: Time GMT from WordPress settings
  • Fixed: course start and continue to lesson order fixed

1.4.4 – 16 October, 2019

  • Fixed: quiz question sortable sorting item
  • Improved: quiz draggable answer drop accessibility
  • Fixed: prevented fatal error in single quiz question with no option and trying to finish quiz.

1.4.3 – 11 October, 2019

  • Added: Reset Password, Tutor LMS native login system
  • Added: re-generate tutor pages, create new page if any issue on those page.
  • Added: Added quiz attempt view by student (TutorLMS Pro)
  • Added: function tutor_action_field() to generate tutor action field within form
  • Added: Instructor can delete submitted assignment.
  • Added: tutor_redirect_back() Redirect to back or a specific URL and terminate the script.
  • Added: tutor_get_template_html( $template_name, $variables = array() ); function, it will return view as HTML code, usefull for E-Mail
  • Added: Frontend Course Builder Page Logo Upload Option, Settings > General > Tutor LMS Pro Settings
  • Updated: Options is now expandable, pass additional options params to filter tutor/options/extend/attr
  • Updated: User Login controlling by Tutor
  • Updated: media upload field improved with media delete option
  • Deleted: Quiz Deprecated code.
  • Fixed: Touch supports for quiz Sortable / draggable items
  • Fixed: Quiz matching question type repeated issue
  • Fixed: Admin gets automatically added when review course
  • Fixed: Instructor total course does not update after deleting a course
  • Fixed: Updated time to tutor_time() to get WordPress UTC time

1.4.2 – 25 September, 2019

  • Added: Greadbook Addons in the Tutor LMS Pro version
  • Added: action hook after quiz attempt end, do_action('tutor_quiz/attempt_ended', $attempt);, do_action('tutor_quiz/attempt_analysing/before', $attempt);
  • Added: Assignment submmiting / submitted flag to lesson sidebar in lesson single page
  • Added: Template support from Tutor Pro
  • Added: action hook after addon enable disable,
    do_action(‘tutor_addon_before_enable’, $addonFieldName);
    do_action(‘tutor_addon_after_enable’, $addonFieldName);
    do_action(‘tutor_addon_before_disable’, $addonFieldName);
    do_action(‘tutor_addon_after_disable’, $addonFieldName);
  • Updated: Tutor Settings page URL is now updating when change settings page
  • Fixed: Rating placing issue, sometime it missed rating value, but it will never hapen again.
  • Fixed: .tutor-icon-angle-left .tutor-icon-angle-right toggle during lesson single sidebar show hide
  • Updated: Addon icons

1.4.1 – 10 September, 2019

  • Added: utils method get_course_settings($course_id = 0, $key = null, $default = false)
  • Added: get_tutor_course_settings($course_id = 0, $key = null, $default = false);
  • Added: Content Drip Addon (Pro)
  • Added: Course settings with developer support
  • Added: tutor_alert() function to print various type of alert, warning, success, danger

1.4.0 – 30 August, 2019

  • Added: Page builder support on the lesson.
  • Added: Enrollments list on in admin area, admin can now cancel, approve enrolment or delete. (Pro)
  • Added: Manually enrollment student to a course (Pro)
  • Added: students quiz attempts on the frontend
  • Added: Sticky lesson sidebar on the spotlight mode
  • Added: Course permalink on the dashboard Most Popular Courses
  • Added: Quiz Questions Order settings, Student answer to quiz questions as per order. 4 types of order, (random, sorting, asc, desc)
  • Added: Redirect to the current course page after register.
  • Added: Review update from dashboard > review > Given
  • Added: Received reviews on all courses in dashboard
  • Added: Assignment submission validation for the answer.
  • Added: Quiz question options validation and correct answer validation
  • Fixed: save and continue to click on question edit modal, open question lists immediately under a quiz.
  • Fixed: text formatting issue in the quiz, some of the single or double quote comes with a slash. used stripslashes();
  • Fixed: some default value issue on the quiz.
  • Fixed: quiz page spotlight mode.
  • Fixed: Multiples text translation issues
  • Fixed: Chart-js Initiate in the pro version
  • Fixed: Report Datepicker css/js in the frontend dashboard
  • Fixed: Rating delete issues, it was actually report.js loading issues
  • Fixed: Multiple E-Mail template loading issue
  • Updated: Turned off reload the page while tutor settings save.

1.3.9 – 19 August, 2019

  • Fixed: Resetting Paid Membership Pro plugins settings when saving tutor settings.
  • Fixed: quiz question issue when no settings saved.
  • Fixed: Complete lesson button responsive issue

1.3.8 – 09 August, 2019

  • Fixed: tutor_get_template() function, it’s now checking template from child-theme also, if template not found in the child theme, then it will look from the parent theme.
  • Fixed: Show/Hide browse Q&A based on settings.
  • Fixed: create_certificate under init hook from Tutor Certificate Addon (Pro)

1.3.7 – 08 August, 2019

  • Added: WooCommerce Subscriptions Addon in the pro version
  • Added action hook do_action('tutor_is_enrolled_before', $course_id, $user_id); and filter hook apply_filters('tutor_is_enrolled', $getEnrolledInfo, $course_id, $user_id);
  • Added: user social links ability from frontend dashboard
  • Fixed: Quiz attempt allowed 0 issue has been fixed. Strictly checking if it’s zero, then it will be no limit
  • Fixed: Tutor LMS Pro addon loading issue on the windows machine
  • Fixed: query public profile user by user_nicename instead of user_login
  • Fixed: touch event on click Lessn and Q&A navigation in mobile
  • Updated: student public profile design updated

1.3.6 – 05 August, 2019

  • Added: Centralized course monetization partner system, it’s moved to under monetization tab in the settings. A centralized system to select course selling platform
  • Added: Tutor Assignments on the free versions add-on lists to notify users
  • Added: a function get_tutor_option($key = null, $default = false) to get tutor option, an alies of tutils()->get_option($key, $default);
  • Added: a function update_tutor_option($key = null, $value = false) to update tutor option, an alies of tutils()->update_option($key, $value);
  • Added: Paid Membership Pro for subscription plan (Pro)
  • Fixed: WC Notice print when adding to cart course
  • Fixed: Single course template loading issue

1.3.5 – 29 July, 2019

  • Added: Direct publish course from frontend course builder if the current user is an administrator
  • Added: a helper method to get course type tutils()->price_type()
  • Added: course type (free or paid) to the course editor from
  • Added: Filter to change template path apply_filters(‘tutor_get_template_path’, $template_location, $template)
  • Updated: is_course_purchasable() is now checking if there is any course type. if it free, then it will return false under ‘is_course_paid’ filter
  • Fixed: add to wishlists, it didn’t work on multiple courses wishlists
  • Fixed: duplicate entry for the topic in the course builder

1.3.4 – 23 July, 2019

  • Added: Frontend Drag and Drop Course Builder with quiz builder and assignment creation options
  • Added: Lifetime deal license checking and validation to get regular update and pro features in the pro version.
  • Added: add new instructor action hook and filter hook,
    do_action(‘tutor_add_new_instructor_form_fields_before’); , do_action('tutor_add_new_instructor_form_fields_after');, do_action('tutor_add_new_instructor_before');, do_action('tutor_add_new_instructor_after', $user_id);, apply_filters('add_new_instructor_data', $userdata)
  • Added: Dashboard subpage and dashboard menu item load permission basis
  • Added: Topic toggle in lesson single page and information about toggle icon added
  • Added: Course content is now linkable on the enrolled course page
  • Added: Filter apply_filters('get_tutor_load_template_variables', $variables); at tutor_load_template() function
    Added: action hook do_action('tutor_load_template_before', $template, $variables);, do_action('tutor_load_template_before_after', $template, $variables); at tutor_load_template() function
  • Added: create and attached product with course while creating a course from frontend
  • Added: Full-Screen Mode, students now can learn the lesson in full-screen mode without any inturruption.
  • Added: Enable disable settings for YouTube and Vimeo Video default player
  • Added: a new helper functions called tutils(), it’s alies of tutor_utils()
  • Fixed: complete lesson button from mobile view.
  • Updated: Tutor frontend dashboard menu title now could be string or array with the show_ui key in thearray(), show_ui key will be true or false to show it in the menu item visible or not.
  • Fixed: Total Enrolled count in course details page
  • Fixed: Course content looping count, lesson exact count by course content in the lesson.
  • Fixed: some addon loading issue, tutor pro classes autoloading issue”
  • Fixed: Delete video meta when select none from the video source in the course and lesson option.

1.3.3 – 21 June, 2019

  • Added: Tutor Assignment Addon in the pro version
  • Added: Upgrade to pro text in plugin action links if Tutor Pro LMS does not exist or not installed
  • Added: tutor_assignments course post type
  • Added: tutor_course_contents_post_types course content filter
  • Rename: categories to course categories
  • Updated: some template hook modified
  • Fixed: tutor pro function checking function_exists('tutor_pro');
  • Fixed: wp_enqueue_editor() in Assets class frontend frontend_scripts method conflict issue with divi builder

1.3.2 – 29 May, 2019

  • Added: centralized tutor version upgrading system by a dedicated class called Upgrader
  • Added: add to cart guest mode in WooCommerce integration based on Tutor LMS > settings > woocommerce
  • Added: Gutenberg support on course edit page based on settings
  • Added: Automatic free plugin install from pro when the pro version is activated but the free plugin does not exist (pro)
  • Added: nice notice bar for install or activate free version from pro (pro)
  • Added: Pro text in the tutor LMS dashboard menu when Tutor Pro plugin installed and activated
  • Updated: a design for course listing, removed hover and moved it to straight course gird footer
  • Fixed: a Gutenberg bug related post author on course post type, usually post_author column saved 0 if course edit with Gutenberg, we fixed this issue.
  • Fixed: a template condition in the course description
  • Removed: license restriction for features, it required now for auto-update (pro)
  • Fixed: Response design all issue fixed
  • Fixed: array count check and return issue in utils
  • Fixed: a bug in dashboard/settings, withdraw menu removed from subscriber/users dashboard, and only shown in the instructor’s dashboard.

1.3.1 – 22 May, 2019

  • Added: status in the purchase history list
  • Added: Shortcode for the coruse query, full shortcode [tutor_course id="20,64" exclude_ids="567,332" category="18,19" order="desc" count="3"]
  • Added: a simple shortcode builder to build [tutor_course] Shortcode from classic editor
  • Added: Tutor course widget to display course to sidebar
  • Added: utils()->get_raw_course_price($course_id), it will be return to your regular price and sale price as object
  • Added: Course page edit by Pagebuilder integration which supports frontend editing
  • Added: $size = 'post-thumbnail', Arguments at function get_tutor_course_thumbnail() And get_tutor_course_thumbnail_src();
  • Fixed: Hide zero rating count in the course loop grid
  • Fixed: some translation issue
  • Changed: a template the_content(), reordered position in course single page
  • Upgraded: course url upgrade to plural format, courses

1.3.0 – 17 May, 2019

  • Added: Flash Msg ability to show flash msg in a different view or different action
  • Added: Styling, change default color scheme
  • Added: return at tutor_course_loop_thumbnail() based on $echo condition
  • Added: Purchase history from the dashboard
  • Added: Become Instructor Button on student dashboard based on settings
  • Added: Enable Disable Course Market place, default Tutor LMS will be single instructor format.
  • Fixed: a template div closing/return issue in dashboard > reviews menu
  • Fixed: Tutor course content export-import in WordPress way
  • Fixed: Some responsive issue in course details and lesson page
  • Reduced: Instructor and Student Registration form field. removed phone number and profile bio filed from the registration page.
  • Moved: tutor icon CSS file from tutor-front.css file to individually

1.2.20 – 10 May, 2019

  • Added: Reset Password from Tutor dashboard
  • Added: Course Category Image
  • Added: my course delete / trash from the dashboard
  • Added: profile photo upload from dashboard profile edit page
  • Added: Profile Edit from settings page
  • Fixed: a default value issue in option checkbox
  • Fixed: a permission issue for administrator while attempt to edit other authors course
  • Fixed: course post type in rewrite URL, if it changes via the filter
  • Removed: Gutenburg Addon for tutor dashboard as it’s not necessary, now dashboard comes with settings > selected dashboard page.
  • Renamed: Gutenberg blocks label

1.2.13 – 26 April, 2019

  • Added: Instructor role to the administrator during plugin activation
  • Fixed: Course Permission options settings, it was shown always log-in page
  • Fixed: Enable students to show reviews wrote on their profile from settings
  • Fixed: Show completed course settings

1.2.12 – 25 April, 2019

  • Added: Synced role with tutor instructor role when changing it from WP User Edit page
  • Added: Flatpro theme compatibility
  • Fixed: Some design issue in quiz builder
  • Fixed: WooCommerce price error when WC is not exists
  • Removed: Edit Icon on true/false type question in the quiz builder

1.2.11 – 24 April, 2019

  • Added: few action hooks at the quiz
  • Added: a filter hook to support pro version more perfectly

1.2.1 – 23 April, 2019

  • Added: email field type at withdrawals methods form generator
  • Added: addon lists added to regular version when the pro is not exists
  • Fixed: Some design issue in quiz builder
  • Fixed: Paypal E-Mail field name, physical address field name at e-check method

1.2.0 – 19 April, 2019

  • Added: Earning calculation, report, statements at front dashboard
  • Added: multiple withdraw method with development support, withdraw confirmation, approved, reject from admin
  • Added: database table , {$wpdb->prefix}tutor_earnings, {$wpdb->prefix}tutor_withdraws
  • Added: RTL CSS support
  • Added: Footer text only on Tutor LMS pages in admin dashboard
  • Added: a default parameter of $instructor_id = 0 on tutor_utils()->get_courses_by_instructor()
  • Added: second parameter $post_status = 'publish' on tutor_utils()->get_courses_by_instructor(), $post_status = 'any' will be return any type of course belongs with current or given user id
  • Fixed: Storefront theme compatibility container width
  • Fixed: Available Instructors Display on the Course edit page
  • Fixed: muiltiple course order issue by WooCommerce
  • Fixed: Another author post edit prevented by Tutor
  • Changed: Student dashboard to Tutor Dashboard, shortcode, templates, url

1.1.1 – 29 March, 2019

  • Fixed: quiz builder init sortable question types on load quiz via $.ajax();
  • Added: Storefront Theme compatibility

1.1.0 – 28 March, 2019

  • Fixed: Multiple Instructor, search feature working when pro is not exists
  • Fixed: an issue in time update when time limit 0 in quiz attempt, it was return in front-js middle point, so rest of js not worked

1.0.9 – 28 March, 2019

  • Limit: Quiz Question 5 types
  • Updated: course saving message to course related words
  • Fixed: is course complete check an issue if user not logged in return false
  • Fixed: an issue: in WooCommerce discount coupon for course
  • Fixed: Lesson slug will be updated instantly right after update lesson content and title
  • Changed: Some text, spelling

1.0.8 – 25 March, 2019

  • Added: WooCommerce and EDD support to sell courses

1.0.7 – 22 March, 2019

  • Added: Radio input type at options panel
  • Added: required indication for required fields in add new instructor page from admin panel
  • Updated: Moved some option select to radio
  • Updated: Attempts allowed field slider to number field
  • Updated: Removed zero decimal value from the course complete progress bar
  • Fixed: redirect back to the quiz after quiz attempt submit
  • Fixed: No time limit quiz attempt finishing instantly, it should be no time limit
  • Fixed: video poster field show hide based on video source at the course, lesson

1.0.6 – 20 March, 2019

  • Added: Drop tutor LMS related database table while uninstalling
  • Updated: option tab design
  • Fixed: Fix a condition of adding autoload class

1.0.5 – 18 March, 2019

  • Updated Rating and review, added individual 5 stars, 4 stars, 3 stars, 2 stars, 1 star rating count with the meter

1.0.4 – 15 March, 2019

  • Added: Social share
  • Added: course author should be the auto instructor
  • Updated: Show login form in enrolment box when the user in guest mode and trying to purchase/enroll a course
  • Fixed: Question and answer query for instructor which course only belongs with him.
  • Fixed: rating and review placing issue, some time it was stuck
  • Added: translation pot file and languages directory
  • Fixed: Few known bugs

1.0.3 – 08 March, 2019

  • Added: onclick topic title slide topic body in course builder
  • Added: Add new instructor from instructors > add new instructor, in the dashboard
  • Removed: some commented unused code
  • Removed: Save and exit button in quiz builder
  • Removed: some console.log() at javascript files
  • Updated: course level input select to radio
  • Updated: Moved question type in the top in quiz builder question
  • Updated: Course builder lesson and quiz design
  • Updated: Quiz attempt view for the instructor
  • Updated: quiz attempts query for instructor and removed attempts which are not submitted yet.
  • Fixed: Frontend Template compatible, .tutor-container class CSS
  • Fixed: Perfectly topic toggle arrow down up, on click in course builder
  • Fixed: some buttons hover CSS in the quiz, course builder
  • Fixed: When Tutor Pro does not exist, get enroll button will be in course loop with the free price
  • Fixed: Ability to check multiple answers instant right after add question in quiz question type multiple_choice
  • Fixed: Image answering question type result in the quiz
  • Fixed: a bug in quiz attempt review, it was multi-time decrease when mark as incorrect, not actually marked.
  • Fixed: Few known bugs

1.0.2 – 06 March, 2019

  • Added: button save, save and closed in quiz modal
  • Added: Registering user and redirect to Dashboard URL
  • Added: questions sorting in quiz builder
  • Added: question specific class in quiz answer options
  • Update: Quiz attempt design with questions
  • Update: some text, typo
  • Fixed: instructor database query in instructor lists
  • Fixed: query randomized questions limit by quiz
  • Fixed: Starting quiz for first time return 0, it should redirect to the quiz page

1.0.1 – 05 March, 2019

  • Added a course_column in attempts table
  • Showed his courses attempts on instructors panel
  • Added v.1, added v.1.0.0 compatibility
  • Showed full courses comment in guest/public view of single course
  • Renamed tags to skills
  • Fixed few bugs, improved performance

1.0.0 – 01 March, 2019

  • Added Quiz, quiz builder, course builder
  • Fixed huge bugs from alpha version
  • Stable Release

1.0.0-alpha – 06 Feb, 2019

  • Alpha Release