Date de contact

Adds the ability to easily enter and display contact information.

StvWhtly Instalări active: 3.000+ Testat cu 4.0.35 Actualizat acum 8 ani

Global Elementor Buttons

Standardizes the Elementor buttons with global classes that can be managed in a single place…

Santiago Degetau Instalări active: 1.000+ Testat cu 5.2.15 Actualizat acum 3 ani

Global Setting

Global Setting allows you to add, update and delete the global variables for your blog.…

Victor4g, vishaljp Instalări active: 500+ Testat cu 3.5.2 Actualizat acum 9 ani

Global Javascript

A simple Javascript writing/editing tool using ACE editor and the Minify library

Julien Law, CTLT Instalări active: 400+ Testat cu 3.5.2 Actualizat acum 9 ani

WP Multi Network

Turn your WordPress Multisite installation into many multisite networks, surrounding one global set of users.

Triple J Software, Inc. Instalări active: 200+ Testat cu 5.9.3 Actualizat acum 10 luni

Global Posts Ordering

Adjust the global order of posts from one or various post types via simple drag…

BASICS09 Instalări active: 200+ Testat cu 3.5.2 Actualizat acum 9 ani

Custom Variables

Custom Variables provides an convenient way of setting WordPress global options. You can use it…

Allen Li Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 4.0.35 Actualizat acum 7 ani


Allows administrators to globally disable XML-RPC, new emoji functionality in WordPress 4.2, wp generator, wlwmanifest,…

Anton Paramonov Instalări active: 40+ Testat cu 4.2.32 Actualizat acum 7 ani

Earth Day Live WP

This plugin allows anyone with a WordPress site to join Earth Day Live with a…

Fight For The Future Instalări active: 30+ Testat cu 5.2.15 Actualizat acum 2 ani

WPMU Global Search

Adds the ability to search through blogs into your WordPress MU installation.

Alicia García Holgado Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu WordPress MU 2.9 Actualizat acum 12 ani

Disable Post Comments

This plugin allows administrators can disable wordpress all post type comments on their site and…

Sumit Singh Instalări active: Mai puțin de 10 Testat cu 6.0 Actualizat acum 5 zile