Tablesome – Responsive Table, Email Log, Form Automation – Contact Form 7, Elementor, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Fluent, Forminator


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All-in-One WordPress plugin to create tables, automation & database for contact forms

With Tablesome you can save contact form submissions, redirect after form submit, create responsive data tables, import and export tables & entries as CSV & XLSX files, and automatically export data to Mailchimp, Notion, etc.
You can create post tables & Woo product tables, edit tables on frontend, export to HubSpot & Slack and much more in the PRO version.

1. WordPress Contact Form Database Plugin

Tablesome is a Contact Form database addon plugin to save Contact Form submissions to tables in WordPress.
* WPForms Entries Free – You can save and view WPForms entries to the database (WPForms DB) and display WPForms entries on the WordPress front-end with beautiful tables.
* Contact Form 7 Entries Free – You could also save Contact Form 7 entries to the database (CF7 DB) and display Contact Form 7 submissions on frontend.
* Gravity Forms Entries – You can save and view Gravity Forms Entries to the database and edit the Gravity Form submissions and display them on frontend.
* Fluent Forms Entries – You can save and view Fluent Forms Entries to the database and edit the Fluent Form submissions and display them on frontend.
* Save Elementor Form Submissions to Database and display it on WP pages and posts.
* Forminator database – save submissions to db and display Forminator entries on frontend.

To save Contact Form 7 Submissions (CFDB), WPForms Entries, Forminator DB, Elementor Contact Form DB to tables see this video:

2. WordPress Responsive Table Plugin

Also, Tablesome is a WordPress table plugin to quickly create responsive datatables with a large number of rows and columns and embed the table in pages and posts. You can customize each table and import tables from external sources such as in CSV and XLSX files format.
It is SEO-friendly with Table Schema markup.

3. Open AI / Chat GPT Action

You can use the OpenAI / ChatGPT action to create AI generated content using Form Submission Fields as prompts and pass the generated content to other actions. Example: Create a Post with AI generated content or send the content as an email.
More to come. Do suggest feature requests in the Support Forum.

Tablesome Free Features

  • Log All Emails (action)
  • Redirect users to a specific page after form submit (action)
  • Connect WordPress forms to Notion database (action)
  • Gravity Forms Entries
  • Contact Form 7 database (CF7DB) addon
  • Fluent Forms Entries
  • WPForms Entries addon – save and view WPForms entries to database and display them on frontend
  • Elementor Contact Forms DB (database) addon – save Elementor form submissions to database
  • Forminator db entries addon – save entries to database and display them on frontend
  • Limited to Single Trigger & 3 Actions per workflow
  • Store images from Form File upload in WP Media Library
  • Connect WordPress forms to Mailchimp
  • Customize tables with style themes
  • Customize Display Options & Layouts for each table
  • Create WordPress datatables that are Searchable, Filterable, & Sortable tables with Pagination
  • Import entries and tables from CSV and XLSX format
  • Responsive table display modes – Fit To Container & Standard
  • Adjust Minimum & Maximum column width
  • Responsive table with horizontal scroll bar
  • Stackable table on mobile devices
  • Datatable fixed column
  • Add media to tables – GIFs, Audio, Video, and more
  • Table formats – Text, Number, Rich-Text, Image, Date & Time, URL, Email, and more
  • Customize the table with styling options on a global level
  • Embed tables with Shortcode
  • Shortcode builder to customize table options for each table
  • Add Tablesome Shortcode block for Gutenberg block editor users
  • Activity Log page to monitor Triggers & Actions
  • Export: Backend, Frontend and Filtered export for table data. Supported formats include CSV & XLSX


  • tablesome_after_action – only for ‘tablesome_add_row’ : do_action(‘tablesome_after_action’, $result, ‘tablesome_add_row’);

Tablesome Pro Features

  • Frontend Editing for table records and form entries
  • Allow users to edit only their own data
  • Unlimited Triggers and Actions
  • Create and save single form entries as CSV files (action)
  • Add form leads from WordPress as contacts in HubSpot CRM (action)
  • Get notifications in Slack when a form is submitted (action)
  • Filter data before displaying table on frontend (action)
  • Show users only their own data on frontend
  • Register users from WordPress frontend (action)
  • User frontend post submission (action)
  • Redirect to custom post types and external URLs (action)
  • Display WP post content in tables – Posts, Pages and any CPTs (Woo Product table)
  • Add clickable Checkbox columns
  • Date value filters
  • Drag and drop reorder table rows
  • Add Call To Action buttons to tables
  • Add Sponsored tags (rel=”sponsored”) to URLs and Buttons
  • Duplicate a table
  • Duplicate table entries / records (rows)

The support and development team behind this WordPress tables plugin is very responsive to user comments and feature requirements. This plugin is in active development and so you can expect powerful features in future releases.

WordPress Frontend Table Editor (PRO) (Latest)

You can enable frontend editing of any tables that you display on WP posts and pages. You could allow logged-in users to edit and delete the table rows in the WordPress frontend tables.

Edit Form Entries Frontend (PRO)

When you have saved the form entries with Tablesome, you can allow users to edit the form entries on the frontend. You can enable frontend editing from the table sidebar, and then display the form entries data on the frontend using Tablesome shortcode.

Allow Users to Edit Their Own Entries(PRO)

You can choose to allow users to edit and update only their own form entries from the WordPress frontend.
You could use it along with the “OnTableLoad” trigger and “Filter Table” action, so that you display only the users’ own form entries which they will be allowed to edit.

CF7 Google Sheet Connector – Google Sheets WordPress Integration (PRO)

Tablesome Pro can be used as a CF7 Google Sheet Connector addon to send submissions supported from plugins to Google Sheets. When a form is submitted it will be automatically submitted to Google Spreadsheet and added in a new row.

Connect WordPress Forms To HubSpot CRM (PRO)

Tablesome allows you to send data from WordPress form submissions to your HubSpot CRM account.
The form submission data can be added as a New Contact and also to a HubSpot Static List.
You must map the WordPress form fields to the HubSpot Contact Properties and choose to send only the data from the selected form fields.

Connect WordPress Forms To Slack Workspace (PRO)

When a new form submission is received, Tablesome will send a notification message to your Slack workspace. You can customize the Slack notification message that could include all of the form entry data. Notifications can be sent to a Slack Channel or as a Direct Message.

Filter Table Data Before Frontend Display – Row Filtering (PRO)

When you have a large data table, you might not want to display the entire table. You could apply filters to data to break it down into smaller tables to display on WordPress posts and pages.
With Tablesome you get advanced filters in the “Filter Table” action with which you can apply filters to table data. When you post the table shortcode you are adding the table with filters applied to it.

Allow Users To See Their Own Data On Frontend (PRO)

If you’re using Tablesome to save and display form entries, you can use the Filter Table action on the frontend to show users only their own data.
The Filter Table action allows you to filter tables based on hidden column data such as Who & When a table entry was Created and Updated.

Generate Single CSV Entry (PRO)

When a form is submitted, you can automatically create and save a single CSV file from each and every from entry.
The generated CSV file is saved in the WP Library and can be attached to form emails.

Create & Display WordPress Post Tables & WooCommerce product tables (PRO)

Tablesome allows you to query posts, pages, custom post types, taxonomies, and custom fields, and automatically insert and display them in elegant tables.
Using the “Table OnLoad” trigger and “Replace Table Content with WP Query” action you can create stylish WordPress post tables and display them anywhere on your site.
* Organize post content from WordPress posts, pages, and CPTs (custom post type)
* Add selected posts from hundreds and thousands of posts and display them on sortable and filterable tables with search and pagination.
* Create a WooCommerce product table to showcase selected products.

Customized Form Email Notifications

Make your forms more …

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  • Save CF7, Gravity, Fluent, WPForms, Forminator, Elementor form entries
  • Redirect after form submit and send Email notifications
  • Automatically export entries to Mailchimp and Notion
  • Edit table records and form entries from the Frontend (PRO)
  • Filter table before display and Show user-specific data (PRO)
  • Add contact to HubSpot and Send Slack notification message (PRO)
  • Register Users and Submit Posts from frontend (PRO) 8 Display WordPress posts in tables (PRO)
  • Customize Display Options & Layouts for each table
  • Customize table styles for each table
  • Easily create tables in WordPress dashboard
  • Multiple data format columns are available
  • Display tables with Search, Sort, Filters, Pagination, & Fix the first column
  • Powerful & advanced datatable filters in the frontend & backend
  • Responsive Stack Mode & Horizontal Scroll Bar on mobile devices
  • Insert Tablesome shortcode to any WordPress posts and pages
  • Customizing table display with shortcode builder
  • Add media to tables - Audio, Video, GIFs, etc.,
  • Buttons and Sponsored Tags for links in PRO
  • Add images and links to table cells


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  • Tablesome - Responsive Table, Email Log, Form Automation - Contact Form 7, Elementor, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Fluent, Forminator


  1. Upload the plugin to your website.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Click ‘Create new table’ to create the tale
  4. Save the table
  5. Copy and paste the shortcode on the post.

Întrebări frecvente

Installation Instruction:

  • Download the “Tablesome” plugin.
  • Unzip the downloaded package.
  • Upload the Tablesome folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress setup.
  • Activate the plugin from the “Plugins” menu in the WordPress Admin


  • Download the ‘Tablesome’ plugin.
  • Click on the ‘Plugins’ menu option in WordPress admin.
  • Click on the ‘Add New’ option in plugins.
  • Upload the ‘Tablesome’ plugin and ‘Activate’ it.

How to use Tablesome Shortcode Builder?

  • You could find the button named ‘Add Tablesome Shortcode’ in the Classic Editor
  • Gutenberg users can find a block named ‘Add Tablesome Shortcode’
  • Copy the ID number of the table you want to embed
  • The table id number will be displayed with the basic shortcode such as [tablesome table_id=’Number’/]
  • Go to the page or post where you want to embed the table with shortcode builder
  • Paste the Table ID in the Shortcode Builder and choose the options you need
  • Then you click ‘Add Shortcode’
  • Page Builders such as Elementor, Beaver, Divi, etc., can find this button in the text editor widgets of the respective plugins


23 noiembrie 2023
In my research for a front-end table display plugin, I almost disregarded this one because initially I didn't pick up on the shortcode builder block. This could be more upfront in your promotion. It makes for a perfect combination of a flexible backend and frontend.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Tablesome – Responsive Table, Email Log, Form Automation – Contact Form 7, Elementor, WPForms, Gravity Forms, Fluent, Forminator” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


Fix: Media/Image cell link fix
Feature: Show (or Hide) Tablesome Posts in WP Search


Fix: CF7 Image fix


Fix: OpenAI Fix
Fix: Allow multiple files to be uploaded from forms (via triggers)
Fix: Security Fix


Fix: Issue related to table not saving changes for some
Fix: WordPress Custom date format related issues


Fix: Minor Security Fixes


Fix: Table Pagination not working in some cases
Fix: Frontend Editor options UI issue


Fix: GSheet first column issue
Feature: GSheet – filter columns


Fix: Saving WPForms -> Date / Time field -> Time format
Fix: PHP 8.2, 8.3 compatibility
New Hook: tablesome_after_action() action triggered after ‘tablesome_add_row’ action (only this action for now)


Fix: Frontend Row and Column Permission Issue
Fix: Forminator (trigger) -> Create Post (action) Featured Image not being set
Feature: Enable / Disable ts_ prefix for redirect action parameters


Fix: CF7 duplication of date values
Fix: Date not changing
Fix: Media files stored automatically


  • Fix: Submission date and Date column timezone conversion issue


  • Pro Feature: Add Rows in Frontend
  • Fix: Adding a row after the last row while in descending custom sorting
  • Fix: Save method called twice


  • Feature: Choose to display time in UTC or Local time
  • Fix: Filter table will be excluded for administrators


  • Pro: Google Sheets to Table (Beta)

Fix: Important Bug on creating new columns


  • Fix: Show Time not working
  • Fix: Date is changed after saving (now displays time in UTC)


  • Fix: Url params decoding issue
  • Fix: Sample table image fix
  • Security Fixes


  • Fix: Forminator not submitting
  • Fix: Loading Speed improvements – part 1


  • Enhancement: Tablesome now supports files


  • Fix: Frontend Editor not saving. Issue with multiple tables in same page
  • Fix: NULL values causing add row not working or frontend editing not saving
  • Fix: Update Button showing to people without access


  • Enhancement (Pro): Post Table (Replace Table Content with WP Query – action) Ability to add post url as a button
  • Fix: WPForms date loading incorrectly in Tables


  • Fix: API EndPoints


  • Security Fixes


  • Fix: Frontend Editing issue when some columns are hidden
  • Fix: WPForms issue with add row, email and other actions when fieldName does not start with „0”
  • Refactoring: Code Improvements


  • Feature: Filter Table (action) – new date options
  • Fix: Slack App Connectivity Token Issue
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Improvements handling the workflow
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Google Sheet – Add Row (action)
  • Feature: Generated CSV (action) – Store to Google Drive
  • Onboarding Page Improvements
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: OpenAI/ChatGPT Text Generation (as an action)


  • Fix: On Table Load – Filter Table Action does not work with Frontend Editing
  • Onboarding Page Improvements
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Prevent duplication in Add Row action
  • Pro Feature: Limit Submissions in Add Row action
  • Feature: Default Sorting
  • Feature: On Send Email Trigger with Add row action
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Frontend editing
  • Fix: Getting all slack channels
  • Fix: Issue with Rest API calls when Permalink is set as plain affects Forms Lists and other triggers & actions
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Filter Table Action
  • Feature: Slack Send Message To User Action
  • Feature: Slack Send Message To Channel Action
  • Feature: Hubspot Add Contact Action
  • Feature: Hubspot Add Contact to List Action
  • Feature: Files Generate CSV Action store in WP Media
  • General Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Table Export is now free
  • General Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Fix: Throw error when submit table CF7 form with attachments
  • General Bug Fixes & Improvements


  • Fix: Export table error
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Fluent Forms Trigger integration added.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Gravity Forms Trigger integration added.
  • Feature: Option to remove pagination buttons
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Replace Table Content with WP Query new action added.
  • Feature: Create post action now support setting featured image for post
  • bugfix: Assets enqueue optimized.
  • bugfix: Store all forms issue fixed.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Record the uploaded image files from the form submissions.
  • bugfix: Currently, The user access level for „tablesome” dashboard pages is the same as for „Post” dashboard pages.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Bugfix: Fix for v0.9.1 for export


  • Free Action: Email automation action. Can be used with onFormSubmit, can send multiple emails on the same action
  • Pro: Frontend, Filtered table data export
  • Feature: Create User and Post action UI Improved.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Create User( New ) action under WordPress Integration
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Create Post( New ) action under WordPress Integration
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Bugfix: v0.8.6 Fix
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: New Redirection action under WordPress Integration
  • Feature: Improved Workflow UI
  • Bugfix: Removed „manually match some fields” option from Tablesome add row action
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Bugfix: Chinese characters import error
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Bugfix: Multiple tables style fix.
  • Bugfix: Duplicating table workflow fix.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Table level style settings.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Table level min and max width settings.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Fix: v0.8 release fix.


  • Feature: Table level display settings.
  • Fix: Trigger and action notice.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: One trigger and three actions free per table.


  • Feature: Calculate sum, count, average and more options added for number format.
  • Feature: Video toolbar added in rich text editor.
  • Fix: Can add Language special characters in link text


  • Feature: Forminator Forms Integration: „On form submit” trigger added.


  • Feature: Table level style settings UI only.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • New Feature: MailChimp Integration: „Add Form Contacts to Mailchimp Audience List” action added.
  • Bugfix: Shortcode builder exclude columns not working in elementor page.
  • Enhancement: Review Notice UI changes
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Notion Integration: „Add Record to Notion DB” action added.
  • Feature: Column move left and right option added
  • General Bug Fixes


  • New Feature: Store all forms entries
  • Enhancement: Show feature notice
  • General Bug Fixes


  • New Feature: Date & Time format types are added in column options
  • Feature: Elementor form submission trigger added
  • General Bug Fixes


  • New Feature: Option to Show Serial Number
  • New Feature: Show extra information on form submission like user IP Address, Submitted Date, Page URL
  • General Bug Fixes


  • New Feature: „Auto-Detect” option to automatically detect the form fields in the „Add Row” action.
  • New Feature: WPForms Integration


  • Review notice updated.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • New Feature: Action log page added.
  • New Feature: Enable min-width settings added.
  • New Feature: „fit to container” and „standard” display mode settings are added.
  • New Feature: Added sticky first Column
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Feature: Onboarding page added.
  • Security Fixes


  • feature: One trigger and one action free per table.
  • feature: System info page added
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Export table redesigned.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: Checkbox format type added.
  • Bugfix: Show fields of selected Mailchimp list instead of adding it manually.
  • General Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Pro feature: Elementor Forms Integration: „On form submit” trigger added.
  • Pro feature: Mailchimp Integration: „Add to contact” trigger action added.
  • General Bug Fixes


  • Pro feature: WPForms Integration: „On form submit” trigger added.
  • Pro feature: Export table to excel ( .xlsx ) and CSV …