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Publish audio versions of every story in seconds with instant text to speech conversion. Sign up and download to take advantage of the full audio service;

  • Highest quality text to speech.
  • 200+ realistic voices in 28 languages.
  • Media and playlist players to fit every page.
  • Block compatible with optional audio shortcodes.
  • Distribution to Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google.
  • Lightning-fast adaptive streaming.
  • Pre-roll sponsorship insertions.
  • Free audio hosting and MP3 downloads.
  • Real-time industry-leading audio analytics.
  • 24/7 support.

Built for digital newsrooms but open to everyone, hundreds of publishers are using SpeechKit to improve reader engagement by serving text to speech on the page.

Any comments, feedback or technical issues please contact the team at support@speechkit.io.

How to get setup

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Go to SpeechKit.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Create a new WordPress project.
  5. Copy Project ID and API Key credentials.
  6. Paste credentials into SpeechKit WordPress settings.
  7. Start publishing audio.

Customer Testimonial

“We’ve been using SpeechKit to convert our articles into audio for over a year. Overall, we are very impressed with the service. The quality of the audio is consistently the best we’ve found available, the plugin and dashboard provides all the functionality we need, processing and delivery of the audio is fast and the players fit nicely on our page. We’ve had great customer feedback and the team have been quick to make adjustments based on our suggestions” – Kenneth Creamer, Creamer Media.

Highest Quality Audio

By serving millions of audio articles SpeechKit has developed the highest quality text to speech available to digital publishers. Our Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) processing engine cleans text of unwanted elements, identifies and handles problematic words and adds human-like intonation, punctuation, tone and much more.

Podcast and Smart Speaker Distribution

Expand the reach of your stories in seconds by adding additional distribution to podcast apps and smart speakers (premium). Manage feeds to podcast platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play), smart speakers (Amazon Alexa, Google Home) or set up an audio RSS feed to push to your own integrations. Each SpeechKit project can be assigned any number of distribution channels and can be managed in the dashboard tool.


Audio articles provide a brand new way to reach your audience. Monetize this additional content with SpeechKit’s AdStudio. Premium users can create campaigns from the dashboard, upload their own audio track or create a text to speech messages and deliver this as pre-roll to their audio articles. Campaign success is tracked against impressions, CPMs (cost-per-thousand) and CPCs (cost-per-click) and can be paused or managed at any time. Larger audiences may also qualify for programmatic sponsorship through one of SpeechKit’s advertising partners.

Real-Time Analytics

Track, analyse and optimize your audio strategy with granular audio analytics. This premium feature provides paid customers with metrics including listens, audio completion rates, audio click through, audio retention and device type. Performance may be broken down per article for trend analysis, distribution optimization and commercial decision making. Analytics can be accessed in the SpeechKit dashboard and are available with all paid plans.

Premium Product

Access to SpeechKit is free for 5 stories per month. Upgrade to a paid plan in the dashboard for more audio versions and access to premium features, including Real-Time Analytics, Programmatic Ad Placement, Smart Speaker Integration and our Audio API.

You can access SpeechKit for free, with paid plans starting from $19 per month.

The Starter plan includes 30 audio articles per month and access to basic listening analytics. The Newsdesk plan, at $99 per month, which includes 175 articles per month, pro analytics, and the option to insert your own audio ads.

For enterprise customers, wanting access to more audio articles, advanced analytics and programmatic audio advertising solutions, contact sales.

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30 aprilie 2020
We have been using Speechkit now for a few weeks and love it!! Works really well and is simple to implement and add to our pages. We have also managed to use the app within our directory of disabled listings so its versatile to use across our whole platform.
2 iunie 2019
Followed installation instructions. Published a test page. No widget shown. Uninstalled.
26 martie 2019
Very happy with the support and the plugin! Enabling the ability to convert our articles to listenable has been well received by our audience. Another great benefit is becoming more ADA / WCAG compliant. Have integrated with Alexa as well and can't wait to do so with Google Home!
20 februarie 2019
It is a great product, but I would like to upload my own audio. On your website, there is an Upload mp3 file button, but not matter what mp3 I choose, it fails after a couple of seconds. The status bar has a red vertical line on the left with the word Failed after it. I tried to send you and email and wrote on the forum, but you haven't responded.
18 februarie 2019
Hi Speechkit, This is an amazing plugin for wordpress. But I have a case that Speechkit can be used perfectly. I'm an english teacher. Recently, I want to build an elearning website for my students to practice at home. But one of my needs is that student voice recognition after they learn words or sentences. I want to have a plugin that students can record their voice and the text appears in a text box, that they can see if their pronunciation is correct or not. Is there any chance that I could use Speechkit for that purpose? Thanks you!
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„SpeechKit – Audio Articles” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


Release date: 21st July 2020


  • Improved Block Editor support.
  • Improve compatability with Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  • Removed Support Email form from the plugin settings screen.
  • Bypass retry count for „Payment Required” status.


  • Remove error loging if no Post Types are selected.
  • Fix „speechkit_select_post_types is not an array” Rollbar error

See the previous changelogs here.