Say It!


Say It! allows you to easily turn parts of your WordPress articles into speech audio.
The plugin is using modern HTML5 Speech Synthesis and doesn’t require any subscriptions or service, install it, enjoy it!

Once installed, you just need to wrap any content between [sayit] shortcode. Once done, your users can simply click on the text to make it speak.

Want better quality ? Say It! now offers Google Cloud TTS compatibility, get your json key from google, past it in the plugin options and go !

Parameters (for HTML5 Speech only)

  • lang – Use a language different from the default one
  • speed – speed of speech (recommanded between 0.5 and 1.5)
  • block – set to „1” to make it work on multiple paragraphs at once


[sayit block=”1″ lang=”en-GB” speed=”1″]
Hello I am the queen
And I talk for two paragraphs long


  1. Download It
  2. Install It
  3. Activate It
  4. use [sayit] shortcode
  5. Say It!

Întrebări frecvente

How much does it cost ?

It cost a five star Review, just kiding, it’s free.
Note : If you use the Google TTS, you’ll need to give your banking informations to Google and you can be charged if you use it a lot, however SayIt! is using a smart caching system, so it request Google only for new voice Generation.

Can I mix language ?

Yes you can ! In the settings, you choose the default language to use but you can pass parameter in the shortcodes like so [sayit lang=”fr-FR”]Bonjour[/sayit]
Note that you can’t mix language yet if you are using Google TTS.

Do you collect any data?

No, coding something to collect data is kind of complicated, no time for that.


9 mai 2020
Easy to use. Good and acceptable audio conversion. No speaker selection.
7 aprilie 2019
Excellent plug-in with an hidden advantage. I use it for a language training website I have. The plugin is extremely easy to use as all you need are the two small short codes at beginning and end of your text. The advantage here is you can keep certain portions of a text audio free. Another great feature is the ability to have an audio text covering several paragraphs, insert a picture and then continue with the audio. The plugin also works in the quiz plugins I use, allowing one to create good audio quizzes. It is also aesthetically pleasing as no "listen" or "play" buttons are seen on the page. One simply clicks on the text and starts listening. Probably the best advantage: the settings allow one to adjust the speed of the audio - an important feature when using for language training work. This was a new and debut plugin at the time of writing (April 2019) and I am glad it exists - it ticks all my boxes. Well done!
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

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Istoric modificări


  • First Release


  • Make it work on multiple paragraphs
  • Improved documentation
  • Various Bug fixes


  • Added Google Cloud TTS compatibility
  • Improved stability
  • New admin interface


  • Fix missing google library


  • Fix header ouput on google TTS Error
  • Fallback to HTML5 if Error


  • Improved Google TTS admin area
  • Fixed js console output admin area
  • Handle config error for Google TTS


  • Added Amazon Polly
  • Theme functions
  • Speech pause on window blur


  • Bug Fix


  • Added Possibility to change tooltip text


  • Prevent audio play when click on a link