Redirecționare este un modul WordPress pentru gestionarea redirecționărilor 301, pentru ținerea evidenței erorilor 404 și care pune în ordine, în general, problemele mărunte pe care situl tău le poate avea.
Este deosebit de util dacă migrezi pagini de la un sit vechi sau dacă-ți schimbi directorul de instalare WordPress.

Și este 100% gratuit!

Features include:

  • Monitorizare eroare 404 – captează un jurnal al erorilor 404 și le asociezi cu ușurință la redirecționări 301
  • Redirecționările personalizate „trece prin” îți permit să treci un URL printr-o altă pagină, printr-un alt fișier sau sit web.
  • Jurnale complete pentru toate URL-urile redirecționate
  • Toate URL-urile pot fi redirecționate, nu numai cele care nu există
  • WP CLI support
  • Redirect based upon login status, user agent, or referrer
  • Adaugă automat o redirecționare 301 atunci când URL-ul unui articol se modifică
  • Adaugă manual redirecționări 301, 302 și 307 pentru un articol WordPress sau pentru orice alt fișier
  • Full import/export to JSON, CSV, .htaccess, and Nginx rewrite.rules
  • Suport complet pentru expresie uzuală
  • .htaccess Apache nu este necesar – funcționează în întregime în interiorul WordPress
  • Support for Apache and Nginx
  • Statisticile de redirecționare te informează de câte ori a apărut o redirecționare, când a fost ultima, cine a încercat s-o facă și unde au găsit URL-ul tău
  • Fully localized & available in many languages

Please submit bugs and patches to
Please submit translations to

Capturi ecran


Modulul este simplu de instalat:

  1. Descarcă
  2. Dezarhivează
  3. Încarcă directorul redirection în directorul tău /wp-content/plugins
  4. Mergi la pagina de administrare a modulului și activează modulul
  5. Configurează opțiunile din pagina Administrare/Redirecționare

Poți găsi detaliile complete de instalare ale modulului pe pagina de instalare a modulului.

Documentația completă poate fi găsită pe pagina Redirecționare.

Întrebări frecvente

Installation Instructions

Modulul este simplu de instalat:

  1. Descarcă
  2. Dezarhivează
  3. Încarcă directorul redirection în directorul tău /wp-content/plugins
  4. Mergi la pagina de administrare a modulului și activează modulul
  5. Configurează opțiunile din pagina Administrare/Redirecționare

Poți găsi detaliile complete de instalare ale modulului pe pagina de instalare a modulului.

Documentația completă poate fi găsită pe pagina Redirecționare.

De ce aș vrea să folosesc modulul în loc de .htaccess?

Ușor de folosit. Redirecționările sunt create automat atunci când URL-ul unui articol se modifică și este mult mai ușor să adaugi redirecționări manuale decât să modifici .htaccess. De asemenea, obții avantajul suplimentar de a putea urmări erorile 404.

Care este performanța acestui plugin?

Modulul funcționează similar cu modul în care WordPress manevrează legăturile permanente și nu ar trebui să rezulte nicio încetinire vizibilă pe situl tău.


Great plugin

Have loved using this for a while now. VERY useful plugin. One minor glitch was fixed quickly.

Better Than Expected

Ok, so first off, I love how I can see the 404 error reports and create redirects as needed, and I love that I can create redirects for pages that I moved or renamed.

But, an unexpected thing that I love is that I can easily redirect away from the shitty default WooCommerce product-category and product-tag pages to my own custom made ones with out having to screw around with the way my theme displays breadcrumbs on product pages.

I wasn’t even looking to do that. And now I can. And it’s awesome.

Excellent Plugin & Good Support

I have been using the plugins for quite sometime in almost all of my blogs. Never had any issues till today (yes, today). Made an inquiry through support forum and John (the plugin author) was quick to reply to my issue.

Well, turns out that the issue was with my browser’s history/cache and has got nothing to do with the plugin 🙂

Thank you John for the excellent 5 STAR plugin 🙂

Better than .htaccess

I’ve been use this plugin from the beginning and it is better redirection 301 than implement code into .htaccess file, especially redirection url with regex.

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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Redirection” este un software open source. Următoarele persoane au contribuit la acest modul.


„Redirection” a fost tradus în aceste 4 locale: Japanese, Spanish, English (UK), English (Canada). Mulțumim traducătorilor pentru contribuția lor.

Tradu „Redirection” în limba ta.

Te interesează dezvoltarea?

Răsfoiește codul sau abonează-te la jurnalul de dezvoltare prin RSS.

Istoric modificări

2.7.1 – 14th August 2017

  • Improve display of errors
  • Improve handling of CSV
  • Reset tables when changing menus
  • Change how page is displayed to reduce change of interference from other plugins

2.7 – 6th August 2017

  • Finish conversion to React
  • Add WP CLI support for import/export
  • Add a JSON import/export that exports all data
  • Edit redirect position
  • Apache config moved to options page
  • Fix 410 error code
  • Fix page limits
  • Fix problems with IE/Safari


  • Use React on redirects page
  • Use for language files


  • Use React on groups page


  • Add a limit to per page screen options
  • Fix warning in referrer match when referrer doesn’t exist
  • Fix 404 page showing options
  • Fix RSS token not regenerating
  • 404 and log filters can now avoid logging
  • Use React on modules page


  • Use React on log and 404 pages
  • Fix log option not saving ‘never’
  • Additional check for auto-redirect from root
  • Fix delete plugin button
  • Improve IP detection for Cloudflare


  • Set auto_detect_line_endings when importing CSV
  • Replace options page with a fancy React version that looks exactly the same


  • Fix CSV export merging everything into one line
  • Fix bug with HTTP codes not being imported from CSV
  • Add filters for source and target URLs
  • Add filters for log and 404s
  • Add filters for request data
  • Add filter for monitoring post permalinks
  • Fix export of 404 and logs


  • Show example CSV
  • Allow regex and redirect code to be set on import
  • Fix a bunch of database installation problems


  • Fix no group created on install
  • Fix missing export key on install
  • Add 308 HTTP code, props to radenui
  • Fix imported URLs set to regex, props to alpipego
  • Fix sorting of URLs, props to JordanReiter
  • Don’t cache 307s, props to rmarchant
  • Abort redirect exit if no redirection happened, props to junc


  • Ensure cleanup code runs even if plugin was updated
  • Extra sanitization of Apache & Nginx files, props to Ed Shirey
  • Fix regex bug, props to romulodl
  • Fix bug in correct group not being shown in dropdown


  • Fix large advanced settings icon
  • Add text domain to plugin file, props Bernhard Kau
  • Better PHP7 compatibility, props to Ohad Raz
  • Better Polylang compatibility, props to imrehg


  • Bump minimum WP to 4.0.0
  • Updated German translation, props to Konrad Tadesse
  • Additional check when creating redirections in case of bad data


  • Add Gulp task to generate POT file
  • Fix a problem with duplicate positions in the redirect table, props to Jon Jensen
  • Fix URL monitor not triggering
  • Fix CSV export


  • Fix error for people with an unknown module in a group


  • Reworked modules now no longer stored in database
  • Nginx module (experimental)
  • View .htaccess/Nginx inline
  • Beginnings of some unit tests!
  • Fix DB creation on activation, props syntax53
  • Updated Japanese locale, props to Naoko
  • Remove deprecated like escaping


  • Fix export options not showing for some people


  • Fix error on admin page for WP 4.2


  • Remove error_log statements
  • Fix incorrect table name when exporting 404 errors, props to brazenest/synchronos-t


  • Split admin and front-end code out to streamline the loading a bit
  • Fix bad groups link when viewing redirects in a group, props to Patrick Fabre
  • Improved plugin activation/deactivation and cleanup
  • Improved log clearing


  • Persian translation by Danial Hatami
  • Fix saving a redirection with login status, referrer, and user agent
  • Fix problem where deleting your last group would cause Redirection to only show an error
  • Add limits to referrer and destination in the logs
  • Redirect title now shows in the main list again. The field is hidden when editing until toggled
  • Fix ‘bad nonce’ error, props to Jonathan Harrell
  • Remove old WP code


  • Fix log cleanup options
  • More space when editing redirects
  • Better detection of regex when importing
  • Restore export options
  • Fix unnecessary protected


  • Another compatibility fix for PHP < 5.3
  • Fix incorrect module ID used when creating a group
  • Fix .htaccess duplication, props to Jörg Liwa


  • Compatibility fix for PHP < 5.3


  • Fix plugin activation error
  • Fix fatal error in table nav, props to spacedmonkey


  • New redirect page to match WP style
  • New module page to match WP style
  • Configurable permissions via redirection_role filter, props to RodGer-GR
  • Fix saving 2 month log period
  • Fix importer
  • Fix DB creation to check for existing tables


  • Updated Italian translation, props to Raffaello Tesi
  • Updated Romanian translation, props to Flo Bejgu
  • Simplify logging options
  • Fix log deletion by search term
  • Export logs and 404s to CSV


  • Default log settings to 7 days, props to Maura
  • Updated Danish translation thanks to Mikael Rieck
  • Add per-page screen option for log pages
  • Remove all the corners


  • Fix escaping of URL in admin page


  • Fix PHP strict, props to Juliette Folmer
  • Fix RSS entry date, props to Juliette
  • Fix pagination


  • WP 3.5 compatibility
  • Fix export


  • Remove 404 module and move 404 logs into a separate option
  • Add Danish translation, thanks to Rasmus Himmelstrup


  • Clean up log code, using WP_List_Table to power it
  • Update Hungarian translation


  • Fix some broken links in admin pages


  • Cleanup some XSS issues


  • Add Lithuanian
  • Add Belarusian
  • Add Czech
  • Fix order of redirects, thanks to Nicolas Hatier


  • Fix XSS in referrers log


  • Fix XSS in admin menu
  • Update Russian translation, thanks to Alexey Pazdnikov


  • Add Romanian translation, thanks to Alina
  • Add Greek, thanks to Stefanos Kofopoulos


  • Better database compatibility


  • Remove warning from VaultPress


  • Add Turkish translation, thanks to Fatih Cevik
  • Fix search box
  • Fix 410 error code
  • Fix DB errors when MySQL doesn’t auto-convert data types


  • Add Hungarian translation, thanks to daSSad


  • Remove debug from htaccess module


  • Fix encoding of JS strings


  • More Dutch translation
  • Use fgetcsv for CSV importer – better handling
  • Allow http as URL parameter


  • Add Dutch translation
  • Props to Ben Noordhuis for a patch
  • WordPress 2.9+ only – cleaned up all the old cruft
  • Better new-install process
  • Upgrades from 1.0 of Redirection no longer supported
  • Optimized DB tables


  • Fix problem with custom post types auto-redirecting (click on ‘groups’ and then ‘modified posts’ and clear any entries for ‘/’ from your list)


  • Brazilian Portuguese translation


  • Arabic translation


  • WP 3.0 compatibility


  • Fix deep slashes


  • Add Ukrainian translation
  • Add Polish translation
  • Database optimization


  • Add Bahasa Indonesian translation
  • Add German translation
  • Add patch to disable logs (thanks to Simon Wheatley!)


  • Pre WP2.8 compatibility fix


  • Fix #620
  • Add Russian translation


  • Fix for some users with problems deleting redirections


  • Add Hindi translation
  • Fix some ajax


  • Fix module deletion


  • Log JS fixes


  • Fix group edit and log add entry


  • Use WP Ajax
  • Add Japanese


  • Fix #457
  • Add #475, #427
  • Add Catalan translation.
  • WP2.8 compatibility


  • Add Spanish and Chinese translation


  • Add icons
  • Disable category monitoring


  • Errors on some sites


  • Missing localizations


  • Fix ‘you do not permissions’ error on some non-English sites


  • Fix category change ‘quick edit’


  • Fix #422, #426


  • Redirection loops


  • Fix #366, #371, #378, #390, #400.
  • Add #370, #357


  • RSS feed token


  • Re-enable import feature


  • Minor button changes


  • Force JS cache
  • Fix log deletion


  • Change to jQuery
  • Nonce protection
  • Fix #352, #353, #339, #351
  • Add #358, #316.


  • Disable category monitor in 2.7


  • Hebrew translation


  • Fix small issues in display with WP 2.7


  • Fix delete redirects


  • Refix log delete


  • Fix incorrect automatic redirection with static home pages


  • Support for wp-load.php


  • Fix #264


  • get_home_path seems not be available for some people


  • Fix #248
  • Update plugin.php to better handle odd directories


  • Correct DB install
  • Fix IIS problem


  • Install defaults when no existing redirection setup


  • New version