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Popup Maker™ is the best popup plugin WordPress has to offer. It is incredibly versatile & flexible. Bend it to create any type of popup, modal, or content overlay for your WordPress website.

Easily create email opt-in popups, contact form popups, Coronavirus/COVID-19 announcements, EU cookie notices, slide-ins, & more. Check out some examples in our video below:

Stunning examples of what you can create in Popup Maker (Vezi videoul)

Create unlimited popups of every type you need and customize every facet of each of your popups from theme and position, to targeting and cookies.

De încredere pentru mulți oameni la fel ca tine!

Popup Maker este utilizat pe peste 500.000 de situri web și a primit peste 3.500 de recenzii de 5 stele, la fel ca aceasta:

Produs grozav – cel mai bun pe care l-am folosit!
„Am încercat multe programe pop-up diferite, dar trebuie să spun că îl consider cel mai bun!” ~ ~@jessefjosserand

What’s Included for Free:

  • This popup plugin has limitless potential with no restrictions. If you can’t get the functionality you’re after, we’ll be happy to help you! Just ask at https://wppopupmaker.com/support/.
  • Slide Out Popups, Banner Bars, Floating Sticky Popups, Notification Popups, Loading Screen Popups, Video Lightboxes, and Opt-In Form Popups.
  • Popup-urile noastre suportă cele mai populare module disponibile pentru construirea de formulare: Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Formular de contact 7 (CF7), Caldera Forms, WPForms, Mailchimp pentru WordPress (MC4WP) și altele.
  • We support every list building form, including but not limited to: MailChimp, AWeber, InfusionSoft, GetResponse, Constant Contact, Mail Poet, Mad Mimi, Hubspot, and Emma.
  • Use our unique Popup Editor to build any content you can imagine inside of our popups, plus control popup sizing, position, animation, and so much more.
  • Conditions allow you to target exactly who will (and will not) see your popups. Target any WordPress content such as: posts, pages, and 26 more!
  • Create WooCommerce popups easily with built in targeting rules for Products & Shop pages.
  • Dictate the frequency at which users see your popups using Cookies, and edit how the cookies are created using Cookie Creation Events.
  • Click Triggers allows you to trigger a popup on click of menu items, sidebars, buttons, images, or any other content on your site. We have various methods allowing you to integrate our click triggers with nearly any plugin or theme.
  • Auto Open Triggers allows you to set a timed delay, then the popup will display according to your preference.
  • Trove of options to customize the look of your popup using our unique Theme Editor. Change colors, shadows, fonts, paddings, and much, much more.

Modul excelent, exact ceea ce aveam nevoie
„Modul cu adevărat drăguț, simplu de utilizat, responsiv, îmi prinde bine!” ~@lemmmy

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Creat de Code Atlantic

Popup Maker este construit de echipa Code Atlantic. Creăm module WordPress de înaltă calitate care te ajută să-ți dezvolți siturile WordPress.

Vezi câteva dintre cele mai populare module:

  • User Menus – arată sau ascunde elemente de meniu pentru diferiți utilizatori
  • Ahoy – mesaje automate de marketing pentru WordPress
  • Content Control – restricționează accesul la pagini și articole

Capturi ecran

  • Creezi și editezi un număr infinit de popup-uri unice pentru a-ți satisface toate nevoile.
  • Folosește editorul nostru de popup-uri pentru a personaliza complet fiecare aspect al ferestrei popup.
  • Use the display settings in the popup editor and choose from an abundance of options, including responsive sizes and animation types!
  • Adaugi declanșatoare la popup-uri pentru a determina ce anume provoacă deschiderea lor. Declanșatoarele noastre gratuite includ: deschidere cu un clic și deschidere automată.
  • Alegi din mai multe condiții pentru a viza exact cine va vedea popup-urile tale (și cine nu le poate vedea).
  • Eviți ca popup-urile tale să devină enervante pentru utilizatori folosind cookie-uri pentru a le dezactiva după ce au fost vizualizate.
  • Creezi și editezi un număr nelimitat de teme popup pentru fiecare situație.
  • Use the theme editor to choose from over 60 options and theme every element of your popup: Background Overlay, Popup Container, Close Button, Google Fonts, and much more.

Întrebări frecvente

Where is your documentation?

You can find our documentation over on our docs site

How do I open a popup?

Utilizând „declanșatoare”, poți personaliza modul în care este deschis fiecare popup. Examinează documentația noastră pentru declanșatoare

How do I stop popups from opening repeatedly?

Folosind „cookie-uri”, poți configura după cât timp popup-ul se deschide din nou, dacă este necesar vreodată. Examinează documentația noastră despre cookie-uri

What do I do if I want a popup to show only on a certain page/post/etc?

Folosind „condiții”, poți specifica unde va fi arătat popup-ul. Consultă documentația nostră pentru condiții

Cum să-l fac să funcționeze cu formularele mele de la terți?

Beginning with Popup Maker v1.7, we now support most forms by default. We do this by adding a hidden field using JavaScript to any form inserted in a popup. This field contains the popup ID.

When we detect that ID in PHP, we queue up that popup to reopen immediately after refresh to show errors or success messages.

Cum pot profita de acțiunile de succes pe care le oferă Popup Maker pentru formularele de la terți?

We have built-in support for the most popular form plugins. But if we don’t, then we have a few helper functions that allow you to take full advantage of our success actions and setting cookies.

This link contains AJAX (JavaScript) & Non-AJAX (PHP) based solutions which you can hack with your forms hooks & events. https://gist.github.com/danieliser/0060112b18b6013f2683653236b02439

De ce nu se deschid/funcționează popup-urile mele?

Există câteva cauze comune pentru acest lucru, consultă acest ghid pentru ajutor pentru a le rezolva.


5 aprilie 2020
Does what you need, with several themes, trigger options and even cookie management. 5*
5 aprilie 2020
This plugin was easy to setup and I was up an running within minutes.
5 aprilie 2020
Really like this plugin. Easy to use. Lot's of built-in styling and presentation options, but also easy to do style using CSS. Many features I wasn't expecting in a free plugin. Really good documentation.
4 aprilie 2020
Great on PC, but please add option to customize separately on mobile devices
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Istoric modificări

View our complete changelog for up-to-date information on what has been going on with the development of Popup Maker.

v1.9.2 – 03/26/2020

  • Tweak: Add support for WP 5.4’s new method of adding custom fields to the nav menu editor.

v1.9.1 – 02/13/2020

  • Fix: JS error when MailChimp for WordPress was active but no forms on the page.

v1.9.0 – 02/11/2020

  • Feature: New Form Submission trigger with option to choose specific forms for integrated forms.
  • Feature: New Form Submission cookie event with option to choose specific forms.
  • Feature: New Close on Form Submission with optional delay.
  • Feature: WP Forms integration.
  • Feature: Caldera Forms integration.
  • Feature: MailChimp for WordPress integration
  • Improvement: Enhanced asset cache to identify issues with a site’s filesystem.
  • Improvement: Various changes to ensure PHP 7.4 compatibility.
  • Improvement: Minimum PHP version updated to v5.6 to match WP core.
  • Improvement: Simplified form integration interfaces to more easily support additional form plugins or custom integrations. Includes full AJAX & non-AJAX form support.
  • Îmbunătățire: a adăugat suport CSS pentru RTL.
  • Improvement: Added new SVG admin menu icon which plays well with custom admin color schemes. Thanks @KZeni (Kurt Zenisek)
  • Îmbunătățire: a simplificat API-urile de integrare a formularelor.
  • Îmbunătățire: diverse îmbunătățiri la performanță.
  • Tweak: Remove unnecessary usage of esc_attr_e causing extra translation calls.
  • Fix: Bug when accept language header is not supplied causes undefined index notice.
  • Fix: Error caused by invalid post ID returned by CF7 when saving new forms.
  • Fix: Bug when selecting more than 10 items in targeting rule post/page select fields.