Podium Webchat enables businesses to capture and convert leads while they’re on your website with an easy-to-use button that connects you to your leads through text. If you don’t already have a Podium account visit www.podium.com/starter to set it up and access your Webchat script.

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Installation Instructions

  1. Add this plugin to WordPress and enable it. See Managing Plugins
  2. Copy your script from your Webchat welcome emails or any other script you are wanting to install.
  3. Visit Podium Settings on your WordPress site and paste the script into the textarea.
  4. Set the Podium Webchat option to ‘Enabled’.
  5. Save your Changes.

Can I use this to embed other scripts on my website

Yes! This is a free widget that will help you to instantly embed scripts onto your Website!

How Can I get support

You can access help docs by visiting help.podium.com


1 noiembrie 2019
You can use any plugin to inject this code into your site but I will say its very cool of Podium to make this plugin. It makes it easier for my clients to manage.
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