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Prezentare generală

Since 2002 PlatiOnline has been one of the most efficient, cost-effective and secure Integrated Online Payments Processing Platforms for online businesses for Romanian ecommerce region. Our cloud-based integrated online payment management system provides a fast, reliable and secure trading platform which offers both dedicated online management solutions for bank payment card and alternative online payment operations as well as customized reporting for online businesses.

PlatiOnline payment for Woocommerce allows online merchants to accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro, directly on their Woocommerce store via PlatiOnline’s API. First, you need to create a PlatiOnline merchant account to receive payment through PlatiOnline, then, you need to connect your PlatiOnline merchant account with your Woocommerce store through an API keys.

PlatiOnline will charge a fee for each authorized transaction. To see specific pricing and offers please fill out the online form. PlatiOnline will wire the settled amount to the merchant’s account on a weekly bases.

Summary of services

PlatiOnline integrated e-commerce merchant services include:
* Online interface with full-service management and reporting platform for online sales;
* EU companies registered;
* Multicurrency accounts EUR, USD and RON;
* SEPA payments;
* 3D secure standards (MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa) reliable and secure online payment processing solutions;
* CVV2/CVC2 verification;
* proprietary powerful anti fraud engine PlatiOnline Argus;
* PCI DSS Level 1 – Merchant Services Provider certification;
* SSL Extended Validation (Secure Socket Layer) security certificates;
* PayLink & PayButton Options – fast & simple payment link creation directly from our platform/ideal for easy integration of payment buttons on any website and/or for push marketing campaign messaging;
* online credit card instalments with zero interest;
* recurring card payments;
* one click login and pay card payments;
* bank transfer processing and settlement by PlatiOnline;
* offline cash collection at Romanian Post Office & Raiffeisen Bank branches;

Summary of features

PlatiOnline transactions features include:
* Authorization only: Payment info is sent to customer’s bank to check the owner and available fund on card. The fund is kept on customer’s bank account until merchants make a request to receive payment.
* Capture (Authorized transactions): Once funds are authorized, merchants can capture their money using the online interface.
* Sale – (Authorization & Capture): The same as Authorize only, but customer’s money will be transferred immediately to merchant’s bank account so they do not to wait or capture it manually.
* Void: After the payment has been authorized, merchants can directly void the payment using the online interface so it will be released and not captured.
* Refund full and partial: Merchants can refund to customers from online interface, ensuring customers will get money back.

Highly secured payment technologies

PlatiOnline payment system is committed to protecting customer information and to actively combat fraud. Development of the PlatiOnline payment platform started in May 2002 with the mission to provide secure and reliable payment solutions for online merchants and their customers worldwide.

Based on our extensive experience in the field of anti-fraud protection, PlatiOnline developed the ARGUS online fraud detection and prevention system, which is permanently updated and optimized using machine learning algorithms.

Our advanced anti-fraud system ARGUS use algorithms so that the risk of rejecting valid orders due to the emergence of imperfect anti-fraud protection is almost completely eliminated.

Worry-free shopping

PlatiOnline has the highest level of PCI DSS certification (Level 1 PCI DSS on-site). This means outsourcing processing tasks to PlatiOnline system would reduce most of the PCI DSS scope for merchants. PlatiOnline is hosting the credit card page over SSL secure connection, so the merchants have no worry about cardholder data.

CVV2/CVC2 online verification

To protect merchants from payments made by fake cards or invalid cards, PlatiOnline will stop payments when the CVV2/CVC2 of a card fails to pass the verification process.

3D secure standards

Verified By Visa and MasterCard SecureCode offer the cardholder the ability to set up and use a personal/random password that will confirm his identity and protect his card data against fraudulent use. That’s why 3D systems are security signs for merchants and issuing banks that the user of that card is also the right holder of the card.
PlatiOnline Merchant Account have 3 options:
* Optional 3D Secure: performs 3D Secure test when it is supported by bank. If 3D Secure is not supported, the card will still be charged as usual;
* Required 3D Secure: always check for 3D Secure and stop the payment if it is not supported;
* Off: disable checking for 3D Secure support.

Capturi ecran

  • PlatiOnline admin setup interface
  • PlatiOnline payment method selection
  • Login with Plati.Online


Cerințe minime

  • PHP versiunea 5.5 sau una superioară (este recomandată versiunea PHP 7.2 sau una ulterioară)
  • MySQL versiunea 5.0 sau una superioară (este recomandată versiunea MySQL 5.6 sau una ulterioară)
  • cURL versiunea 7.29.0 sau o versiune ulterioară
  • Woocommerce versiunea 3.0.0 sau o versiune ulterioară
  • Extensia SOAP este activată
  • Extensia cURL este activată
  • OpenSSL versiunea 1.0.1 sau una ulterioară

Instalare automată

Instalarea automată este cea mai ușoară opțiune, deoarece WordPress gestionează automat transferurile de fișiere și nu trebuie să părăsești navigatorul web. Pentru a face o instalare automată a PlatiOnline, autentifică-te în panoul de control WordPress, navighează la meniul Module și dă clic pe Adaugă modul nou.

În câmpul de căutare, tastează „PlatiOnline” și dă clic pe Caută module. După ce ai găsit modulul, poți vizualiza detalii despre el, cum ar fi când a fost lansat, evaluări și descrierea sa. Cel mai important, desigur, îl poți instala dând doar un clic pe „Instalează acum”.

Instalare manuală

Metoda de instalare manuală presupune descărcarea modulului nostru pentru plăți și încărcarea lui pe serverul tău web prin intermediul aplicației FTP. Codexul WordPress conține aici instrucțiuni despre cum să faci asta.


Actualizările automate ar trebui să funcționeze foarte bine; totuși, ca de obicei, asigură-te că faci o copie de siguranță a sitului, pentru orice eventualitate.

Întrebări frecvente

Unde pot găsi suportul pentru instalarea și configurarea modulului?

Pentru ajutor, te rog trimite un email la adrian[at]plationline[dot]eu


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Istoric modificări


  • added support for Woocommerce Subscriptions


  • added cancel recurrence option in admin


  • get order fees and send them as discount or additional cost


  • send processing email when status changed from authorized to processing
  • update coupon usage counts on authorized status


  • implemented recurring payments
  • added Plati.Online order status history check for authorized transactions
  • fixed stock reduce or increase based on PlatiOnline transaction status
  • added confirmation to Plati.Online remote actions
  • added expiration days for payment links
  • added option to disable retry failed payment if any product is out of stock on customer order page
  • relay response page can now use order-received page if empty string or custom URL using our shortcode
  • prevent order status update to Pending Settle or Settled if current status is Completed
  • fallback language sent to Plati.Online to English if website language not supported
  • fixes to login with Plati.Online
  • added settings link


  • fix reduce stock levels ITSN
  • updated Login with Plati.Online


  • fix currency code sent to PlatiOnline for multicurrency shops


  • fix plugin deactivation if Woocommerce not detected


  • fix plugin deactivation if Woocommerce not detected


  • fix customer new order email


  • added Posta Romana payment method
  • added retry payment option for declined/error orders


  • tracking script minor glitch fix


  • login with Plati.Online payment token
  • select authorized status for order: PO Authorized/Completed
  • added JS Tracking script for PTOR relay method and authorized status
  • fixed some translations


  • fixed schema validation
  • fixed firstname and lastname if they are sent in 1 field


fixed some links


fix update


fix update


fix update


fix readme


6.0.0 is the initial release. Make a full site backup before installing the plugin