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Graphic and Web App creation tool for WordPress and WooCommerce, equipped with label generation capabilities.

Labelbaker is a versatile WordPress plugin enabling the creation of Generators, Banners, Popups, Labels, Interactive web applications, Thumbnails for Posts and Pages, WooCommerce product visuals, and even graphic-rich emails. Moreover, it provides an intuitively designed editor that seamlessly combines simplicity with robust functionality.



Crafting a banner for your website is a breeze with Labelbaker. Its robust drag-and-drop editor allows you to construct eye-catching and professional-grade banners effortlessly. Moreover, you can modify your banner using the same editor. Once your banner is complete, Labelbaker generates a shortcode, giving you the flexibility to utilize the banner at any location of your choice. You have the option to share this banner beyond your WordPress site or web application, however, this functionality is exclusively available with the Pro version.
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Creating a popup for your website is straightforward with Labelbaker. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor enables you to design engaging and professional popups with ease. Furthermore, you have the option to tweak your popup using the same editor. Upon finalizing your popup, Labelbaker supplies a shortcode, providing you the liberty to deploy the popup wherever required. You can also share this popup beyond your WordPress website or web application, but bear in mind, this feature is only accessible in the Pro version.


Generators serve as templates for creating images and PDFs. These tools simplify content generation by allowing modifications to the content value through easy-to-use input fields. They assist in regularly producing the content you frequently require.

Generate Labels

With the Labelbaker plugin, you can create labels directly within your WordPress environment. It provides extensive capabilities for label creation, including both static and dynamic options. The plugin accepts data uploads in xls and CSV formats and even allows data importation via API. It’s possible to source data for your dynamic labels from external servers. In addition, you can craft labels tailored for WooCommerce.

Make Thumbnails

With the Labelbaker WordPress plugin, creating thumbnails for your blog posts and web pages becomes a breeze. This user-friendly tool employs a straightforward procedure. Start by crafting your thumbnail template via our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, then save your design. If necessary, you can revisit and modify the template details to suit your needs. Once you select the desired post or page, the plugin will automatically revise the thumbnail according to your customized template design.

Send graphical emails ( Pro )

You can send emails with stunning graphics. You can make individual graphical email templates for sending emails.

Shareable Forms ( Pro )

Use sharable forms to generate visuals. Empower your team to create marketing graphics through the use of distributable forms. You can share in WordPress as well as any other website you want.

Make WooCommerce Product Image

The Labelbaker WordPress plugin is not just for posts and pages; it’s also a handy tool for modifying WooCommerce product images. The process remains uncomplicated. Start by designing your product image template with the convenience of our drag-and-drop editor, then save the layout. If desired, you can go back and alter the template’s specifics anytime. When you choose the relevant product, the plugin will automatically update the product image, reflecting your unique template design.

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