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Incredibly powerful and customizable, Jetpack Search helps your visitors instantly find the right content – right when they need it.

Jetpack Search is an easy-to-use WordPress search plugin that enhances the default site search functionality provided by the CMS. Thanks to advanced site search tools, your visitors will experience the best search experience you can offer.

From real-time search filtering and faceting, to instant search results, Jetpack Search has all the features and options for best site search usability and results.

Note: Jetpack Search is free to use for sites with up to 5000 documents and 500 search requests per month. Beyond that, a Jetpack Search subscription, or a Jetpack plan subscription that includes Search is required to use this plugin.


Do you have a WordPress site with thousands of posts, pages, and products? No problem. Thanks to a powerful search engine, Jetpack Search helps visitors find exactly what they’re looking for — fast.


Give your visitors instant search results and advanced filtering to help them find what they need and stay longer on your site.

People on eCommerce sites are 2x more likely to purchase something when they search.


Jetpack Search is a completely customizable WordPress site search plugin, so your visitors get a search experience that blends in seamlessly with your site design.


  • Rezultate de căutare extrem de relevante organizate cu algoritmi moderni de ierarhizare
  • Boosted and prioritized results based on your site’s search stats
  • Căutare și filtrare instantanee fără reîncărcarea paginii
  • Site search filters and facets (by categories, tags, dates, custom taxonomies, and post types)
  • Compatibilitate îmbunătățită pentru teme, atât pentru desktop cât și pentru mobil.
  • Indexare în timp real, deci indexul tău de căutare este actualizat în câteva minute după ce ai făcut modificări pe site
  • Se integrează perfect cu WooCommerce
  • Suport pentru toate limbile, iar analiza avansată este disponibilă pentru 38 de limbi.
  • Termeni de căutare evidențiați în comentarii și conținutul articolelor
  • Corecție rapidă și precisă a ortografiei

This is just the start!

We are working hard to bring more features and improvements to Jetpack Search. Let us know your thoughts and ideas!


“I like having a search experience that is sortable, filterable, and feels like it’s integrated natively into the site. Jetpack Search does all of this, but most importantly, it returns great results without heavy configuration.” – Chris Coyier, Web Design Expert (codepen.io / ShopTalk Show)

“If people can get the answers they want quickly without having to email me, it’s pure gold and it makes my job easier. I’m advertising it in my client consultations and telling people to use it because it actually works.” – Kylie Mawdsley, Interior Design Consultant (Kylie M. Interiors)

Capturi ecran

  • Configuring and customizing Căutare Jetpack is a breeze.
  • Lots of customization options to make Search match your site design.
  • Clear, easy-to-read search results.
  • Easy to filter results and smart spelling mistake handling.
  • Manage all of your Jetpack products, including Search, in a single place.


There’s nothing to configure – the setup process is as easy as:
Install the plugin
Activate Jetpack Connection

Note: A Jetpack Search subscription, or a Jetpack plan subscription that includes Search is required to use this plugin. If you want to try it out for free, simply choose the free option during the subscription checkout process.

Întrebări frecvente

Why do I need site search on WordPress?

Site search enables visitors to quickly find what they are looking for from your site or eCommerce store, keeping them engaged for longer. People on eCommerce sites are 2x more likely to purchase something when they search.

How do I enable Jetpack Search?

Simply install the plugin and connect your site. If you already have a subscription that includes Jetpack Search it will work automatically, otherwise you can sign up for a subscription through the plugin.

Există o versiune gratuită?

YES! You can use Jetpack Search for free for sites up to 5000 records or 500 search requests per month. You will still need to sign up for a subscription; simply choose the free option. You can sign up for a free Jetpack Search subscription directly through this plugin or via the Jetpack website.

What languages does Jetpack Search support?

Oferim suport pentru toate limbile, iar analiza avansată este disponibilă pentru 38 de limbi.

Does Jetpack Search support eCommerce stores and products?

Da, magazinele de comerț electronic și produsele lor funcționează perfect cu Căutare Jetpack, nu este necesară nicio configurare suplimentară.

Is this plugin compatible with WooCommerce?

Da, Căutare Jetpack funcționează perfect cu căutarea de produse WooCommerce.

Can I customize how the search results look?

Da, Căutare Jetpack este pe deplin personalizabilă, astfel vizitatorii tăi beneficiază de o experiență de căutare care se îmbină perfect cu designul site-ului.

Does Jetpack Search work on mobile?

Yes, Jetpack Search is optimized for site visitors from mobile devices.

Acest modul va funcționa cu tema mea?

Acest modul funcționează perfect cu orice temă WordPress.

Does Jetpack Search allow visitors to filter the search results?

Da, vizitatorii pot să filtreze rezultatele de căutare după etichete, categorii, date, taxonomii personalizate și tipuri de articol.

Where can I get a Jetpack Search subscription?

You can purchase a Search subscription directly through this plugin or via the Jetpack website.

How do I get rid of the „Powered by Jetpack” message in the overlay?

If you are using the Jetpack Search free option, you cannot disable the „Powered by Jetpack” message. You will need to upgrade to a paid plan.

What happens if I go over the records or requests limit?

If you are using the Jetpack Search free option, and you have more than 5000 records (posts, pages, etc. ) on your site, or more than 500 search requests per month, we will ask you to upgrade to a paid subscription at the appropriate tier at your next renewal period. If your usage is above the threshold for three months or more, we will disable the plan, and your site visitors will see the default WordPress search experience instead. Note that we base the number of requests on the median of the past three months, so an unusual spike in search traffic will not automatically force you into the next tier.


22 martie 2023
I often refer others to my blog about remodeling to a LEED Platinum standard or about my RV updates. The new search plugin makes this an easy task. The results are highly relevant and it’s easy to get back to the list of results with just a back page. A huge upgrade to my site.
30 noiembrie 2022
Both the search functionality and plugin support are excellent. Only limitation is in terms of design of the light box (popup) showing the results and filters. But then, that ensures the ease of integration...
18 iulie 2022 1 răspuns
Yes, it's cheap, but not stable. We installed this plugin and while it can work, it takes a LOT of work for it to connect an authorize with Wordpess.com. And the authorization flow is not simple or painless. So be warned. Moreover, it doesn't work with RankMath as it breaks its sitemap.
3 iulie 2022 2 răspunsuri
I am very happy with the jetpack solution to provide an instant search in the website. Is easy and simple. This is good and bad, because works out of the box, you simply need to wait to all your content will be indexed in the jetpack servers, but there are not many options to customize or see statics. I expect than in the future the plugin will add more features: - Index status / force reindex - Manual reindex one custom post - Search statics (more searched terms, searched terms without results, ...) - Weight control to prioritization - Exclude some things of the index, like post content, excerpt - Custom Redirects - Preferences on results, for example first products, second page, third posts But I want to say that I am very happy because for the customers is enough and 95% of the results are the expected and very fast, so more easy to have more sales. Thanks!
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1.4.1 – 2023-03-08


  • Remove ci.targets from package.json. Better scoping of e2e tests.
  • Update playwright dependency.
  • Updated package dependencies.