iCal Feeds


With the iCal Feeds WordPress plugin you can have an iCal feed to have your blog posts
(past and future with a customizable secret parameter) in your favorite iCal software: Google Calendar,
Outlook, Hotmail, iCal, Evolution…


  1. Copy the ical-feeds folder into wp-content/plugins
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu
  3. Configure your feed from the new iCal Feeds Settings submenu


11 septembrie 2021
When I first installed it, I could see all of my posts in my Google calendar. But 12 hours after I created several new posts, they still weren’t showing up, only the old posts. There doesn’t seem to be a way to continue publishing after the calendar is initially created. And no documentation as to how this should work. So I had to deactivate and uninstall.
14 martie 2017 1 răspuns
It is very good work, but after 2 days of working I cant make it readable in Google Calendar, with the default code provided (v1.4) it no work, I hade to make modifications by me own to make ir work. I like to report the bug: Error was: Error at line 11:Cannot set timezone for UTC properties With a suggest: Having trouble with ATTENDEE or ORGANIZER? Consider removing your METHOD:PUBLISH which might be wrong and unnecessary And I would also like to suggest an important feature, the possibility to append a ?userid at end of URL query to provide for user ICS feed. Thanks, if you correct the bug I change the review to 5 starts
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

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Istoric modificări


  • NEW: Added custom field for days repeat, thanks to Maarten van ’t Hof.


  • NEW: ability for custom field event link


  • NEW: filter feed by single post ids
  • NEW: replace default blogname ( Thanks Poul Hornsleth )
  • NEW: replace default ics file name ( Thanks Poul Hornsleth )
  • NEW: add an event description from excerpt or custom field
  • NEW: add post link to the description
  • NEW: add alarm ability with custom interval ( may be ignored in popular Calendar apps )


  • NEW: Default Start Time per post setting
  • ADDED: ORGANIZER field to iCal file for better validation
  • FIX: encoded UID field in iCal file for better validation


  • New number of Future Posts setting
  • Replaced get_results with Wp_Query
  • Better implementation of the custom date field to filter results returned
  • Timezone support for the custom date field
  • Reorganized code & Added comments

Thanks to @contemplate (http://contemplatedesign.com) for this new version!


  • Fixing validation errors, thanks to @contemplate (http://contemplatedesign.com).
  • Added custom field for end date support, thanks to @contemplate (http://contemplatedesign.com).


  • Added custom field for date support, thanks to @contemplate (http://contemplatedesign.com).


  • Added configuration option for post limit, thanks to Daniel Aleksandersen (https://ctrl.blog).
  • Added link tag in wp_Head to iCalendar feed, thanks to Daniel Aleksandersen (https://ctrl.blog).
  • Set limit to 50 posts by default to limit bandwidth usage, thanks to Daniel Aleksandersen (https://ctrl.blog).
  • Fixed RFC implementation errors and Outlook.com compatibility, thanks to Daniel Aleksandersen (https://ctrl.blog).


  • Added custom post type support, thanks to user contemplate!


  • Fixed a bug with UTC timezone, thanks to Daniel Aleksandersen (https://ctrl.blog).


  • Fixed event delay setting.
  • Fixed timezone issue.


  • Improved SQL queries.


  • Category feed fix.
  • Multiple categories support.


  • Slug fix.


  • Better at handling timezones.


  • You can now specify a time interval per blog post.


  • First version. Enjoy!