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3 septembrie 2016
Simple and Easy to Use.
3 septembrie 2016 1 răspuns
I was really hopeful about this plugin but it isn't working well. 1) It doesn't work with a lot of themes. The Courses page can't be seen on a lot of themes. I know because after spending hours on a theme I liked and downloading this plugin, got to the Courses page and even though the shortcode was in, it didn't show. Then tried many other themes and the problem was the same on a lot of themes. 2) The payment page doesn't work like it should. Neither Stripe or Paypal work. Emailed the plugin creator and got no response. 3) The customer service is not the greatest. Emailed the plugin creator right from their website, thinking it would be faster but after a few days no response. The biggest issue is that it doesn't work with a lot of themes. That is a huge deal because most people get their theme first and then get the plugin. To find out that it doesn't work with a lot of themes is BEYOND disappointing. This plugin hasn't been updated in two months and Wordpress has updated their stuff four times. Hopefully there will be an update and if there is and it works with most themes and the payment page works, then I may change my review. In the meantime, I can't wait for customer service to get back to me, I've waited long enough. I've got money that needs to be made with courses. Got to find a new plugin.
8 februarie 2017
It took almost 3-4 days to know & check 80% functions of the plugin and after analysing all the required stuff, I am in the position to rate. I must say that, this FREE plugin is providing you premium functions: You can add as many Courses as you want You can charge either fees, or set for Free You don't need membership plugin (it supports) You can customize navigation as per your choice PayPal & other Payment options work perfect Supports Multiple Membership levels as per your Choice I must appreciate the overall work (that is worth paying - donate). I will update my review whenever I feel its mandatory to share actual working or the plugin. I encourage all those, who have installed this plugin to add their reviews so that other people can trustfully install it. Kashif Hameed, Pakistan. Developing: www.pklance.com A freelance project to help students to share their work and earn money to achieve financial freedom.
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