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HivePress is an extensible, highly customizable, easy-to-use plugin that allows you to build any type of directory and listing websites.

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Whether it’s a business directory, job board, real estate, classifieds or basically any listing website — HivePress is a great choice for it.

Free Theme

HivePress comes with a free ListingHive theme that is fully compatible with HivePress and its official extensions.

Free Extensions

There’s a bunch of free extensions that can be installed with 1 click directly from the WordPress dashboard.

  • Authentication — Allow users to sign in via third-party services.
  • Favorites — Allow users to keep a list of favorite listings.
  • Messages — Allow users to send private messages.
  • Geolocation — Allow users to search listings by location.
  • Reviews — Allow users to rate and review listings.
  • Claim Listings — Charge users for claiming listings.
  • Paid Listings — Charge users for adding listings.

Free Support

We provide free support that includes fixing reported bugs and answering questions about HivePress. Join our community forum to share your suggestions and help us keep HivePress awesome!


5 decembrie 2019
After being very new to WordPress and website development, I was very pleased to find this plug in. Not only has it been relatively easy to learn, the support has been very helpful also.
10 noiembrie 2019
Thank you for creating this amazing plugin and make it free. This really really a big help for people like me who just started their online business and haven't earned much. Bravo!
7 noiembrie 2019
The plugin and scratch theme are surprisingly simple and enjoyable. Special thanks for plugin support. I'd like to see more attribute options, but the author is been working for this item. Nice work.
20 martie 2019
Edit : 20/03/2019 all is perfect it's a real good plugin sorry, i had some conflicts with other script plugin and it's resolve, , thanks for your work a real good job ! At the first instal, just a white screen and a line. But after 10 days a beautiful and fonctionnal classified ...i am very satisfied. I have tested all functions and i really like the simplicity for end-users .... classifieds directory must be easy for user. I tried and bought free and premium plugin but i choose this one (no 1000 functions but the essential) what i like : - several css class allow You can custom the plugin appearance with some days of work maybe less for some others (I take the time and i could spend 4 hours to choose the color of one block after 10 versions) - So you can do this in 10 minutes if you want, so perfect class css system 20/20 Integrate login system and flying contact form : Really good idea the login system is fast and contact button allow you to send message in one click ..... 20/20 it's perfect for a classifieds site fast intuitive and easy - 17/20 Browse the directory : You can customs the fields by categories and display them on a search block - easy efficient and logic for end users : it become a pleasure to browse directory in one or two clicks 20/20 .......... Single detail page of the classified : The classifieds presentation is soft and clean , i just reduc the size the main image using an "object-fit : cover" . Because we know some user post ugly photo ..... i also add block of recents posts in the detail page ...... 18/20 Php is clean, i am not an expert of php : The code is clean you will understand what you read, you will enjoy this plug easy to understand if you are a pro 15/20 Reviews sytem Reviews are good and easy to understand for end user ! 18/20 I didn't test the marketplace plugin so i don't speak but it's a good idea ! What i don't like The search fonction is the most important for a classified directory before any progress it need work about : The search by keyword is not bad but confusing for end-user : ----- If you search for : "télévision" it won't result the "television" records ! in fact, The user must search télévision with all accents so, in this case 0 result will appear Accents must be ignore for a good search .... a lot of accents in different langage so the search system must ignore the accents .... and a lot of people don't use accents when they search because they are lazy ! Other search problem very important - priority : example : - There is a post called : "Lcd screen 32" - A user make a search of "Lcd 32" - The Classifieds will display 0 score 0 results . Because The user must search for an "Lcd" only or enter the exact same title "Lcd screen 32" ..... It really need a change whithout this, i will maybe delete this plugin because it's really important to have a perfect search for a classifieds directory .... user will give you 7/10 seconds at the first visit and the firt thing he will do : it's a search ! Other problem concerning search process : When user search something, most of time 1- User see the results and then click on another category to navigate 2 - The search bar is reinit and the user make a different search to filter the result in the selected category 3 - He click search and the new results appears the problem is : 1 - the user search for a "tv" so 3 tv offers appear, good ! 2 - but the user want see "headset" in the "audio category" . 3 - So he click on "audio category but the search bar keep the keyword "tv" in memory ..... 4 - The system search for a "tv" in "Audio category" display 0 results ----- The user must delete "tv" and write "headset" and click to search So, when user change categorie : the bar must be empty and search reinit . The user must see entire results for the selected categorie and then use search by keyword of this choice to filter ! Search is the most important thing, beforce pay, before call, before mail, before publish, a user search ! see google search engine .... search is at the top : "the easy solution would be to display categories in search bar near keyword .... Some other classifieds plugins have the same problem and this is the reason why , they place a "category block search" next to "keyword block search". So, the user understand he must select a new category : it's become more intuitive and resolve this sort of problems ....... i tested with 4 peoples between 20 and 65 years old they said : "it's perfect, all is perfect" but each time they have problems with search." Resume : : This plugin is really good with some improvements in search system. But it's free and in progress, so no problem be proud and confident, just a work on search improvement and it would be perfect and premium ... I like this plug, perfect for end user, clean and beautiful. Goooood work : thank for this super job ! Bonus point : "loco translate" is perfect to translate this plugin use it ! translation is easy in 45 minutes Little problem : notification with wordpress in sender ... use smtp mail to fix this problem ..... It do what we want , make an easy, fast and clean classified directory ( work on search ) 18/20
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