HivePress – Multipurpose Directory, Listing & Classifieds WordPress Plugin


HivePress is an extensible, highly customizable, easy-to-use plugin that allows you to build any type of directory and listing websites.

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Whether it’s a business directory, job board, real estate, classifieds or basically any listing website — HivePress is a great choice for it.

Temă gratuită

HivePress vine cu o temă gratuită ListingHive care este pe deplin compatibilă cu HivePress și cu extensiile oficiale ale modulului.

Extensii gratuite

Există o mulțime de extensii gratuite care pot fi instalate cu un singur clic direct din panoul de control WordPress.

  • Authentication – permite utilizatorilor să se autentifice prin servicii terțe.
  • Favorites – permite utilizatorilor să păstreze o listă cu anunțurile favorite.
  • Messages – permite utilizatorilor să trimită mesaje private.
  • Geolocation – permite utilizatorilor să caute anunțuri după locație.
  • Reviews — Allow users to rate and review listings.
  • Claim Listings — Charge users for claiming listings.
  • Paid Listings – taxează utilizatorii la adăugarea de anunțuri.

Suport gratuit

We provide free support that includes fixing reported bugs and answering questions about HivePress. Join our community forum to share your suggestions and help us keep HivePress awesome!


11 ianuarie 2021
I did not use the plugin. but I examined all the demo pages in detail. absolutely fine work. but surely; You have to develop the url structure. You must create a city-specific domain and url structure. (such as a category system, a structure must be created within cities) You must detail the sidebar fields.
3 ianuarie 2021
Whilst I am new to WordPress/plugins and have little to compare this with, I have found it generally does what I want with the standard features and whenever I have needed to know something that is non-standard the solution more often than not is in the support pages.
5 decembrie 2020
I met Hivepress, when I was looking for simple, small listing system for my local-sity site. Then I was digging and digging, and now Hivepress is powering some of my projects. It's very clean, support is quite good, Ihor is very professional and friendly developer, pricing and freemium is very, very proiftable. I think that Hivepress will be big one. The best think with Hivepress is logic functionality. Everything is simple, logic and useful. Easy to customize and code is clean, even you're beginner with php and css. There is some translated versions. This is 6/5 - this is game changer. This is engine for really good businesses. Ihor, hats off.
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