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Acesta nu este doar un modul, el simbolizează speranța și entuziasmul unei întregi generații rezumate în două cuvinte cântate de celebru Louis Armstrong: Hello, Dolly. Când este activat, vei vedea un vers aleatoriu din Hello, Dolly în dreapta sus pe ecranului de administrare în fiecare pagină.

Mulțumiri lui Sanjib Ahmad pentru ilustrație.



Created an account to review this. I manage a website for a government organization with wordpress. It's not great but it was free and given to them, cause government stuff. Regardless, after reading the comments I am pretty upset you are adding useless plugins to WordPress by default. Please stop, don't be like Microsoft, installing pup's left and right, thanks.

Let it go

Time to let Hello Dolly go. I'm in that generation, and it means nothing to me. If you must, replace it with something more contemporary. And if I delete it, please do not reinstall it with the next WP update.

Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Automattic/Matt Mullenweg boosting his image through chicanery. This is very bad form. Wish there were a 0 star rating to give it

Does what it says on the tin but repetitive

This plugin is automatically installed onto all Bluehost websites which is hilarious. You obviously have the choice to activate it and you also have the choice to uninstall it. However, if you go to one page then another then back to that page again, it gets the same lyrics, "repetitive". Two out of three times (for the first two times) when I went to "Installed Plugins", it said "Dolly'll never go away". It's a bit repetitive (like this review) but I'd love this for another song.
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