Hello Dolly


Acesta nu este doar un modul, el simbolizează speranța și entuziasmul unei întregi generații rezumate în două cuvinte cântate de celebru Louis Armstrong: Hello, Dolly. Când este activat, vei vedea un vers aleatoriu din Hello, Dolly în dreapta sus pe ecranului de administrare în fiecare pagină.

Mulțumiri lui Sanjib Ahmad pentru ilustrație.


15 decembrie 2022
Every time we create a new installation, this plugin makes us smile. It reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously and that no matter how bleak things may look, there's always room for a little kind-hearted sense of humour in our day 🙂
1 decembrie 2022
After many years, Wordpress is STILL bundling this into all installs so you have to delete it when you make a new install. I have installed probably over 100 wordpress sites over the years and deleted this 100's of times. Unwanted rubbish that shouldn't be installed by default. It adds no useful feature so why is it still being forced onto users? Just check the wordpress hello dolly forum. Lots of people who don't want this installed by default. After so many YEARS, surely now is the time to make this a plugin that isn't bundled in and is optional to download. I am sure you would see how little people use it then! Stop bundling it into wordpress by default!
28 august 2022 3 răspunsuri
Thanks so much for including this plugin with core installations. It's very useful when learning how to implement custom plugins. It's also insightful to be able to manipulate the plugin and see the effects on functionality.
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