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Turn any WordPress theme into a lightning-fast global business directory. Now 100% compatible with Gutenberg and also the most popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, SiteOrigin Page Builder and more! Includes extensive new set of shortcodes, Gutenberg Blocks and Widgets.

Scale easily – go global

Millions of listings? Massive traffic? GeoDirectory is the only WordPress directory plugin capable of scaling to this degree, thanks to its highly-optimized database structure and queries. No need to come second: if you need scale, GeoDirectory has your back.

Ușor, eficient, flexibil

We developed GeoDirectory using WordPress standards and best practice to give you rocket-fast performance, an intuitive user interface and slick back-end options.


GeoDirectory was built to work with any theme and the most popular page builders. If you need extra help getting your theme to work smoothly with GeoDirectory, just hit us up for support in our forum – we’ll be right on it.

Prietenos pentru dezvoltatori

Dezvoltatorii WordPress pot extinde GeoDirectory la infinit, folosind cârlige (acțiuni și filtre). Construiești cu ușurință teme personalizate în jurul GeoDirectory.

Team focus

We have been wholly focused on directory tools for WordPress since 2011. That’s how we made GeoDirectory the most dynamic and scalable directory plugin on the WordPress market, with awesome dedicated support. Try us!


  • Create a local directory, based on a single location, using the GeoDirectory free core plugin. Focus on a street or go as wide as a city. Expand to multiple locations or make a global directory with our MultiLocation premium add-on.
  • Oferă un formular în partea din față care te lasă să editezi printr-un constructor de formular trage și plasează, care permite vizitatorilor să-și trimită listele autonom.
  • Quickly create a front-end submission form, using GeoDirectory’s intuitive drag-and-drop form builder. Users submit listings autonomously. Add any custom field; choose from 40 field types. Use the Advanced Search premium add-on to filter search by any custom field.
  • 40+ widgets/shortcodes/blocks.
  • A flexible Google Maps widget. Create unlimited categories with ajax-loading custom markers
  • Built-in forms for User Reviews
  • Business Enquiry through Ninja Forms integration.
  • Search by zip code or location name using the default search widget. Easily filter listings by proximity, rating, reviews or date. Search by user location using the Advanced Search premium add-on.
  • Listează milioane de afaceri, mulțumită structurii bazei noastre de date optimizată.
  • Compatible with virtually any theme, Gutenberg and the most popular page builders.
  • Sit multilingv? GeoDirectory este 100% compatibil cu WPML.
  • GeoDirectory este în totalitate compatibil cu WordPress multi-sit.
  • CSV import, export, re-import fror listings, categories and reviews. Easily transfer millions of listings across instances. Edit data offline: live listings automagically update on re-import – heavily improved in V2.
  • A îmbunătățit piesa Google Analytics pentru proprietarii listărilor.
  • Pagină setări Titluri și meta pentru o optimizare SEO mai bună.
  • NEW – Extended Business Hours for listings
  • NEW – Tab builder, to design the tabs of your listings as you wish by drag and drop
  • NEW – Badge System, for „featured” listings, „new” listings, or to add whatever badge you want to your listings from any custom field.
  • NEW – Rating Styles using Font Awesome icons.
  • NEW – Custom Email Templates
  • NEW – Guest Add Listing
  • NEW – Improved SEO permalinks settings.

Free Addons

Suplimente premium

Suplimentele premium sunt oferite pentru a extinde GeoDirectory și pentru a-l face un set de instrumente global pentru crearea de bani.

  • Location Manager – Create a global directory with Countries, Regions, Cities and Neighbourhoods.
  • Pricing Manager – Set prices for your listings. Enable/disable features per price. It uses our free Invoicing Plugin to manage payments, taxes and invoices.
  • Custom Post Types – Adds any custom post type as well as the default „Places”, also create Custom post Types with locationless ability.
  • Events – Adds professional events directory capability. All kind of recurring events options available. If CPT add-ons installed, create as many events post types as needed.
  • MultiRatings and Reviews – Extend the review system allowing multiple rating categories (eg: service, quality, price), add images to reviews and other cool features.
  • Advance search filters – Turns any custom field into an advance filter of the search widget. Adds smart autocompleters, geolocation and much more.
  • Integrare Buddypress
    integrează perfect GeoDirectory cu Buddypress.
  • Claim Listing Manger – Allow business owners to fine-tune their listings, add images, link to events and show an ‘owner-verified’ badge on the listing. Now with force upgrade/paid option.
  • Marker Cluster – Avoid cluttered maps by using numbered markers at high zoom levels. Now with super fast server-side clustering!
  • Alertă duplicat – alertează utilizatorii când adaugă o listare cu același titlu ca a alteia.
  • Custom Map Styles – Modify the look and feel of all Maps widgets via an intuitive user interface, with color pickers and simple-to-use options.
  • Social Importer – Import pages and events from Facebook and listings from Yelp and Trip Advisor. 1 listing at a time, no bulk scraping.
  • GD reCAPTCHA – Banish spam by adding the No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA widget to any GeoDirectory form.
  • Franchise Manager – Allows users to submit listings for chains of businesses or franchises faster and smarter.
  • List Manager – Allows users to create their own personal lists of listings or events and make them public to other users.
  • WP All Import – NEW: Use the power of WP All Import to import your listings from anywhere with this add-on that integrates Wp All Import with GeoDirectory
  • Embeddable Ratings Badge – NEW: Let users embed their listing info with current ratings on their site, styled the way they want.
  • Compare Listings – NEW: Let your users compare listings side by side and compare vital info about the listings.

Ia Pro – devii membru!

Get your hands on all the premium add-ons and themes. Sign up at


Get timely and friendly support for both Core Plugin and add-ons at our official website,

Capturi ecran

  • Prima pagină GD.
  • Pagină listări GD.
  • Pagină detalii listare GD.
  • Pagină de căutare GD.
  • GD Front End Signup Page.
  • GD Front End Listing Submission Page.
  • Pagină de administrare WordPress GD.


Cerințe minime

  • WordPress 4.5 or greater
  • Versiunea PHP 5.6 sau una ulterioară
  • Versiune MySQL 5.0 sau superioară

Instalare automată

Instalarea automată este cea mai ușoară opțiune. Pentru a face o instalare automată a GeoDirectory, autentifică-te în panoul de control WordPress, navighează la meniul Module și dă clic pe Adaugă modul nou.

In the search field type GeoDirectory and click Search Plugins. Once you’ve found our Direcotry plugin you install it by simply clicking Install Now. GeoDirectory basic installation

Instalare manuală

The manual installation method involves downloading our Directory plugin and uploading it to your webserver via your favourite FTP application. The WordPress codex will tell you more here. GeoDirectory basic installation


Automatic updates should seamlessly work. We always suggest you backup up your website before performing any automated update to avoid unforeseen problems.

Dummy data

GeoDirectory comes with some dummy data you can use to see how listings look. You can install dummy data from your GeoDirectory back end.

Întrebări frecvente

Întrebări frecvente GeoDirectory.


17 ianuarie 2020
After whole month, a lot of back-and-forth, still nothing was working properly. A program contains many bugs, and that seriously interfere with other plugin's functionality. We have had nothing but trouble... New issue, after issue arising every day, it got to the point that things got out of control...listings got published automatically (not per settings) claims automatic approved (not per settings) no date catching, no date at all, no reviews are showing, login/register not working, some links - redirected, pages - "not found" even though was working fine, few hour later - not working. Per GD just keep re-setting permalinks...and many more issues.... Be aware! They don't like you to speak out your bad experience. Per Stiofan O’Connor :"I am removing this topic as it is not a support request just a rant, this is your first and last warning!" No, it was not a rant, it was my horrible experience and my host remarks about GD plugins causing whole bunch of problems. Maybe you should improve your support and work ethic. These people are not ready to serve yet!
5 ianuarie 2020
The best plugin of directory
18 decembrie 2019
This is a really good product. It's stable, it has lots of amazing features and customisation options and is very sophisticated. If you're looking for a business directory plugin this is a great one to choose. Both pre-sales and technical support is excellent. I've worked with the plugin for a couple of months and come to the conclusion that unfortunately my use-case doesn't fit, so I can't take it forward for my website. That's why I've given it 4 starts rather than 5. I've never used wordpress before so some of the things below may simply be my ignorance. I wanted to create a combined social media, real estate and business directory site. I quickly found ways to create business listings and real estate listings using the plugin. I was also able to add a blog page, add a chatbot to the help page and 1 - 1 chat between users - these are other plugins they aren't part of geodirectory, but worked seamlessly. Styling was (relatively) easy and I became very happy with the look and feel of the site I was able to develop. Things I found difficult: The documentation is very detailed, but some of the concepts aren't defined and it is difficult to understand what some things do and how they work. So I did a lot of experimenting and asked the support team a lot of questions - the support team is excellent - quick to respond and very helpful. Show stopper: I wanted the general public to be able to post houses for free using a template constrained to just a few details, and I wanted a package for estate agents giving them multiple listings and much more detail. You can create packages like that, the package system is very sophisticated, BUT every listing needs a package, so it's impossible to give an agent an "unlimited number of listings with a full set of fields" subscription because they would have to buy it every time. I thought about creating an additional "free for subscribed agents" package, but you can't hide packages by user type or category, so every user including the general public would see and be able to select that package too. Tying subscription packages to listings makes perfect sense for a directory listing site, but it stops the "multiple listings per owner with a single subscription" model that I needed. Concerns: 1. Data Import. I wanted to create a portal and seed it with data from another real estate portal that has a data sharing agreement and an API to copy its data. I was able to extract data from that portal to create a CSV file. There are two upload methods, 1 using the geodirectory import and another using the geodirectory wpallimport interface. I chose the latter and after a bit of experimenting got it to work reasonably well. It is only in beta at the moment, but generally importing works. Updating existing data doesn't work as well. A second import of an identical file updated the "featured listing flag" to "true" in my data for example, when it wasn't set in the import. 2. Images. I also found that using the default filing settings for images (store in a folder created by date) stopped wpallimport recognising existing images and reloading them if I ran the same import on two different days. Having the link to the portal means that I could have several hundred thousand listings (the portal reports just over 500,000 active listings). I would have preferred to store so much image data on something like amazon web services, but all images must be stored on your local server AND when you store an image, several versions at different sizes are created "on the fly", so one image becomes many. I had an interesting experience with company logos. I wanted the portal data to retain the portal's logo. When I downloaded the logo for each listing, each was was considered unique by the system and I had hundreds of identical logo images each with a slightly different name. The solution to that was to store one copy locally and point the import logo filename in the csv file to the local storage folder. Conclusion: It's a great product and I recommend it for a directory listing site, but the lack of a "subscription package" or any way to filter which price packages are displayed to which user type stops me from taking it forward.
11 decembrie 2019
It's not half as good as the fancy sales pages claim. It's functional, yes, but once installed I found it clunky and most unintuitive. But the worst part was the terrible documentation! Don't get me wrong, there's documentation, there's plenty of it, but it's rubbish. They seem to assume everyone is a developer. It would be good if they started off explaining what is a "listings page", "directory page" etc etc. Some of those names may seem obvious to some, but several terms they use are specific to how THEY have designed their software. They also launch into use of abbreviations and terms like CPT. WTF is CPT? I've worked out it's Custom Post Types, but I've been running WordPress sites for 10 years and have never used CPT. So don't assume I know everything there is to know about CPT and custom fields etc! The documentation is badly designed. It's written by native speakers, I'll give them that. But it's obvious it was written by developers, not normal people! Go to the setup guide and on Page A you're told that to understand it you need to read page B where you are told that to understand page B you need to read page C and on page C you are told.... you get the picture. There is no simple overview for the user introducing them to the various bits and pieces, where the controls are etc. They would like to think they've got an overview in their documentation but, like I mentioned above, it's from a developer's point of view, certainly not mine. Actually, maybe it IS still in beta. In the WordPress admin panel when you go through the settings for this plugin, there's a tick box to enable beta. And on their setup documentation they say you need to enable this. Then why call it V2? Shouldn't the name be V2 Beta? There are numerous little annoyances I found along the way. For example, in the add new listings page, the first line of the address is a required field but the frigging zip code / post code isn't a required field! And there's no option to make it required or not required (the tick box they do provide for making address Required ....relates to the entire address and not individual fields within the address) These things should have been sorted out a long time ago and certainly before coming to what they now call version 2. I've disabled GD and am now trying the Business Directory. Whether that's better or not I can't say at this stage.
4 decembrie 2019
They are very responsive with customer support. And I like the plugin, I would recommend a filter for default map version to be displayed. Not every site can use the colored one, maybe we want to use the terrain view. I didn't find a place to set this as default. I think if it hasn't been added, it would be a good feature in the settings. Thanks
27 noiembrie 2019
Our experience with WordPress and GeoDirectory has been fantastic compared to previous work with Drupal and a variety of plugins to create a similar directory website. GD let us start adding data literally out of the box, looks better than our old site after simply applying one of the provided themes (and I didn't have to touch the CSS), and with the Advanced Search addon it has better search functionality without having to hand-write queries. The best part is that my wife is comfortable sitting down with it to enter and manage listings! We are very glad to have found GeoDirectory and seriously could not be more impressed. Contacted their support team today and got prompt assistance upgrading our Location Manager subscription to a full membership so we can incorporate some of the other available addons.
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WARNING: GDv2 is a major update over GDv1 and may require some manual work such as adding widgets to sidebars to recreate your current layout, as always it is recommended to try this on a staging site first. Learn more

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

GeoDirectory changelog for version

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

GeoDirectory changelog for version

GeoDirectory changelog for version

GeoDirectory changelog for version

GeoDirectory changelog for version

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea

Istoric modificări GeoDirectory pentru versiunea