Free Shipping Label


Free shipping is important! Shipping costs are one of the major reasons shoppers abandon their cart leaving you with lost revenue.
Approximately 70% of shoppers abandon their orders if shipping costs are too expensive or disproportionate to their shopping cart amount.

Increase order revenue by showing your customers just how close they are to your free shipping threshold.
Many shoppers will more than likely add additional items to their cart to qualify for free shipping – in turn increasing the order values and your revenue.

By having this progress bar notification, you’ll be able to help increase average order value as well as stopping shoppers from abandoning their cart and provide a smoother journey for the consumer.


Who is plugin for?

  • eCommerce Store Owners
  • Agencies building shops for clients
  • Anyone trying to create a better user experience
  • Anyone trying to increase shop performance
  • Anyone trying to add more dynamism to the shop


  • Animated progress bar
  • Customize progress bar
  • Display on the cart page and checkout pages
  • Hide shipping rates when free shipping is available
  • Message after free shipping threshold is reached
  • Show to all users or only for logged ones
  • Product Label for simple and variable products
  • Customize Product Label
  • Translation ready
  • Easy to use, no coding required
  • Compatible with Flexible Shipping

Get More Options in Free Shipping Label Pro

With Free Shipping Label Pro, you get a lot more features, including:

  • Animated notice bar
  • Advanced customization of notice bar
  • Advanced progress bar customization
  • Progress bar cart positions
  • Progress bar checkout positions
  • Progress bar shortcode
  • Progress bar gutenberg block
  • Progress bar widget
  • Progress bar compatible with WooCommerce Cart and Checkout blocks
  • and more!


We’re here to help. Feel free to open a new thread on the Support Forum.


You can check Free Shipping Label documentation here.


It’s funny how much joy all those 5-star reviews bring to our team. It really keeps us going and motivates us to bring more cool features.
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Capturi ecran

  • Progress Bar
  • Product Label
  • Settings panel 1
  • Settings panel 2
  • Cart page


This plugin can be easily installed like any other WordPress integration by following the steps below:

  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the settings page: WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Free Shipping Label
  4. Set up the plugin and when you’re ready, enable it.

Întrebări frecvente

How to setup and use

This is WooCommerce add-on, and settings page is at:
WooCommerce > Free Shipping Label
Set up the plugin and enable Progress Bar / Product Label.

Mini cart not showing progress bar

This is not working on some themes, or it is visible only when one item is removed from mini-cart.
Hopefully, it will be fixed soon.

The Progress bar or the Label does not appear

To offer the free shipping method it must be added to a Shipping Zone and you can add it to as many Shipping Zones as you like.

Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping.
Select a Shipping Zone, click Add Shipping Method and a modal will display. Select Free Shipping from the dropdown and Add shipping method.

Then go to WooCommerce > Free Shipping Label > General Settings
Select Initial shipping zone. Enable and configure Progress bar / Product Label.


9 noiembrie 2022
Does exactly what it is supposed to, and should there be any issues the support from the developer is beyond what can be expected. Highest recommendation of not only the plugin but also the team!
4 noiembrie 2022
Very good plugin. Easy to use and great support
13 octombrie 2022
Best plugin for this particular area. There's no plugin in WordPress I didn't get like this plugin for this kind of area. UI and UX both are really good comparing other plugin. Main advantage is this plugin is providing best functionality for free. I have checked other plugin they are asking for paid one providing nothing for free. Especially I must say, the author of the plugin is so helpful. He is giving free plugin but his support like a premium. Thanking you, Amzad.
31 martie 2022
I wish all plugins were like this. This plugin is awesome, does exactly what it's supposed to do without any hassle, or hidden pro-version features. THANK YOU GOOD JOB DEVS
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Istoric modificări


  • Fix – error when trying to delete plugin
  • Fix – array to string conversion


  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.1
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 6.1
  • Enhancement – Freemius integration
  • Update – HPOS compatibility
  • Update – product label filter priority
  • Update – language .pot file


  • Fix – E_PARSE


  • Fix – Don’t show Progress Bar if only virtual products are in the cart
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 7.0
  • Update – Ignore coupon option deprecated
  • Update – language .pot file


  • Fix – Product label styles


  • Fix – Showing progress bar when free shipping coupon applied
  • Fix – typos
  • Update – language .pot file
  • Enhancement – Security
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 6.5
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 6.0
  • Performance – Code optimization
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_sections filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_fields filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_general filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_progress_bar filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_settings_product_label filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_cart_progress_bar_position filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_minicart_progress_bar_position filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_product_label_html filter hook


  • Fix – Error when deleted initial shipping zone
  • Fix – Fatal Error related to shipping packages
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 6.3


  • Enhancement – Initial shipping zone
  • Fix – issues with showing labels before shipping method are chosen
  • Fix – single product page: labels on variable products not showing up
  • Fix – typos
  • Performance – WP tested up to: 5.9
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 6.1


  • Dev – Added new fsl_progress_bar_html filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_checkout_progress_bar_position filter hook
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 6.0
  • Performance – Code optimization


  • Fix – PHP Warning related to fsl_shipping_method_min_amount hook


  • Fix – PHP Warning related to fsl_flexible_shipping_min_amount hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_product_price filter hook
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 5.7


  • Tweak – Added additional classes to progress bar
  • Fix – Gutenberg error
  • Enhancement – Hide shipping rates when free shipping is available
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 5.6
  • Dev – Added new fsl_min_amount filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_free_shipping_instance_key filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_shipping_method_min_amount filter hook
  • Dev – Added new fsl_flexible_shipping_min_amount filter hook


  • Fix – Animated progress bar


  • Fix – Minor bug fixes
  • Fix – minor style issues
  • Enhancement – Disable for logged out users
  • Enhancement – Message after free shipping threshold is reached
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 5.2
  • Update – pot file


  • Fix – minor style issues
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 4.9


  • Fix – Syntax error
  • Performance – WC tested up to: 4.8


  • Enhancement – Multilingual support
  • Update – pot file
  • Fix – Minor bug fixes
  • Performance – Code optimization
  • Performance – Tested with latest WooCommerce version (4.6.1)


  • Enhancement – Added product label
  • Enhancement – New plugin menu page and tab pages
  • Performance – Refactored code, queries, and options


  • Fix – loading translations
  • Update – textdomain


  • First Launch