Extensions for Leaflet Map


Extends the WordPress Plugin Leaflet Map with Leaflet Plugins and other functions.

Used Leaflet Plugins and Elements

Other functions

  • hover: Use it to highlight a geojson element or get a tooltip on mouse over.
  • Hide Markers: Use it when a track in a GPX file contains some markers and you don’t want to display them on the map.


Detailed documentation and examples in German and English.

Capturi ecran

  • Track with elevation and other profiles and Switching Tile Layers
  • Track with elevation profile only and Switching Tile Layers
  • Multiple Tracks with elevation profile
  • Hover a Geojson area
  • Markercluster and Groups
  • Markercluster PlacementStrategies
  • GestureHandling


  • First you need to install and configure the plugin Leaflet Map.
  • Then install this plugin.
  • Go to Settings – Leaflet Map – Extensions for Leaflet Map and get documentation and settings options.


11 septembrie 2021
I found this great plugin accidentally. Now it will substitute WP GPX Maps I had been using before. Extensions for Leaflet is far more flexible. Thank you for this!
4 iunie 2021
Wow, I was searching and puzzling a long time how to integrate choosing different tile layers control in leaflet-map plugin, but had to accept my javascript skills were very insufficient 🤭. Thank you so much for figuring this out and sharing this as an extension plugin 👍 In my enthousiasm I left this as a comment at a leaflet-map support topic, but I guess it belongs here.
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Istoric modificări

2.1.3 / 211016

  • bug fix in parameters for markercluster
  • new parameter for elevation: show / hide chart and summary block as whole
  • revision of the elevation admin page

2.1.2 / 210922

  • Leaflet.markercluster V 1.5.1
  • leaflet-gpx V 1.7.0
  • leaflet-elevation V 1.7.0; new parameter waypoints
  • taking care of parameter max_zoom from leaflet-map
  • changing the parameter names for [cluster] to those of the Leaflet.markercluster (old names are still valid)
  • [cluster] parameters are valid for [markerClusterGroup] also
  • bug in [gestures] fixed
  • bug in [layerswitch] option attribution fixed
  • [zoomhomemap] works for any [leaflet-*] object. [elevation] no longer needs a marker for [zoomhomemap].
  • ignore waypoints in gpxgroup (multielevation)
  • and more

2.1.1 / 210824

  • Bugs in placementstrategies and cluster

2.1 / 210823

  • Leaflet.MarkerCluster.PlacementStrategies

2.0.2 – 2.0.3 / 210816

  • Bugfix https://wordpress.org/support/topic/leafext_enqueue_elevation-unknown/
  • New elevation parameter: marker

2.0.1 / 210722

  • Works with Elementor now

2.0 / 210715

  • Tested on WordPress 5.8
  • enhancement of elevation and introduction of many parameters
  • leaflet-gesture-handling 1.3.5
  • leaflet-elevation-1.6.9
  • bug fix hover

1.5 / 210620

  • leaflet-elevation 1.6.8
  • https://github.com/Raruto/leaflet-gesture-handling (is newer)
  • fixed some mistakes in gestures and others
  • deal with safari bug on markers popup
  • hovering on all geojsons and markers
  • multielevation (gpx-groups)

1.4 / 210521

  • zoomhomemap works on multiple maps on a page now.
  • fixing markercluster and markerClusterGroup for this.

1.3 / 210513

  • Shortcodes can be used on more than one map per page, except zoomhomemap.
  • Parameter for GestureHandling
  • fixed markerClusterGroup
  • prepare for translation
  • documentation

1.2 / 210502

  • documentation on a help page
  • prepare for translation
  • new setting options for [markercluster]
  • new setting options for [zoomhomemap]

1.1 / 210417

  • New functions:
  • markerClusterGroup
  • Switching Tile Layers

1.0.1 / 210409

  • leaflet-elevation v1.6.7

1.0 / 210323

  • First Release