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CSS Email Obfuscator


Obfuscate your email address by using a simple shortcode. Because the obfuscation is purely done in CSS, the email address remains readable for screen reader software.


Email address only:


Clickable email address:

[css-email-obfuscator mailto="yes"][/css-email-obfuscator]

Clickable email address with custom link text:

[css-email-obfuscator mailto="yes" email=""]Contact me[/css-email-obfuscator]

Capturi ecran

  • Email address only
  • Clickable email address
  • Clickable email address with custom link text


  1. Upload the css-email-obfuscator folder to /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activate the plugin (CSS Email Obfuscator) through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Use the shortcode in any post, page or custom post type.

Întrebări frecvente

Is JavaScript required to obfuscate the email address?

No. This solution is purely based on CSS and won’t use JavaScript at all.

Are screen readers able to read the obfuscated email address?

Yes, because obfuscation is made using pure CSS.

Is the clickable email address still obfuscated?

Yes, but due to the limitations of CSS, the contents of the href attribute will be encoded as ASCII entities.

Does the plugin work with punnycode (umlaut) domains in email addresses?

Yes, as long as your blog’s charset is set to UTF-8 (wich is default).


5 aprilie 2020
I was in need of hiding email addresses, and installed CSS Email Obfuscator. It has worked great so far. It opens my email client properly.
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