Autocomplete LearnDash Lessons and Topics


Autocomplete for LearnDash Lessons and Topics will automatically mark the lessons and topics as completed.

Here is what happens:
* The students will see the Mark Complete button on their first visit.
* They can also use it to go to the next lesson.
* The completion will happen in the background.
* Progress will move forward on next page visit
* Next time they visit the lesson or topic, they will not see the Mark Complete button.

There are no settings, just enable the plugin.

Future Development

Depending on the interest in this feature, we will decide on adding settings and other features to the plugin.

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  • LearnDash Mark Complete Button


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/autocomplete-learndash directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

Întrebări frecvente

What is LearnDash LMS?

LearnDash LMS is the number one WordPress based Learning Management System (LMS) plugin. It includes many advanced features including, quizzing engine, course management, reports, certificates and payment methods.

You can also add GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin and GrassBlade LRS to start using Experience API (xAPI) based contents with LearnDash LMS.

What is GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin?

GrassBlade xAPI Companion is a paid WordPress plugin that enables support for Experience API (xAPI) based content on WordPress.

It also provides best in industry Advanced Video Tracking feature, that works with YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted MP4 videos. Tracking of MP3 audios is also supported.

It can be used independently without any LMS. However, to add advanced features, it also has integrations with several LMSes.

What is GrassBlade Cloud LRS?

GrassBlade Cloud LRS is a cloud-based Learning Record Store (LRS). An LRS is a required component in any xAPI-based ecosystem. It works as a data store of all eLearning data, as well as a reporting and analysis platform. There is an installable version which can be installed on any PHP/MySQL based server.


27 mai 2020
Good stuff, just works, a nice simple approach for adult users, thank you! Would be really nice of course if users could choose to "untick" manually, if they haven't really completed, just clicked/glanced through, or even mark a lesson/topic for review like can happen with questions on the quizzes 🙂
4 mai 2020
The plugin works as advertised and is very simple to install with no setup involved. In fact, it works better than the Uncanny Owl Autocomplete plugin (which is now a paid plugin).
16 aprilie 2020
The mark lesson as completed is exactly what I needed for my lessons, thanks a lot.
25 ianuarie 2020
I would like to thank the developers for this awesome plugin. I'm also using your other plugin called Visibility Control for LearnDash. Also, could you please add some settings interface.
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