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Video Thumbnails

Video Thumbnails simplifies the process of automatically displaying video thumbnails in your WordPress template.

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WP YouTube Lyte

High performance YouTube video, playlist and audio-only embeds which don't slow down your blog and…

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Smart YouTube PRO

Smart Youtube is a professional WordPress Video plugin that allows you to easily insert videos/playlists…

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YouTube Embed

🎥 An incredibly fast, simple, yet powerful, method of embedding YouTube videos into your WordPress…

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Lazy Load for Videos

Improve page speed by replacing embedded Youtube and Vimeo videos with a clickable preview image.…

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Canal YouTube

Show video thumbnails or playable video block of recent YouTube Playlist, Channel (User Uploads), Liked…

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Simple YouTube Embed

Embed YouTube videos in WordPress beautifully. Embed YouTube video with a URL or shortcode and…

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