WP Word Count

Count the words on your WordPress site instantly.

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TinyMCE Spellcheck

TinyMCE Spellcheck adds the spellcheck button back to the editor in WordPress 3.6 and up.

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Mooberry Book Manager

Sell books via Amazon and other retailers directly from your author website with this easy-to-use…

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Easily organize and display your portfolio of books.

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Easy Content Templates

This plugin lets you define content templates to quickly and easily create new posts or…

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Use AI to automatically create SEO titles and meta descriptions for Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO,…

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FD Word Statistics Plugin

Shows word and sentence counts plus a readability analysis of the post currently being edited…

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pure writing


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Type in Marathi inside WordPress. Hello -> हॅलो. WPMarathi helps you save time by letting…

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Article Forge

The Article Forge WP plugin provides a conducive environment for the writing and publishing of…

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Author Wordcount

Allows authors to show word counts for works in progress.

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Parsedown for WordPress

This plugin processes your posts and comments using the Parsedown library. It is a direct…

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Send your blog posts from Airstory writing software to WordPress for publication.

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