WordPress Backup & Migration

Easily backup, restore, or migrate. Supports one-click backup and scheduled backup. Backup selected content to…

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WP All Backup

Create Backup and Restore Backup easily on single click.Manual or Automated Backups with Dropbox,FTP integration.

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WP Backup Manager

Backup your WordPress website in just one click. Easy backup and restore solution for all…

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Backup Bolt

Super simple one click backup your site and download the backup in compressed zip format.…

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Backup your wordpress site files and databases.

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Recover and Restore Your WordPress Site If It Ever Stop Working Correctly; Restore WordPress to…

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Site Backup

Backup and restore your site in one click. Schedule automatic backup of your site. No…

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Backup by VOGA Press

Simplest way to manage and monitor your backups with VOGAPress cloud service. FREE cloud backup…

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