Bootstrap Modals

This plugin adds Bootstrap Modal functionality to WordPress. All you need to do is add…

Neil Gee Instalări active: 3.000+ Testat cu 5.2.16 Actualizat acum 3 ani

Windows Compatibility Fix

Fixes long filename problem on Windows systems when doing updates, such as updating from EDD…

Dave Jesch Instalări active: 1.000+ Testat cu 5.0.17 Actualizat acum 4 ani


StorePilot is a WooCommerce POS application for desktop & mobile with full store management integration

StorePilot AS Instalări active: 70+ Testat cu 5.7.7 Actualizat acum 1 an

App Service Assistant

App Service Assistant is a troubleshooting assistant for Microsoft Azure App Service Web Apps (Windows).

Mangesh Sangapu Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 4.7.24 Actualizat acum 5 ani