Site Counter

Site Counter – is a simple count of visitors. It is will bring the number…

Sam Williams Instalări active: 200+ Testat cu 4.5.26 Actualizat acum 6 ani

MC Visitor Tally

Displays unique daily visits. Web page tables. Dashboard widget with monthly comparisons.

Mike Hickcox Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 6.0.1 Actualizat acum 2 luni


A simple, easy, fast, adaptive, local, objective counter to visit your site.

WPGear Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 5.9.3 Actualizat acum 6 luni


Wibstats is a Wordpress plugin that gives each blog in a Wordpress, Wordpress MU or…

Chris Taylor Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 2.9.2 Actualizat acum 12 ani


Generates real-time statistics for your blog. You can browse, filter and export detailed data about…

Iva Koleva, ClearCode Ltd. Instalări active: 90+ Testat cu 3.4.2 Actualizat acum 10 ani

WP ourSTATS Widget – the free statistics counter without registration. This plugin create a widget for the…

Pankaj Jha Instalări active: 20+ Testat cu 3.7.38 Actualizat acum 9 ani

IPGP Visitors Origin

This plugin will show you information about your website visitors: country, city, region, ISP. It…

Lucian Apostol Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 5.3.12 Actualizat acum 3 ani

FX HEY counter

Plugin displays visitors counter from site. No need to insert code, jus simply activate…

Aivaras Sondeckis Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 3.0.5 Actualizat acum 11 ani


Track your blog visitors path. Find what was the visitors path and timings in your…

Raz Peleg Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 2.8.6 Actualizat acum 13 ani