Remove WordPress Version

Remove the version from your WordPress website completely and Increase security and prevent from hacks.

Ashkar Instalări active: 600+ Testat cu 4.7.27 Actualizat acum 7 ani

No Version Tags

Description: Upon activation, this plugin will automatically eliminate the annoying '?ver=x.x' signs from your perfect…

George Gkouvousis Instalări active: 200+ Testat cu 6.4.2 Actualizat acum 2 luni

Remove WP Version

Removes the meta generator tag, with WordPress version from HTML.

Marzio Carro Instalări active: 70+ Testat cu 5.3.16 Actualizat acum 4 ani

Remove Version Number

A simple plugin that will remove the WordPress version number from all areas of your…

Zuziko Instalări active: 30+ Testat cu 5.0.20 Actualizat acum 5 ani

WP Remove Version Number

License: GPLv2 or later WordPress plugin to remove the version number from the WordPress front…

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