Layout Grid Block

A Gutenberg container block to let you align items consistently across a global grid.

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Themify Builder

Build responsive layouts that work for desktop, tablets, and mobile using intuitive "what you see…

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Custom Dashboard Widgets

Customize Your Dashboard Main Page, New Layouts, you can simplisity customize your dashboard links to…

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WP Layouts

Save, store and import layouts instantly, all in one place with the click of a…

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Page Title Splitter

Lets you set breakpoints on your title for your posts, pages and custom post type…

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Tailor Page Builder

Construiești aranjamente frumoase pentru conținutul tău mai rapid și mai ușor decât oricând înainte folosindu-ți…

The Tailor Team Instalări active: 600+ Testat cu 4.9.24 Actualizat acum 6 ani

Memberlite Elements

A set of elements designed enhance the appearance of sites using the Memberlite Theme.

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Content Parts

Divide your post content into parts that you can show in different areas of your…

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A simple page grid composer that splits your pages into ordered grids, a builder for…

Manuel asia | Instalări active: 400+ Testat cu 4.2.36 Actualizat acum 8 ani

Wanna Isotope

A plugin to easily build Isotope/Masonry layouts with any content (posts, pages or custom post…

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WP Columnize

Easily create multiple columns within posts and pages.

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LSX Customizer

The LSX Customizer extension increases your control over how the LSX theme will display on…

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