Grab & Save

This plugin allow you to grab and save the image from remote url into your…

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This plugin automatically shares posts to facebook and twitter with predefined messages and grabs the…

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DFOXW-WechatGrab 微信采集助手

DFOXW-WechatGrab 是专门为采集微信公众号文章所提供的 WordPress 插件.它包括采集(文章\公众号所有文章\文章阅读数\文章点赞数\文章评论数\文章评论等),提供丰富的设置,让你链接公众号更加便捷.

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grab anime or manga info and save to local wordpress post

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Grab and Attach

From Chrome's right-click menu, insert images and other media types from 3rd party websites into…

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