GTG Product Feed for Shopping

No #1 WooCommerce Feed Generator Creates product feed for marketing channel Google Shopping Merchant, Facebook…

GutenGeek Instalări active: 6.000+ Testat cu 5.5.10 Actualizat acum 2 ani


Seamlessly allows you to integrate your WooCommerce store with ShoppingFeeder and send to Google Shopping…

ShoppingFeeder Instalări active: 500+ Testat cu 6.0.2 Actualizat acum 2 luni

TFM Google Product Feed

The Google Product Feed allows to expose all your products from WooCommerce and provide…

Themes For Me Instalări active: 100+ Testat cu 4.1.36 Actualizat acum 8 ani


Free Google Ads Automation Module.

Cobiro Instalări active: 90+ Testat cu 5.3.13 Actualizat acum 3 ani

Boltron – GShop API

Boltron GShop APIA Google Shopping API WooCommerce Plugin which allows WooCommerce sellers to synchronized their…

Abacab Ltd. Instalări active: 10+ Testat cu 5.2.16 Actualizat acum 3 ani