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Real Estate Realtor

De buywptemplates

Versiune: 0.2.2

Ultima actualizare: 19 noiembrie 2021

Instalări active: 100+

Versiune PHP: 7.2 sau una ulterioară

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Real Estate Realtor is designed for property dealers, property dealing companies, real estate agents, builders, architects, interior designer, estate advisors. You will absolutely love the clean, and responsive layout of this theme that matches the expectations of such businesses. To showcase the crystal clear property images and images related to your work, it has got a retina-ready design. As it utilized a good blend of colors and light and dark combination along with relevant imagery, your website is going to look beautifully professional. It is a free theme giving you plenty of resources to get started with your website in no time. With plenty of personalization options available, it is a breeze to do the changes without implementing any new codes or even modifying the existing ones. CSS animations make the website look more interesting and to get you more traffic, developers have already included SEO-friendly and highly optimized codes to the design. These codes result in faster page load time. Call To Action Button (CTA) adds to the interactive part of your website and also plays a significant role in boosting conversions. It is a Bootstrap framework-based theme having plenty of shortcodes and social media options for you to promote on a bigger scale. Live Demo: https://www.buywptemplates.com/bwt-real-estate-realtor-pro/


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