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Presto Blog

De sublimetheme

Versiune: 1.0.2

Ultima actualizare: 19 noiembrie 2021

Instalări active: 200+

Versiune WordPress: 5.0 sau una ulterioară

Versiune PHP: 5.6 sau una ulterioară

Prima pagină a temei

Are you a travel or lifestyle blogger looking for a beautiful & fully responsive WordPress theme? If yes, Presto Blog is the easy-to-use free feminine WordPress theme for you. It'll help you create elegant & functioning websites within a few minutes, without touching any line of code. What you'll absolutely love about Presto Blog is its beautifully crafted design. It's styled with your flexibility & thematic needs in mind. In addition, Presto Blog is SEO-friendly and optimized for speed. The theme is also cross-browser compatible, meaning it works well with all the web browsers like Chrome & Mozilla. Also, it's translation ready, mobile-friendly, WooCommerce Plugin compatible, RTL compatible. Plus, it offers free technical support (via our professional developers & designers) and smooth social media integration as well. You can check out the demo: https://sublimetheme.com/theme/presto-blog/, go through documentation: https://sublimetheme.com/docs/presto-blog/ and get free support: https://sublimetheme.com/support/.


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