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Versiunea: 1.3.3

Ultima actualizare: 15 decembrie 2019

Instalări active: 1.000+

Versiune WordPress: 4.8 sau una ulterioară

Versiune PHP: 5.6 sau una ulterioară

Prima pagină a temei

Pen is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with tons of features, classic and masonry layouts, multiple color schemes for your whole site and also for individual widgets, multiple font sets, and over 400 customization options including tens of animation effects. In addition to all that, you can customize various parts of this theme for each post, page, or WooCommerce product with just a few clicks; check out the "Pen Options" section under your content editor (either Gutenberg or classic) and you will be surely excited to see the new way of creating and reusing page templates.

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