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Modul Aplicație Mobilă Blappsta – Aplicația ta nativă, mobilă pentru iPhone și Android

Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

Modul Aplicație Mobilă Blappsta – Aplicația ta nativă, mobilă pentru iPhone și Android


You are searching for an easy way to create an app out of your WordPress blog? Then Blappsta is a great tool to convert your WordPress site into a native mobile app for iOS and Android in only a few minutes – including iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets! Blappsta does not require any skills and no coding and even though you can individualize your app to your own needs. We even upload the App for you, so your readers can download your Android app and Apple app right from the App Stores.

Transformă-ți blogul WordPress într-o aplicație nativă pentru iOS și Android

**You can build your individual Android and Apple app using your favorite colors and your own logo. First of all, please install our free Blappsta WordPress app plugin and then you can change your native app just the way you want it to look. Instantly test it using our Blappsta Preview app for iOS and Android from the Apple App Store or Google Play™ Store. You can test it as long as you want. If you like it, go to http://www.blappsta.com and we will take care of publishing your very own app to the Apple and Google Play Store. Your readers can download your app from there and read your articles on their iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. If you want to learn more about Blappsta, please check out our website.

Crește numărul cititorilor loiali ai blogului tău cu Notificare imediată în propria ta aplicație nativă pentru Apple și Android

Notify your blog readers with our free push notification service build into the plugin. This service will increase your number of readers largely, as they will receive notifications on their iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone whenever you have to share something with them. You can decide when and what you want to push. The notifications pops up on the Apple or Android devices and are also highlighted in the app itself. We really want to make sure that your readers will never miss a story of you again!

Fă-o aplicația ta nativă pentru dispozitive iPhone, iPad și Android indexate de Google

As Google takes care of mobile friendliness as a ranking factor we have added an awesome feature to our Blappsta apps: You can get your app indexed by Google with deeplinks right into your native app! This will help to boost your ranking and to gain more app installs and find new readers. At the moment this works for Android apps, but in the future iOS apps will also be indexed.

Funcționalități ale aplicației

  • trimite notificări imediate către dispozitivele iOS și Android
  • partajează conținutul aplicației tale pe Facebook, Twitter, Google+ și prin email
  • afișează fluxul paginii tale Facebook în aplicație (opțional)
  • permite comentarea și citirea comentariilor în aplicația ta nativă pentru dispozitive iPhone, iPad și Android
  • o listă, la început, cu cele mai populare articole în locul categoriilor sau ultimelor articole
  • suport pentru videouri
  • arată articole similare sub articol în aplicația ta nativă pentru dispozitive iPhone, iPad și Android
  • îmbunătățirea continuă a aplicației garantată

Funcționalități ale modulului

  • integrat complet cu WordPress
  • trimite notificări imediate direct dintr-un articol sau dintr-o pagină în WordPress
  • editează conținutul din anunț în aplicația ta nativă pentru dispozitivele iPhone, iPad și Android
  • adaugă imagini categorie aplicației ta pentru dispozitive iPhone, iPad și Android
  • individualizează-ți meniul aplicației
  • setează aspectul ecranului principal
  • Suport pentru Contact form 7

Urmează și mai multe! Aceste funcționalități sunt acum în dezvoltare și vor face parte în curând din Blappsta:

  • galerii de imagini
  • un număr tot mai mare de teme disponibile
  • suport pentru cu wordpress.com
  • Versiune tabletă Android
  • Versiune telefon Windows

Cum funcționează

  1. Instalează și activează modulul.
  2. Pentru a obține o previzualizare a modului în care va arăta aplicația ta, descarcă și instalează aplicația noastră Blappsta Preview de pe Apple App Store sau din Magazinul Google Play.
  3. Deschide aplicația Blappsta Preview și introdu URL-ul blogului tău sau scanează pur și simplu codul QR pe care îl găsești în setările modulului Blappsta cu scanerul nostru integrat.
  4. Desigur, toate setările pot fi modificate oricând. O simplă „cerere de reîmprospătare” este suficientă pentru a suprascrie setările din aplicație.
  5. Îți place ceea ce vezi? Atunci accesează www.blappsta.com și noi vom avea grijă de prezentarea aplicației în magazine.
  6. Dacă ai alte întrebări, contactează-ne: support@blappsta.com


Disponibilă momentan în engleză și germană.
Vrei să contribui cu o traducere în limba ta? Te rog să mă contactezi la contact@blappsta.com

Capturi ecran

  • Pagina setări a modulului


  1. Instalează Blappsta fie prin directorul de module WordPress.org, fie prin încărcarea fișierelor pe serverul tău.
  2. Odată activat accesează Setări > Modul Blappsta.
  3. Actualizează-ți setările pentru aplicația ta.

Întrebări frecvente

We are happy to help! If you need any support, please visit our HelpCenter.

Installation Instructions
  1. Instalează Blappsta fie prin directorul de module WordPress.org, fie prin încărcarea fișierelor pe serverul tău.
  2. Odată activat accesează Setări > Modul Blappsta.
  3. Actualizează-ți setările pentru aplicația ta.


26 octombrie 2018
As the previous reviewers noted, support is virtually non-existent. What they failed to mention is that this company is a total scam that will overcharge you (even after you cancel your subscription). I was overcharged on my first payment, and support finally apologized and said it would issue a partial refund, but instead the company initiated another charge to my credit card. The company continued to overcharge me for the service I had withdrawn from my order, and then started charging me that amount twice per month! When I noticed the overcharges and additional charges I pestered support and finally received a response confirming that my account was canceled, after which the company not only continued to charge me but actually charged me even more – I was charged three times in October 2018, each time an amount that was too high (i.e., including a service that I had removed in my initial order). The company (NEBELHORN GMBH) is in Europe, so I have no legal recourse other than to inform my credit card provider that the charges are fraudulent. Hopefully nobody makes the same mistake I did…
5 iunie 2018
No support via email, Facebook etc, no reply, doubt this exists anymore which is a shame as it could have been great
10 martie 2018
Use caution with this app. I made the purchase and immediately received an error on the payment screen, though the money was pulled from my account. I attempted to make contact and waited three days for a response, only to receive a „reset password” email. Knowing it wouldn’t help, I went ahead and did so, but it did not change anything. I have no way of knowing what is happening with the apps. I’ve received no word about their status and no response to my attempts to make contact. I have since asked for a refund and still have not received a response.
1 decembrie 2017 1 răspuns
I cancelled my service because it did not work with my website and they were not willing to fix it. 2 years later they sending invoices despite sending them several emails and they do not respond to any of the emails
3 septembrie 2016
Ich habe vor kurzem die erste App mit diesem Plugin realisiert und bin vom Ergebnis, vom Support und von der Roadmap für die Zukunft begeistert. Das geht genau in die richtige Richtung. Es wird bestimmt nicht die letzte App gewesen sein, die mit Blappsta realisiert wird…
3 septembrie 2016 1 răspuns
Sandhimself, where you’ve seen that it’s free? In wordpress plugin, when you finish adjusting, I ask the app apk, and I redirected to the website of blappsta where once registered ask me to choose a plan from 9,90 euros / month … Free ????
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Modul Aplicație Mobilă Blappsta – Aplicația ta nativă, mobilă pentru iPhone și Android” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • fix push post id bug

  • add type to extraRequestParam in homepresets & teaser JSONS
  • add action nh_ynaa_article_pre, nh_ynaa_articles_pre

  • fix push coding bug
  • fix autopush for older posts
  • fix gallery bug
  • simulator disabled

  • fix path bug for scripts

  • and post type in article.json
  • correct german translation
  • add custom values for categories
  • fix seach excerpt text
  • add option hide title on startview
  • add option individuell image for post on homescreen
  • add filter nh_pushQuerryString
  • fix Push coding problems
  • add hide push history option

  • Bug Fix timezone

  • Change german app translation
  • Bug fix teaser null
  • Extend Debug Modus
  • Add UTC to default timezone

  • add option hide sharing
  • add action nh_add_app_extras_homepresets
  • add action nh_add_accordion_homepresets
  • add action nh_add_app_extras_menu
  • add action nh_add_accordion_menu
  • add action nh_add_accordion_teaser
  • add action nh_add_app_extras_teaser
  • add „search” translation

  • add author to article JSON
  • add text-to-speach function
  • change hide posts in app logic
  • clear source code
  • converts &#[0-9]+ entities to UTF-8 in titel
  • add default push option in categories
  • ignore teaser posts on homescreen
  • support search in teaser

  • Insert excerpt in article
  • Add function search
  • Supported language: turkish
  • Add function support extern URL in teaser

  • Support hide categories from startscreen
  • Support URL in teaser

  • Support apply_filters for pre content filter
  • Supported language: croatian
  • Supported language: arabic
  • Small Bug fixes


  • Change default colors
  • Add filter suport for the response jsons
  • Small Bug fixes


  • Add function hide date
  • Add function hide sharing
  • Bug fix for local path for images
  • Support crazy-lazy plugin
  • Integrate simulator
  • Small Bug fixes
  • Change backend style


  • Contact Form 7 Formular support
  • Add Recent post count
  • Support apply_filters for content page
  • Support custom posttype on homescreen
  • Small Bug fixes

  • Fix push alert message

  • Fix send push over curl
  • Add send push with Pop-up window


  • Fix sticky Post problem
  • Fix send push problem with proxy on server
  • Fix coding problems on autopush
  • New Premium Theme – Kilimanjaro
  • New Function – Related Posts
  • Small Bug fixes

  • Support: BJ Lazy Load Plugin is supported

  • Fixed: iframe video size problem

  • Fixed: problem with Push URL
  • Supported language: romanian
  • Small Bug fixes

  • Fixed: problem with Push URL

  • Teaser image quality improves


  • New function: Integration of Avada Theme Portfolio categories
  • Update Plugin backend user interface
  • Smaller bug fixes and performance improvements

  • Fixed: event on startscreen problem


  • New function: add categories as teaser items
  • New function: reorder startscreen, teaser and menu items by drag and drop
  • Fixed: problem with event manager location page
  • Rezolvat: eroare dimensiune imagine în vizualizarea articolelor
  • Rezolvat: imaginile nu erau afișate în aplicație dacă atributul html „src” nu avea un protocol
  • Rezolvat: problemă scalare imagine

  • Rezolvat: Problemă de încărcare logo în versiunile de WordPress anterioare 3.5

  • Corecție eroare Facebook pentru homepresets
  • Small Bug fixes


  • Corecții de erori
  • Integrate „How to use the Blappsta PREVIEW app” video
  • Use big images for teasers


  • add plugin logo
  • correct Goole Play Store link to blappsta preview app (Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.)
  • successful compatibility test for wordpress 4
  • Bug Fix: getimagesize() error
  • Bug Fix: Empty categories & homepresets because of facebook error


  • Replacement of the app emulator by our Blappsta Preview app
  • New function: Support for featured image on post view in your app
  • Corecții de erori

  • Bug fix: In some cases WordPress posts could not be published (Missing argument bug in ynaa_publish_posts function)


  • fix menu bug
  • new function: automatic sending of push notifications in the first publication of a post
  • remove „\n” from content pages
  • smaller bug fixes and performance improvements


  • new function: choice between two themes
  • new function: automatically have your teaser filled with content (either the latest or from a certain category)
  • new function: we have created an option that delivers the content correctly to the app if there have been issues with certain installed plugins („Use embedded JSON”). Only activate if you encounter problems. You need iOS 2.0.0 or Android or higher for this to work.
  • new function: we have created an option that removes blank lines in detail view („Remove blank lines”)
  • smaller bug fixes and performance improvements


  • fix plugin folder problem


  • fix category img value null
  • on plugin deactive don’t reset plugin settings


  • critical bug fix for the 0.7.4 issue
  • fix timestamp problem in homepresets


  • critical bug fix for the 0.7.3 issue


  • supported language: portuguese
  • new alert message for push send success
  • remove not required „Title 2 Color”
  • teaser can be setup from category, recent posts or individually (wait for app update)
  • support extern css an javascript from blappsta
  • bug fix


  • support blogs with only pages
  • no crah anymore if there are no categories
  • integrate push center (need iOS App Version 1.9 or Android Version 1.6)
  • remove errorcode if menu empty
  • fix problem with ‘Disqus Comment System’ Plugin
  • integrate ticket support system
  • seperate tab for CSS Style


  • bug fix
  • fix facebook bug


  • new debug modus
  • checkbox for utf8 encode enable
  • insert google analytics mobile apps
  • support russian and dutch


  • help text
  • fix time problem in articles
  • support Gadgetry-Theme image


  • fix css style without app name in widget
  • offset function


  • bug fix css style widget
  • bug fix delete menu item


  • fix extern url in menu
  • content controller in events
  • push bug fix
  • bug fix conent type
  • add widget for promote app
  • getimagesize local file


  • bug fix empty map coordinates
  • order in category
  • sorting option in the categories
  • push bug fix


  • bug fix
  • push support without curl
  • new controller content
  • post order in categories


  • bug fix
  • work around for wpseo Plugin
  • fix getimagesize() bug
  • cat_id int
  • fix recent post bug
  • add app language Italian


  • bug fix event title html tag
  • prefix nh for variable


  • bug fix new post on homescreen
  • bug fix other post types
  • posts in categorie overview
  • bug fix ibeacon


  • bug fix menu items
  • fix push bug
  • change plugin name to Blappsta Plugin
  • html in title bug fix
  • add new default logo


  • bug fix menu items


  • push for android
  • change welcome text


  • integrated URL for Homepresets
  • bug fix map in homepreset


  • integrated app simulator


  • teaser & starscreen bug fix
  • add meta tag viewport
  • add category features use category image


  • support hide categories
  • encoding bug fix
  • add sorttype
  • remove homepreset image


  • bug fix
  • add categoriy tab with category feature


  • add spanish, frensh
  • bug fix


  • menu color

  • push bug fix


  • add pin color for map
  • bug fix


  • add location function
  • bug fix
  • fix WP_Screen error

  • bug fix

  • fix compatibility problems


  • change CSS Setings –
  • chnage html content format –
  • bug fixes –

  • change Plugin Text –


  • change to yba –
  • bug fix –
  • add css for event –

  • change to ynb –

  • change to yourNewsApp –

  • fix do_accordion_sections


  • add App language file
  • add presets
  • bug fix


  • remove QR-tab
  • add Home QR-Code
  • corrected spelling – still in Alpha


  • Sort fix – still in Alpha


  • Bugs fix – still in Alpha


  • Comments bugs fix – still in Alpha


  • Initial Release – still in Alpha