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29 iulie 2021
Don't upgrade to version 2.0. Here, in their own words, is their lack of support for ALL the Version 1.x users. "If are using any previous version of this plugin and you have configured at least one add-on before, you will still be able to see and use the old version and the add-ons as long as you need to, as we will keep supporting it for a while." Support for a while! How about those of us using this plugin for a couple of years! I have a long complicated list of add-ons because I sell custom-made products. Here is their comment if you want to transfer all your hard work to version 2.0 "There is no import feature at the moment to import the old add-ons sets to the new format, as they are totally different, so, you will have to reconfigure them all from scratch." That is the biggest "screw you" I have ever heard from a company. I have NEVER heard of a company not having some type of transfer feature from one version to another.
15 iunie 2021
I was hoping to find a plugin as simple to use as "Product Addons from Woocommerce.com", but without the bugs and hoped this would be it. However, this is way too complicated and requires the user to go back and forth to different editors, seemingly assigning groups to products, but also messing with the settings in YITH's own menu. And then you have get this working within the Woocommerce Product, which after 10 minutes, I still couldn't get to work. I really don't understand why it has to be so hard to configure, when "Product Addons from Woocommerce.com" have shown how easy this can be. It will be easier to go back to "Product Addons from Woocommerce.com" and try to get the bugs fixed. Sorry guys, way to complicated.
12 ianuarie 2021
l'ho installato la versione free con grande entusiasmo per vedere come va per poi eventualmente pagare la licenza premium. mi ha deluso molto in quanto ha tanti difetti di funzionamento e dopo aver dedicato più di una giornata intera ho deciso di disattivarlo. sul sito del produttore non era nemmeno disponibile la pagina della documentzione bha...
4 decembrie 2020
Is a really good plugin, the input text featured is all i was searching. Thanks
26 octombrie 2020
Thanks for the plugin. Excellent. But my problem is that my product gallery gets corrupted while the plugin is running, the photos cannot be displayed. When I disable the plugin, everything is back to normal.
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