Years Since


Keep date time related texts relevant. „I have worked for x years.” becomes outdated within a year. Years since keeps „x” current in your posts and allow your content to age well.


A year must be provided in your text by the attribute „y” such as [years-since y=2012].
As an option, Months by referencing „m” and day by using „d”. Months and day default to „1” if not added in the shortcode.

For example, on an „About” page text, you might have something like:

We’ve worked remotely for [years-since y=2012], which has allowed the team to spend more time traveling and spending time with family.
Or, if you wanted to update a time span on a particular anniversary, you could do something like:
I’m [years-since y=1990 m=5 d=16] old.„


  • Fix or to ||


  • Namespace the plugin to avoid PHP conflicts.
  • Fix the breaking html when [years-since-gb] is used.
  • Test WP version compatibility for 5.6.


  • Add functionality to allow for days, months, weeks instead of 0 years when time is less than a year.


  • Add Gutenberg support


  • Add Gutenberg note to readme.


  • Translate returned errors.
  • Shortcode parameter to suppress „year” and „years” text.


  • Initial creation.

Capturi ecran


  • Navigate to your plugins admin page.
  • Search for „years since” and download the plugin.
  • Install using the plugin admin interface.

Întrebări frecvente

Does it work with the Block Editor/Gutenberg?


Does it work with ClassicPress?

Yes. This will still work even if you revert to the Classic Editor seamlessly.

How can I contribute?

You can raise lots of issues here and also make some Pull Requests through github


24 septembrie 2020
A well-thought-out solution, sleek and elegantly coded. I love the functionality that allows for days, months and weeks instead of 0 years when time passed is less than a year. Congratulations @laurencebahiirwa and a big thank you!
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