Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

WPSupervisor Client


WPSupervisor allows users to manage unlimited number of WordPress sites from their account.

Main features:

  • One-click updates for WordPress, plugins and themes across all your sites
  • Instant backup and restore your entire site or just the database
  • One-click access to all WP admin panels
  • Bulk Manage plugins & themes: Activate & Deactive multiple plugins & themes on multiple sites simultaneously
  • Bulk Install plugins & themes in multiple sites at once
  • and more..

Visit us at WPSupervisor.

Check out the WPSupervisor Overview Video.

Credits: InfiniteWP for InfiniteWP Client and Vladimir Prelovac for his worker plugin on which the client plugin is being developed.


  1. Upload the plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. Go to the Plugins page and activate WPSupervisor Client
  3. If you have not activated the WPSupervisor account, visit WPSupervisor.
  4. Add your WordPress site to the WPSupervisor Admin Panel and start using it.

Întrebări frecvente

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Nu există nicio verificare pentru acest modul.

Contributori și dezvoltatori

„WPSupervisor Client” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări

Version 1.1.10 (2013-04-09)

  • Merges IWP Client changes up to v1.1.10

Version 1.1.9-1 (2013-04-09)

  • Fixes the problem with large Dropbox restore files

Version 1.1.9 (2013-03-27)

  • Merges IWP Client changes up to v1.1.9

Version 1.1.8-2 (2013-03-13)

  • Removes custom auto-update code

Version 1.1.8-1 (2013-03-12)

  • Fixes the problem with additional folder check on backup

Version 1.1.8 (2013-03-06)

  • Merges IWP Client changes up to v1.1.8

Version 1.1.6-2 (2013-02-12)

  • Merges AWS SDK (1.6.0) updates
  • Tweaks ZIP error messages for XXL files

Version 1.1.6-1 (2013-01-03)

  • Fixes the problem with S3 backups under safe mode

Version 1.1.6 (2012-12-27)

  • Merges IWP Client changes up to v1.1.6

Version 1.1.2-3 (2012-12-12)

  • Adjustments for WordPress 3.5

Version 1.1.2-2 (2012-11-16)

  • Improves memory usage for large Dropbox backups

Version 1.1.2-1 (2012-10-25)

  • Handle alternate encoding mapping


  • Respository issue when openSSL is not available, fixed
  • Restore MySQL charset issue fixed
  • Backups will not be removed when sites are re-added


  • Improved backups
  • Bug fixes


  • Premium addons bugs fixed
  • Reload data improved


  • Premium addons compatibility
  • Clearing cache and sending WP data
  • Bugs fixed


  • WordPress Multisite Backup issue fixed
  • Bugs fixed


  • Bugs fixed


  • WordPress Multisite support
  • Bugs fixed


  • Public release
  • Bugs fixed
  • Feature Improvements


  • Client plugin update support from IWP Admin Panel
  • Backup file size format change


  • Private beta release