WPFront Notification Bar


Want to display a notification about a promotion or a news? WPFront Notification Bar plugin lets you do that easily.

Upgrade to PRO to create multiple bars and to use advanced editor.


  • Display a message with a button (optional).
  • Processes shortcodes.
  • Button will open a URL or execute JavaScript.
  • Position the bar on top or bottom.
  • Can be fixed at position (Sticky Bar).
  • Display on Scroll option.
  • Set any height you want.
  • Set the number of seconds before the bar appears.
  • Display a close button for the visitor.
  • Set the number of seconds before auto close.
  • Colors are fully customizable.
  • Display a Reopen Button.
  • Select the pages/posts you want to display the notification.
  • Select the user roles you want to display the notification.
  • Set Start and End dates.
  • Hide in Small Devices.

Visit WPFront Notification Bar Troubleshooting page for troubleshooting steps.

Visit WPFront Notification Bar Settings page for detailed option descriptions.

Capturi ecran

  • Settings page.


  1. Click Plugins/Add New from the WordPress admin panel
  2. Search for „WPFront Notification Bar” and install


  1. Download the .zip package
  2. Unzip into the subdirectory ‘wpfront-notification-bar’ within your local WordPress plugins directory
  3. Refresh plugin page and activate plugin
  4. Configure plugin using settings link under plugin name or by going to WPFront/Notification Bar

Întrebări frecvente

WPFront Notification Bar and GDPR compliance?

This plugin doesn’t collect any personal information. For more information please visit GDPR compliance.

I don’t want the plugin to be displayed on “wp-admin”, what should I do?

Notification bar doesn’t display on the wp-admin pages, except on the notification bar settings page. On the settings page it acts as a preview so that you can see the changes you make.

How do I stop the bar from displaying for logged in users?

The new version(1.3) allows you to filter the bar based on user roles. In this case you need to select the “Guest users” option.


18 martie 2024
does it’s job. has many options. is free. but…can’t align the text left or right. no option and support is not helpful at all.so the three stars are suppost to reflect slow and unhelpful support.
23 august 2023
I want to thanks the developers to make this great plugin available for the community for free. I have changed from other notification plugin that was very bad for the performance, and this one is fantastic: Super light, many options to customize with short and helpful descriptions, beatiful and very wel design… A piece of art!
1 octombrie 2022
What a great plugin! A client asked my to display a phone number at the top of selected pages of his website on mobile devices only. This plugin fulfilled the task perfectly. With many versatile (and understandably explained) customization options it was very easy to set up and adapt the notification bar to your needs. And it worked without any problems from the very beginning. Thank you, Syam!
27 iulie 2022
Llevo varios años utilizando esta barra de notificación. Es excelente y fácil de utilizar. Altamente recomendada.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„WPFront Notification Bar” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


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Istoric modificări


  • Corecții de erori.


  • Corecții de erori.


  • Corecții de erori.
  • Compatibility fixes.
  • XSS fixes.


  • Corecții de erori.
  • PHP & WP compatibility fixes.


  • Corecții de erori.


  • New schedules UI.
  • WPML compatibility fixes.
  • Plugin conflict fixes.
  • Corecții de erori.


  • Copy bars.


  • Recurring schedule(PRO).
  • New UI.
  • Corecții de erori.


  • Max views configuration.
  • Enqueue CSS in footer.
  • Reopen button offset.
  • Corecții de erori.



  • Custom capability bug fix.
  • Keep closed bug fix.


  • You can now change the capability checked by Notification Bar.
  • Use WPFRONT_NOTIFICATION_BAR_EDIT_CAPABILITY constant to set your custom capability or use wpfront_notification_bar_edit_capability filter.
  • You can now enable/disable notification bar based on any condition using wpfront_notification_bar_enabled filter.


  • More XSS fixes. Please read this link before upgrading.
  • Use WPFRONT_NOTIFICATION_BAR_UNFILTERED_HTML constant to get v1.x behavior on message & button text.
  • Add define(‘WPFRONT_NOTIFICATION_BAR_UNFILTERED_HTML’, true); to your wp-config.php to disable message sanitization.
  • Another way is to use wpfront_notification_bar_message_allow_unfiltered_html and wpfront_notification_bar_button_text_allow_unfiltered_html filters.
  • WPML compatibility fix. Use WPFRONT_NOTIFICATION_BAR_LANG_DOMAIN constant to change language domain.


  • Breaking change added. Please read this link before upgrading.
  • Breaking change: Message text no longer allow script tags.
  • If you have script tags in your message text, use ‘wpfront_notification_bar_message’ filter to set your message.
  • This change is needed as per ‘WordPress Plugin Review Team’.
  • More XSS fixes.


  • XSS fix on the settings page.


  • Compatibility fix.


  • Reopen button image is now configurable.
  • Add dynamic CSS through URL.
  • Compatibility fixes.
  • Corecții de erori.
  • PHP 8.0 fixes.
  • SiteGround conflict fix.


  • Description correction.


  • Preview mode.
  • Debug mode.
  • Hide in small devices and windows.
  • Change cookie names.
  • Edit include/exclude post IDs manually.
  • Edit colors manually.
  • More rel attributes. Thanks to jetxpert.
  • Accessibility and compatibility fixes.
  • Filters ‘wpfront_notification_bar_message’ and ‘wpfront_notification_bar_button_text’ added.
  • Corecții de erori.


  • Processes shortcode in button text.
  • Notification bar menu is now under ‘Settings’ menu.
  • PHP 7.2 compatibility fixes.
  • Corecții de erori.


  • Start and End times.


  • Processes shortcodes.
  • Nofollow link option.


  • WP eMember integration.


  • Corecții de erori.
  • Serbo-Croatian translation. Thanks to Borisa Djuraskovic.


  • Corecții de erori.
  • Hungarian translation. Thanks to Botfai Tibor.


  • Display on Scroll option added.
  • Date filters added.


  • User roles filter added.
  • New menu structure.


  • Fixed an issue with mod_security.
  • German language added. Thanks to Anders Lind.


  • Keep closed for days.
  • Change color of close button.
  • Custom CSS option added.


  • Filter pages option added.
  • Reopen button added.
  • Keep closed option added.
  • Position offset added.
  • WordPress 3.8 ready.


  • A couple of bug fixes.


  • Versiunea inițială