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WP RSS Aggregator is the original and best plugin for importing, merging and displaying RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site. It’s the most comprehensive and elegant RSS feed importer for WordPress.

Automatically import RSS feeds & display them on your site

  • No limit on the number of sources to import from.
  • No limit on the number of items to import.
  • Automate each feed’s import with individual or global schedules.
  • Multiple templates to display items across your site.
  • Choose to show, hide and/or link the author, source and publish date for every template.
  • Show or hide pagination on your templates, and display specific pages.
  • Use our [wp-rss-aggregator] shortcode or Gutenberg block to display items.
  • Feed auto-discovery (add sources without the exact RSS feed URL).
  • Open YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo videos directly.
  • Limit the number of feed items stored for better performance.
  • Limit the number of feed items fetched per import for better performance.
  • Create a custom RSS feed from imported items to use elsewhere.
  • Extendable via action and filter hooks.

Click here to learn more about the free WP RSS Aggregator plugin.

NEW SINCE v4.13: Templates, gutenberg block, improved logs

Create as many templates as you need to display feed items in different ways across your site. Be it on the homepage, in a sidebar, or in the footer, you can specify which template to use and which sources to display in each individual area.

Our brand new gutenberg block ensures seamless integration with WordPress. Choose the template to use and the sources to display, then you’re all set (plus a few other customisation options). If you are using the classic WordPress editor, we’ve got you covered. Click on the WP RSS Aggregator button in the TinyMCE editor to open our shortcode modal. It has all the same options as the block, ensuring that no functionality is lost no matter what you use.

Debug logs are an important part of any site. From time to time, some feeds may have problems that are hard to find. With our new and improved logging system we are reducing the time it takes to find the problem and making it easier to figure out the best solution.

Who is the plugin for??

Importul și afișarea fluxurilor RSS sunt utile pentru multe tipuri de situri:

  • Curate news, videos and more from the top sources in your niche.
  • Add related posts from other sites to your site.
  • Curate job, real estate or other listings for your market or niche.
  • Embed videos from other sources (Youtube) to engage more visitors.
  • Aggregate podcast episodes related to your hobby or profession.
  • Writers, display your works from multiple sites in your portfolio.
  • Și multe altele…

For example…

Browse through our Showcase to see how WP RSS Aggregator is being put to great use on a large variety of WordPress sites.

Attention bloggers, content marketers, site owners

Increase your WordPress site’s credibility and popularity by importing full or partial posts, videos, and more into your site with our premium add-ons.

  • Beginner Bloggers and Copywriters – Find and display fresh, new content to engage and grow your audience.
  • Site Owners & Content Marketers – Curate content to keep your avid readers on your site for longer.

SEO benefits from importing RSS feeds

Importing RSS feeds alone won’t improve your site’s SEO, however, if you curate content (articles, tutorials, videos, listings, etc) and bring in quality traffic, the benefits begin to appear:

  • Generate lots of new backlinks to your site.
  • Enhance your online presence and gain more trust.
  • And therefore, you can help boost your SEO! Learn more from WP Mayor.

Quick note: Please don’t steal other people’s work; give credit where it’s due.

Premium add-ons to import full or partial posts

Import RSS feeds as WordPress Posts (or any other post type). You can then use your theme, a page builder, or a tool like Toolset to display the content anywhere you want, just the way you want it.

Our Advanced Feeds Bundle (demo) consists of 3 powerful add-ons:

Here’s a quick look at what these add-ons can offer:

  • Import Posts as Drafts (to edit or approve) or set them to Publish automatically.
  • Automatically assign categories and/or tags to imported posts.
  • Import all media within the content and automatically set featured images.
  • Import the original author’s details or assign another user as the author.
  • Automatically add you own custom content before or after imported posts.
  • Custom field mapping to map the data you want to where you need it.
  • Exclude elemente nedorite din sursa originală folosind reguli de extragere.
  • Import only the items you want with specific keyword, phrase and tag filters.
  • Connect to our premium full text service to import the full content from sources that are missing text, images and more in the original feeds.

Other add-Ons

The above two add-ons enable you to enhance the typical feeds list that you can create with our shortcode or block templates. They also form part of our Simple Feeds Bundle.

We stand behind what we build

Our comprehensive Knowledge Base provides you with everything you need to install, set up and customise the plugin to your needs. You can also browse through a number of FAQs to get started.

If that doesn’t do the trick, we provide support for the free version of WP RSS Aggregator via the support forum here, while for premium support (owners of valid premium add-on licenses) and pre-sales questions please contact us via our premium support channel.

Our plugin also includes a Help Beacon within your dashboard through which you can search our knowledge base or contact our team (premium users only) without ever leaving your website!

Additional information

We provide a Feed Creator service that allows you to generate RSS feeds from any webpage, even if it doesn’t have its own RSS feed. It provides inline documentation on how to use the service.

Our terms & conditions can be found here.

High praise from trusted WordPress leaders

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  • Feed items displayed using WP RSS Aggregator's templates.

  • Setting up the WP RSS Aggregator Gutenberg block.

  • Adding/Editing a feed source in WP RSS Aggregator.

  • The list of feed sources in WP RSS Aggregator.

  • The list of imported feeds items in WP RSS Aggregator.

  • Setting up a template in WP RSS Aggregator.

  • The general settings for WP RSS Aggregator.

  • Using the Feed to Post premium add-on to import items as posts.

  • Using the Feed to Post premium add-on to import Youtube videos.


How to install and set up the WP RSS Aggregator plugin:

Method 1:

  1. Go to the Plugins page in your WordPress site’s dashboard.
  2. Click the „Add New” button.
  3. Search for „WP RSS Aggregator”.
  4. When found, click on the „Install” button, then hit the „Activate” button once it has installed.
  5. Go to the RSS Aggregator menu item, then set up your feed sources, templates general settings.

Method 2:

  1. Click on the „Download” button above.
  2. Upload the wp-rss-aggregator.zip file to your site’s /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.
  3. Activate the WP RSS Aggregator plugin from the ‘Plugins’ section in your dashboard.
  4. Go to the RSS Aggregator menu item, then set up your feed sources, templates general settings.


Use the WP RSS Aggregator block or shortcode on any page or post to display the imported items.

Shortcode: [wp-rss-aggregator]

Each block or shortcode can use any template and it can also have its own parameters, such as selecting which sources to display items from, the maximum number of items to display, whether to use pagination, which page to show, and more.

Shortcode example with parameters: [wp-rss-aggregator source="123" limit="5"]

It is advisable to use the ‘HTML’ view of the editor when inserting shortcodes with parameters.


Here are two examples of a function call from within a theme’s files:

wprss_display_feed_items( $args = array(
    'limit' => '8',
    'source' => '5,9'


<?php do_shortcode('[wp-rss-aggregator]'); ?>

Întrebări frecvente

What feed sources can I import items from?

Any source with a valid RSS or XML feed can have its feed items imported by WP RSS Aggregator. Most sites provide RSS feeds right out the box as shown here. If you can’t find an RSS feed, you may try to create one using our free service.

How do I display the imported feed items?

Use the template of your choice to display imported items anywhere across your site. To show the items, you can use either one (or a combination) of the options below.

  • Option 1: Use our shortcode in your posts and pages: [wp-rss-aggregator]
  • Option 2: Use our block in the Gutenberg editor (WP 5.0 and later)
  • Option 3: Call the function directly within a theme: <?php wprss_display_feed_items(); ?>
Is there a limit on the number of feed sources I can set up?

No, there is no limit for the number of feed sources to import items from. Having many (50+) feed sources should not present any problems in itself. However, pulling in posts from many sites is bound to put your server under some stress, so you might want to consider using a hosting solution that goes beyond your typical shared host and staggering the feed imports.

Check out our dedicated page on WordPress hosting recommendations (includes some affiliate links).

Does WP RSS Aggregator work using JSON as the source?

No, our plugin does not currently import from JSON, it only imports from RSS and Atom structured XML.

Why do I get „No feed items found” when I insert the shortcode on a page or post?
  1. Try adding a few more feed sources and make sure they are valid by using the RSS Feed Validator.

  2. Make sure that feed items have been imported by visiting the Feed Items page.

  3. Try out the solutions listed in our Feed Items Not Importing knowledge base section.

  4. It’s important to make sure your WordPress cron system is working well. If not, the feeds cannot be imported. If in doubt, you can install the WP Crontrol plugin to check for bad cron, or go to RSS Aggregator > Debugging and hit the red button to re-import all feed items.

If the problems persist, please contact our support team. If you’re using a premium add-on, please use the premium support channel.

Can I store imported feed items as posts?

Yes, you can do that using the Feed to Post premium add-on. You will not only be able to store items as posts, but as any post type. You can also set the author, set tags and categories, import images into the gallery or set featured images, and much more. These can then be displayed in your theme’s blog page, via a page builder, etc.

Some RSS feeds only give a short excerpt when using the add-ons. Any way around that?

Yes, along with the Feed to Post add-on we have another add-on called Full Text RSS Feeds that can get the full content of most feeds that only supply a short excerpt. The Full Text RSS Feeds add-on requires Feed to Post and a valid license key to function.

I’m not sure which premium add-ons are right for me. Can you help me out?

Sure! We built an add-on finder (guide) that will help determine what you need.

If you need any further help you can contact our support team.

Where can I find the documentation for the plugin?

Our complete Knowledge Base with FAQs can be found here.


Great plugin, awesome support, and a unified view across sites

At my nonprofit employer, the Internet Society, we were seeking to build a site that would give us a unified view of the content being published across all of our corporate sites, as well as the sites of our 130+ Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) around the world. Basically, a "firehose" of content across all our global sites. Our developer explored several available RSS aggregation plugins before settling on WP RSS Aggregator as the way to go. We paid for the Advanced Features Bundle to get some added functionality and support - and off we went. It's been both fantastic - and rather fun - to pull in sites from around the world in various languages. In particular we liked the ability to add different taxonomies to the feeds. This allowed us to use another plugin, "Search & Filter Pro", to set up a menu bar with various filters to get different views of all the feeds. Given that we're importing feeds from 110+ different sources running on all sorts of different software with varying degrees of "RSS support", we were bound to run into issues with some of the feeds - and we did! When we contacted the WP RSS Aggregator support team, they were very responsive and came back to us with several ideas to try. The CEO, Mark Zahra, was right in there answering tickets and giving us suggestions. So far it's been an excellent experience. I would highly recommend the plugin for both its functionality and its support.

Works, does exactly what I need.

The documentation is great, and I was able to set everything up myself. It didn't work first try. But their support is amazing and the first thing they suggested was right, it was my web host and when I got the host to fix the issue everything worked perfectly. Great plugin, great support, and it does exactly what you would want it to do.

Great Product and Service

I purchased the WP RSS Aggregator and its a great product. Mark Zahra the CEO of WP RSS Aggregator even personally helped with me installing the plugin. I really appreciate his assistance and using this amazing plugin.


I've been using WP RSS Aggregator for the past couple of weeks to build a comprehensive news aggregator site for the industry I work in. The plugin does exactly what I hoped it would and then some. The capabilities actually make it a joy to build out my site as I ooh and ah over the results of tinkering with the various settings. While the price tag for the plugin with its various add-ons may seem a bit steep, it's well worth it if you want to build a robust professional aggregator site. I test-drove the competitors and WP RSS Aggregator is definitely the best. Also, their support team responds quickly if you have a question or problem.
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Istoric modificări

4.13.2 (2018-05-14)

  • Added: A custom Twig extension for WordPress-based i18n.
  • Changed: Now correctly requiring WordPress version 4.8 or later.
  • Changed: Improved the JS architecture to allow addons to extend the UI.
  • Changed: The deactivation poll will now be shown only 50% of the time, randomly.
  • Fixed: The time ago format for the list template was not respecting the WordPress timezone setting.
  • Fixed: HTML in log messages were breaking the Debugging page.
  • Fixed: The feed items were not being explicitly sorted, which could lead to unsorted items.
  • Removed: The polyfill for the gettext() function.