Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

WP Roster


WP Roster is a unique roster plugin designed for WordPress. WP Roster comes with a fully-fledged application interface and is designed to take up the whole window of your site – the plugin comes with a custom page template to make this easily achievable so you can still maintain the existing look on your other pages. However, for most use cases, and what I recommend, is using the plugin on a barebones WordPress install on a subdomain. The plugin has been tested with the free Twenty Sixteen theme so for best results it is recommended to use this theme as otherwise additional CSS work may be required.

Check out WP Roster in action (pro version)

WP Roster has been designed specifically for church service rostering however the plugin can be used for a wide range of team and event applications. Maybe if you run an event company this could be handy or perhaps you have a team or business that has daily/weekly/monthly tasks or roles.

The plugin takes a table approach to presenting data as oppose to the more traditional calendar interface. This might not work for you but for certain contexts where each event has a bit going on this table view makes a lot more sense. With WP Roster you can create multiple dates, teams, members and lists and then on your main roster page allocate members to dates and teams with ease.

For churches and other organisations, WP Roster creates a great middle-ground option which sits between having a full-blown CRM system which can be clunky and can require a lot of resources to maintain – and not to mention typically high ongoing fees and not having true ownership of your data; and DIY Excel spreadsheets which are hard to share, don’t look and work too great and aren’t the best solution to organise teams and events. Although WP Roster isn’t a full CRM system, it does use the built-in WordPress user system so you could extend the plugin however you want to! For example, it would be very easy to install a WordPress MailChimp user sync plugin to add all your members to MailChimp for ongoing emails etc.

Every aspect of the plugin has been meticulously designed to present a truly beautiful and simple frontend and backend interface which is mobile friendly.

Creating and deploying rosters is incredibly fast and easy. The plugin also comes with a setting restoration page so if you make a mistake you can easily roll back changes. The plugin has been made translation friendly except for popups – which I will make translatable based on demand.

Upgrade to pro

WP Roster is great but it is very limited compared to WP Roster Pro – in many respects this free version should be considered as a taster for those that need a really great roster system. WP Roster Pro comes with the following features:

  • Ability to create multiple rosters
  • Ability to send conditional and dynamic automated notifications including SMS and email notifications (SMS charges are not included)
  • Ability to upload members from a CSV file
  • Add multiple dates with a click of a button
  • Unavailable rows so users can add in their unavailability for those creating the roster with roster clash highlighting
  • A dynamic run sheet template for each roster
  • Take attendance of groups and rosters/services
  • Custom member fields
  • Super awesome support

For most teams and organisations these are must-have features so upgrade to pro today

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  • The main tab of the settings enables you to create a roster in just seconds!
  • The main frontend view of the roster – you can allocate people to a specific team and date
  • Add teams and people with ease – each team can be either text-based, member-based or list-based. Sort teams with a drag and drop interface
  • Add dates with labels
  • See the history of changes made and restore the settings to a previous version
  • The FAQ tab of the plugin settings


There are a few options for installing and setting up this plugin.

Upload Manually

  1. Download and unzip the plugin
  2. Upload the ‘wp-roster’ folder into the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  3. Go to the Plugins admin page and activate the plugin

Install via the Admin Area

  1. In the admin area go to Plugins > Add New and search for „WP Roster”
  2. Click install and then click activate

Întrebări frecvente

Please check out the Support tab in the plugin settings for FAQ’s


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just looking at the free version seems comprehensive plug-ins with lots of tips
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„WP Roster” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


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Istoric modificări


  • Compatibility Update


  • Bug fixes


  • Fixing of fatal error when bad shortcode used


  • Bug fixes


  • Force plugin updates


  • Allows HTML in email content field


  • Updates for Sinch


  • Updates for Sinch


  • Updates for Sinch


  • Fixing of issue with WordPress hijacking query string „page”


  • Fixed issue with settings not saving for free users


  • Fixed date translation issue for notifications


  • Fixed date translation issue for run sheet download


  • Bug fixes


  • Made dates show based on WordPress language


  • Fixed issue with clipboard functionality in WordPress 5.2


  • Fixed issue with custom field setting not showing when first setting up the plugin


  • Unavailable people listing now sorted alphabetically
  • You can now set in roster settings the amount of unavailable rows


  • Fixed issue with apostrophes in text items


  • Fixed issue with apostrophes in list items


  • Fixed issue with logo not working in menu


  • Now you can upload a file to the roster


  • Remove backslashes from a range of areas from the plugin


  • Small bug fixes to user update procedure


  • Small bug fixes to user update procedure


  • Now supports segmentation statistics for attendance in the pro version!


  • Now supports custom member fields for the pro version!


  • Very minor fixes to the descriptions on the team tab to make things more clear


  • Minor bug fixes around permissions and more reliable charting


  • Attendance now has line graphs and notices of attendances


  • New pro feature, now collect attendance for notification groups and rosters! (beta)


  • Now the term „notification groups” is translatable from the roster settings
  • Now notification groups have leaders and you can send notifications to all leaders of notification groups
  • Bug fixes


  • Far more advanced permissions for viewing and editing rosters with individual roster permission settings


  • Performance improvements on members listing
  • Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes for pro version
  • now live filtering for teams, dates and notifications


  • Initial launch of the plugin