Disable Bulk Smush Limit of WP Smushit


WP Smushit is a great WordPress plugin to compress and optimize images for better performance. Unsurprisingly it’s not completely free and it should not be because of its awesome features. But I just wanted the bulk compression feature for FREE. So, I created this add-on plugin and it does the job so well that I don’t need to think about clicking the smush button again.

Note: WP Nonstop Smushit doesn’t have any user interface or UI.

Github: WP Nonstop Smushit

About Me

Hi, I am a WordPress Plugin Developer with focus on JavaScript and WooCommerce. I am available for freelance work and interested in all kinds of WordPress related interesting and challenging project. Feel free PM me on facebook: @obiPlabon

Întrebări frecvente

Is it FREE?

Yes, it’s completely free forever.

Will there be any problem from WP Smushit?

No worries, there will not be any problem form WP Smushit.


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„Disable Bulk Smush Limit of WP Smushit” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


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  • Update: Version updated with minor change


  • Initial release