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WP Umbrella Maintenance tool: Update Backup restore & Monitoring

WP Umbrella Maintenance tool: Update Backup restore & Monitoring


WP Umbrella empowers agencies and WordPress developers to master WordPress maintenance, and manage multiple sites effortlessly. Key features include:

  • Dashboard: Monitor, update, and backup all your sites from a single dashboard.
  • Automated Cloud Backup: Secure, incremental backup with GDPR compliance, ensuring your data’s safety and easy backup restoration. WP Umbrella provide with GDPR Backup.
  • One-Click Updates: Update core, themes, and plugins, maintaining security and performance. Update Rollback available. Exclude update and ignore updates too.
  • Uptime Monitoring: Stay informed with alerts on uptime, downtime, and site performance, including Google Page Speed insights.
  • Error Tracking: Monitor PHP errors to maintain a safe website.
  • Reports: automate your reporting on update, GDPR backup, uptime, etc.

WP Umbrella is the best alternative to ManageWP, MainWP, WP Remote and InfiniteWP.

WordPress Management Features

  • Multiple Sites Management: manage and log into your WordPress sites with a unified dashboard.
  • Update Management: protect your sites with easy, reliable updates for WordPress, plugins, and themes.
  • Backup and Restoration: automated and scheduled backups and restorations. Backup WordPress now!
  • Comprehensive Monitoring: From uptime to WordPress errors, keep an eye on your sites’ health.

Premium / Freemium

Create an account and enjoy 14 day trial with all features (backup, uptime monitoring, safe update, etc). Then you only have access to our health check.

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Minimum Requirements for WP Umbrella

  • WordPress 5.8 or greater
  • PHP version 7.2 or greater

Întrebări frecvente

Why do I need WP Umbrella ?

WP Umbrella gives you everything you need to manage, monitor and backup hundreds of WordPress sites effortlessly.
* Save time with multiple WordPress sites management and updates.
* Find peace of mind with an all-in-one solution to manage update monitor and backup your sites.
* Improve communication about WordPress maintenance with automated reports.

Is WordPress maintenance needed?

WordPress sites need routine maintenance and updates to ensure it performs optimally. This may require to regularly update and backup your websites.

Everything you need to know about backup

All our backups are stored in Europe on Google Cloud servers and are GDPR compliant. Automatic backups can be make every hour. Automatic backups are stored during 50 days. Automatic backups are incremental. You can make up manual backup. Manual backups are stored during 14 days.

How can I bulk update WordPress ?

WP Umbrella offers an easy update manager that allows you to update all your plugins, on all your websites in just one-click. You can also disable update or enable automatic updates.

What do you monitor?

WP Umbrella is a comprehensive WordPress management and monitoring tool. Curious about it? Read our guide about WordPress monitoring!

How can I manage multiple WordPress sites?

We suggest you to read our guide about How to manage multiple WordPress sites easily

Does WP Umbrella work with multisite ?

Yes, multisite networks are fully supported, including the ability to backup and update a multisite network.

How are you better than ManageWP?

WP Umbrella is easier to use and faster than managewp. It’s also a fantastic alternative to MainWP and WPRemote.


24 iunie 2024 1 răspuns
have been using WP Umbrella for 3 months now.All the features are very appealing, however, many do not work as expected. Settings change as if by magic for unknown reasons, reports no longer send, site monitoring gets disabled, etc. Plugins do not reactivate, and even disappear after updates initiated from WP Umbrella. Backups do not complete. I use WP Umbrella on 4 different sites, and I am wasting more time than anything else at the moment… It’s sad because the overall concept is well thought out.
6 martie 2024 2 răspunsuri
Let me preface this with the fact I love this product; that being said, on one of my clients sites, any update performed via WP Umbrella ends up causing an error and deleting that plugin. This is an issue exclusive to WP Umbrella, as I came from WP Remote and never had this issue. UPDATE: Issue resolved, see below.
6 martie 2024
The WP Umbrella team has been hard at work continuously improving their product. We use the plugin update feature predominantly, but their feature roadmap is full of new features that we will harness. All support interactions have been positive and informative, and above all else, prompt. We plan to continue using WP Umbrella for the foreseeable future for our agency.
5 martie 2024
Ce plugin est super pratique, très complet et facile à gérer. je recommande vivement
23 ianuarie 2024
We absolutely love this service – it’s easily scalable for cost for website care plan clients and offers critical features to ensure we’re providing great services to our clients. In particular, the reporting tools and uptime monitoring are spot on, and the support have been very helpful. Moved from ManageWP a while back, and have absolutely no regrets!
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Istoric modificări

2.15.4 (06-20-2024)

  • Improved: add new endpoint for the new backup and restore technology
  • Improved: bedrock compatibility with the new backup technology
  • Bugfix: property missing in a request class
  • Bugfix: yootheme unreadable

2.15.3 (05-16-2024)

  • Fix: check SecuPress update status

2.15.2 (05-16-2024)

  • Improved: performance of the SQL query for preparing backups
  • Improved: loading JS vendor file only on the plugin page
  • Improved: update action scheduler to 3.7.4
  • Improved: remove old session data
  • Fix: deletion of the unused ‘tryPremiumUpdate’ function

2.15.1 (04-05-2024)

  • Fix: undefined variable on old backup process
  • Improved: change URL for API communication

2.15.0 (03-18-2024)

  • Improved: plugin update system with premium plugins
  • Improved: sync with premium plugins
  • New: scan test for ipv6

Full changelog available Here!