Integration for WooCommerce and Salesforce


Easily create leads, contacts or any object in Salesforce when an order is placed via WooCommerce. Learn more at

WooCommerce Salesforce Integration Setup

  • Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Salesforce tab then add new account.
  • Go to WooCommerce -> Salesforce Feeds tab then create new feed.
  • Map required Salesforce fields to WooCommerce Order fields.
  • Send your test entry to Salesforce CRM.
  • Go to WooCommerce -> Salesforce Logs and verify, if entry was sent to Salesforce.

Connect Salesforce Account

You can connect Salesforce Account by Oauth 2.0 or Salesforce Organization ID if API is not enabled. Also you can connect multiple Saleforce accounts.

Fields Mapping

Simply Select Salesforce CRM Object then map WooCommerce Order/product/user fields to Salesforce Object(Account, Lead, Contact, Case, custom Object etc) fields.

Export Event

Choose event, when WooCommerce Order data should be sent to Salesforce. For example , send WooCommerce Order to Salesforce when Order Status changes to „processing”.

Primary Key

Instead of creating new Object in salesforce, you can update old object by setting Primary Key field.

Error Reporting

If there is an error while sending data to Salesforce, an email containing the error details will be sent to the specified email address.

CRM Logs

Plugin saves detailed log of each entry whether sent or not sent to to Salesforce and easily resend an entry to Salesforce.

Send Historical Orders/Customers to Salesforce

Easily export all old woocommerce orders and Customers to Salesforce in just one click. This feature is available in pro version only.

Full Synchronization

All Woocommerce Orders/Customers/Products are fully synchronized with Salesforce. If you update/delete/restore an order that order will be updated/deleted/restored in Salesforce. You can import Products from Salesforce to Woocommerce too.

Filter Orders

By default all orders are sent to Salesforce, but you can apply filters & setup rules to limit the orders sent to Salesforce. For example sending Orders from specific city to Salesforce.

Send Data As Notes

You can send one to many WooCommerce Order fields data as an object Note in salesforce.

Assign Objects

An Object created/updated by one feed can be assigned to the Object created/updated by other feed. for example , you can assign Contact to Account or Order

Premium Version.

Following features are available in Premium version only.WooCommerce Salesforce Integration

  • Add WooCommerce Order Items to Salesforce.
  • Salesforce Custom fields.
  • Salesforce Phone Number fields.
  • Products Synchronization (from Woocommerce to Salesforce and from salesforce to Woocommerce).
  • WordPress Users Synchronization (from Woocommerce to Salesforce).
  • Send WooCommerce Orders in bulk to Salesforce.
  • Add a lead/Contact to campaign in Salesforce CRM.
  • Assign owner to any object(Contact, lead , account etc) in Salesforce.
  • Assign object created/updated/found by one feed to other feed. For example assigning a contact to a custom Salesforce object.
  • Track Google Analytics Parameters and Geolocation of a WooCommerce customer.
  • Lookup lead’s email and phone number using popular email and phone lookup services.

Premium Addons

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Want to send data to other crm

We have Premium Extensions for 20+ CRMs.View All CRM Extensions

Capturi ecran

  • Connect Salesforce Account.
  • Connect Multiple Salesforce Accounts.
  • Map Salesforce Fields to WooCommerce fields.
  • Create New Entry in Salesforce or Update Old Entry searched By Primary key.
  • Filter Orders.
  • Orders Sent to Salesforce.

Întrebări frecvente

Where can I get support?

Our team provides free support at

WooCommerce Integration with Salesforce

  • First Connect your Salesforce account to WooCommerce.
  • Go to Salesforce feeds and Create a feed, select Object then map salesforce fields to WooCommerce fields.
  • All New WooCommerce Orders will be automatically sent to your Salesforce account.
  • You can Open any Order then click „Send to Salesforce” button.

Woocommerce salesforce

Woocommerce is a free wordpress plugin, When someone places Order via Woocommerce, you can send this data to Salesforce with this free WooCommerce Salesforce plugin.

Woocommerce Salesforce connector

  • You can easily connect Salesforce to Woocommerce with free WooCommerce Salesforce plugin.
  • Simply Connect your Salesforce account first.
  • Create Salesforce feed then map fields.
  • All new Orders will be automatically sent to Salesforce.


1 mai 2024
Installed this for a client and had it setup to sync Woo Commerce Orders to Salesforce Products. We had a couple of blips along the way to getting it working, however, support were incredibly fast and precise with their responses, we managed to get everything resolved (they even pushed an update to the package in SUPER fast speeds). Great work and great app!
16 octombrie 2023
I can’t say enough good things about this WordPress plugin that connects WooCommerce to Salesforce. It has truly transformed the way we manage our e-commerce business. From the moment we installed it, we’ve been nothing short of thrilled with its performance and the incredible support we’ve received. The plugin’s integration with WooCommerce is seamless. It effortlessly synchronizes our sales, customer data, and product information with our Salesforce CRM, making it a breeze to manage our sales pipeline and customer relationships. This streamlined connection has saved us hours of manual data entry and ensures that we always have the most up-to-date information at our fingertips. What truly sets this plugin apart is the exceptional support we’ve received. Whenever we had questions or needed assistance, the support team was not only fast to respond but also incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. They went above and beyond to ensure that we fully understood the plugin’s features and that our integration with Salesforce was tailored to our specific needs. The combination of a user-friendly, effective plugin and top-notch customer support makes this a five-star experience. If you’re looking to supercharge your e-commerce business with WooCommerce and Salesforce integration, don’t hesitate to give this plugin a try. You won’t be disappointed!
7 septembrie 2023
Plugin is built with the Enterprise in mind. It works with some tweaking but I can understand that as each and every instance of Salesforce may be setup in a different way.
7 septembrie 2023
I have been „communicating” with Samer for over four months, asking, BEGGING to help us resolve the fact that this plugin does not sync with our custom instance/org. We even had our Salesforce Consultant in on the emails and meetings. We tried to hold Zoom calls with CRM Perks – I think he showed up to one meeting and bailed on us for the others. Every time I email to ask if there is any movement at all, I hear „yes, we are cleaning up a few tests on our side and I will let you know by tomorrow on this.” Meanwhile, we are manually entering our orders in Salesforce which is incredibly inefficient for our small team. My last email went out on 8/29/23 and today is 9/7/23 – this time I wasn’t even respected enough to receive a response. In all my years of web and corporate retail management, I have never encountered such a blatant customer service failure for a paid product.
31 august 2023
CRMPerks is proving to be the most effiecient and effective partner as we integrate our WooCommerce to Salesforce. We have tried other plugins similar to CRMPerks, but they have failed to give us the flexibility to meet our integration requirements.We wanted to take a WooCommerce sale, and post to SalesForce as an Opportunity, creating a new Account and Contact if new, or updating the existing if already present… plus other technical challenges such as customising the revenue value passed to the Opportunity to use a custom value: WooCommerce sale minus any applied coupon, excluding any local VAT. I had expected our needs to be standard. Only CRM Perks has had the ability to deliver – AND offered prompt support and updates as needed to keep us on track.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Integration for WooCommerce and Salesforce” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


Istoric modificări


  • fixed „order line items” issue.


  • fixed „custom primary key datetime” issue.


  • fixed „order fee empty” issue.


  • fixed „custom primary key” issue.


  • added „custom primary key” feature.


  • fixed „line item update” issue.


  • fixed „line item tax” issue.
  • compatible with Woo HPOS feature.


  • added „line item cost + tax” feature.


  • fixed „duplicate error” issue.
  • fixed „woo products quick edit” issue.


  • fixed „salesforce date field timezone” issue.


  • added filter for adding primary key fields.


  • fixed „trim search term” issue.


  • added „auto trim lengtly fields” feature.


  • fixed „connection lost” issue.


  • fixed „missing Order fields” issue.


  • fixed „updating product price” issue.


  • added „refund reason” field.


  • fixed php8 issues.


  • fixed update_profile hook.


  • added campaign ID field.


  • fixed „disable_rules” error.


  • added „shpping as line item” feature
  • fixed shipping fields
  • fixed variation sku field.


  • fixed „test connection” button
  • fixed „custom filter” feature for products feed


  • added product_cats and order notes fields.
  • added user_caps field.


  • fixed timezone issue in date_created field.
  • fixed optin filters feature.


  • fixed „hidden connection notice” issue


  • fixed „double saving same feed” issue.
  • fixed file_get_contents function for files.
  • fixed „trigger feed events”.
  • added separate note title feature.


  • fixed „self::$order is undefined”.


  • fixed „No fields in feed” error.


  • added name and email as Primary key.
  • fixed entities issue in multi-picklist value.


  • fixed get objects list.


  • added products and user Sync Support.
  • added Saleforce Sandbox support.


  • Initial release.