Webphone plugin is a complement for Webphone customers that will make it easier to use the tool on your WordPress website.
Webphone is click-to-call. The button that turns click into calls, users into clients, visits into sales. From telephone to telephone. Immediate. Profitable.

After clicking Webphone and entering their telephone numbers, your visitors can immediatly speak with your sales department to solve their doubts and queries. Sales opportunities rise up to 40%, proven results for both SMEs and large companies around the globe.

Every lead generated via Webphone (received calls, missed calls, and contacts received out of your working hours) is registered in your private control panel, where you’ll be able to manage the whole DDBB and all your Webphone buttons (customization, timetables, audio messages…).
All our plans include statistics on the performance of the tool (call lenght, original URL, effectiveness per widget…) as well as daily reports to be received by email.

Discover all its features at webphone

Webphone is the way to make web calls. Free for your clients. Profitable for you.

If you found any bug in our WordPress Webphone plugin or have a question contact us at help@webphone.net or use these support channels Support

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  1. Upload the Webphone folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the WordPress Webphone plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Configure the plugin by going to the Webphone menu that appears in your admin menu

Întrebări frecvente

What is webphone?

It is a click to call solution that puts in immediate telephone contact an user of the on-line channel with the customer service of the company. Customers only need to enter their phone number in a box placed in the website, and receive free and immediate phone advice. You’ll only need to have a script in your web.

How does Webphone work?

Web users enter their landline or mobile numbers in a button placed in the on-line channel of your company (web, e-mail, e-commerce, social media…) Webphone launches a call to the buyer and another one to the seller and puts them in immediate telephone contact. The sales department advises customers at the very right moment they need and more sales can be closed.

Can I try Webphone?

If you want to know how Webphone works, you’ll only have to test some of the click to call buttons included in our page. You can find them in the contact section, for instance. Enter your phone number (whether fixed or mobile,) and you’ll immediately receive a call that will contact to our sales team. They will tell you any info you need.

Who is it aimed at?

To all those people or companies that want to increase the profitability of their online channel. Webphone improves customer service and increases sales up to 30%. And, at the same time, it rovides your company with advanced statistics that will allow you to optimize ROI and improve your digital strategy.

Where I can use it?

Webphone adapts to multiple supports. You can insert the button in webpages, eCommerce, social networks, newsletters, emails, display network, widgets, or QR codes. If you are a developer, you have the Webphone API at your disposal so that you can make the most of its possibilities.

What added value does Webphone provide to my website with?

Webphone not only makes calls. Its signpost of control allows to access of simple form to complete statistics on multiple appearances, such like contacts received, length of the calls, URLs from which go in more calls, keywords… This information allows to your company test their digital strategy, optimize resources, and improve their results.

What does Webphone offer compared to other technologies?

The greatest advantage of the system is that it allows direct contact from telephone to telephone (no via computer.) Nor customers neither companies need receivers, microphones, or install software. Webphone is a free service for your customers, unlike other systems of customer services, such as premium numbers; and it includes more features than special numbers (international calls, realtime reports, web metrics, it cuts both web abandonment rate, and costs of the company.)

How safe is my communication when using Webphone?

Absolutely safe since the service is from telephone to telephone. Besides, it has an anti spam service that allows you to block numbers from which your company does not wish to receive calls.

What are Webphone features?

Our click to call solution includes antispam for calls; audio messages are customizable, it has statistics by widgets, calls, length, command, and much more; integration with web analytics tools; recovery of contacts out of hours in forms or voicemail; international calls, and customizable buttons in different formats.

What is the payment method?

Webphone can be contracted with a prepayment method or having a monthly payment. In prepayment option, our customers purchase a ticket of 50 euros by credit card or Paypal. They have 300 minutes of conversation and credit is based on the minutes used. When using monthly payment, our customers pay at the end of the month depending on the calls or minutes performed, and the advanced feautures they have access to. The payment is made via banking transfer or direct debit.

How I can donwload my invoices?

At the control panel, at the billing section, you can download your invoices every month and manage your record.

lite Plan

Lite Plan is thought for freelancers or small companies that want to increase their sales and improve their customer services while offering them an innovative and free communication tool.
It includes both national and international calls. Turnover, calls record, and contacts received out of hours can be checked at your panel. With this plan, you pay for what you speak through a prepayment plan, being 50 euros the minimum recharge (all tax included.)

Regular Plan

The Regular plan is designed for SMEs and large companies that want to know how to optimize their online business. It includes national and international calls. It includes access to total statistics on leads generated, length of calls, calls split by widget, URL, or timetables.
Webphone can be integrated with web analytics tools: Google Analytics and Google Adwords, which multiplies digital business optimization. If you want, we’ll call you now and tell you more.

Pro Plan

This plan allows large companies to build the Webphone that better adapts to the needs of their business. Explain us your needs and we’ll help you to define those metrics that will allow you know your market better, analyze the quality of your services, and optimize your resources. Are you interested? Contact us!

Contracting and Implementation

Where can I register? Contact our sales team in the telephone of our headquarters in Spain (0034) 981 27 80 77; through the Webphone buttons you’ll find in our web, or by email at info@webphone.es.

Do I need to install something in my computer in order to use Webphone?

No. Webphone application is versatile and can be used in any type of computer (PC, Mac, Linux, etc.) with any Internet connection (56k, RDSI, DSL, DSL, wire, etc.) and is compatible with the latest versions of the navigators (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) You only need to have of a telephone line (landline or mobile) to receive the call.

How I do insert Webphone on my page?

You only need to copy and paste the Webphone script in the source code of your web, depending on the place where you want to have it shown.

Can I customize my Webphone button?

Yes. Webphone allows you to adapt the widget and have the image of your company. You can choose among the designs we offer (static button) or upload your own
text and image. The pop-up deployed when entering the phone number can also be customized with the logo of your company and the text you prefer. The message that is shown during out of hours time will be different, too.

Can I include in my web buttons directed to different phone numbers?

Yes. Each Webphone account generates a new Javascript line that is copied and pasted in the source code of your web. You can have as many buttons directed to different telephones as many accounts are created. Nevertheless, the same widget cannot be launched to two different numbers.

If I want to place the same button in different parts of my page; can I do it with only one Webphone account?

Yes, since you will use the same Javascript line, copied and pasted in different places of your web.

Can I alter the audio messages?

Webphone audio messages can be customized from the control panel. The system allows to upload your own recording (format recommended: 5.000 revolutions wav,) or enter a TTS text that is converted into voice.

Do I lose those contacts calling out of hours?

No, the calls you receive via Webphone out of hours are registered through a web form or a voicemail, as you prefer. You’ll be sent them by email and can be also checked at your control panel, in the „Reports” section.

I have an extension in my office. Can use it as destination number?

No. Webphone only allows to make calls to longer numbers. You have to program your control unit to redirect the destination phone number to your extension.

I want to change the destination number of a widget

To perform modifications, you need to log in your Webphone account and click at the link „Destinations-Lists” in the menu on your left. From this section you will be able to change the number to receive the calls.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password to access your control panel, click at the link „forgot your password?” in the logging area. You’ll have to enter the email used for your registration and you will be sent a new password by email.

I want to block some numbers to have them banned

Webphone has an antispam service. In the „Destinations” section of the your control panel you can include numbers and IPs from which you do not want to receive calls; and have them automatically blocked when being identified as spam


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