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Warehouse.Space – International order fulfillment partner



Warehouse.Space is a logistics and order fulfillment service for businesses that sell products online and want to grow their business into new global markets.


In selected cities around the world, we are able to provide same day shipping so your customer can receive you items within a few hours of ordering on your site. Contact us for more information on this service.


We have distribution centers located around the world, so that your products can be closer to your customers, reducing shipping time and costs.

Ship your items with Warehouse.Space to Europe, Asia, America and Oceania. We have warehouses in the UK, Estonia, Spain, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, The Netherlands and New Zealand.


Depending on the number of shipments you ship per week, you will be given an amount of free storage in our warehouse. To get two free pallets in our warehouse ship at least 25 orders per week. The more you ship, the more space you’ll get.


This plugin has many powerful features that will integrate your website with Warehouse.Space service. These are the following features:

  • Export all products either automatically or manually from your online store to Warehouse.Space.
  • All orders that will be created after the plugin is activated, are going to be sent to Warehouse.Space automatically.
  • After Warehouse.Space has picked, packaged and shipped your customer’s order, it will update the status of that order in your store.
  • Editing “processing order status” in your store will change “order status” in Warehouse.Space.
  • Editing “product” in your store will update “product information” on Warehouse.Space.
  • “Orders table” and “order single” views are updated with several fields that will allow tracking order shipment.

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  1. Register on
  2. Install plugin on your wordpress website
  3. Insert your warehouse number and license key in the plugin admin page form
  4. Make sure that all your products (including variable products) have SKU field filled in
  5. Synchronize all products by clicking „Synchronize products button” and wait until the proccess is finished

Întrebări frecvente

Do you have questions or issues with Warehouse.Space? Please use these support channels:
* Contact us form

Why not all of my products got transferred to warehouse space?

You can only export simple and variable products to the Warehouse.Space. You cannot transfer the variable product itself since it is only a container for variations. All variations get exported.


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