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Display Posts (any custom post type), Terms (any custom taxonomy), Users (any role) on Content or Widget Areas by placing a shortcode. Select what to show and design how to show it. Using the plugin is really easy. You will find Tinymce button on post/page editor to quickly inset a list. Also, there’s a separate page for creating or editing list.

List Types

  • Articole
  • Termeni
  • Utilizatori
  • Terms & Posts
  • Users & Posts

Creating a list is just few steps. There are different sets option for different List Type, following options are available for List Type – posts.


  • post type
  • post mime type
  • post status
  • post search keyword
  • include post by ids
  • exclude post by ids
  • exclude current post
  • posts per page – while using pagination
  • post by parent ids
  • post by author ids
  • post by terms ( tax_query )
  • post by meta ( meta_query )
  • post by year, month, day ( date_query )

Group Results by

  • an
  • lună
  • month year
  • category, post tag or custom taxonomies
  • authors
  • parents

Order Results by

  • post id
  • Titlu articol
  • post name
  • post publish date
  • post modified date
  • menu order
  • approved comment count
  • meta value
  • or random

Multi-Page Pagination by

  • Next / Previous links
  • Numeric navigation flat – Ex: 1, 2, 3.
  • Numeric navigation showing in unordered list.
  • Enable/Disable pagination by ajax

Creating Template

Templates are designed using Shortcodes. You can create a simple list just showing post title and linked to the post page, or you can display complex list using any of the information relating to post. Some of the available shortcodes are –

  • post thumbnail
  • post categories
  • post tags
  • post custom taxonomy terms
  • post author name / links / avatar
  • post publish time
  • post modified time
  • post excerpt
  • post content
  • post meta value (multiple times, with multiple meta keys)
  • media thumbnail

Check all of the available shortcodes on W4 Post List Plugin Page.

Check Example


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Capturi ecran

  • Config Panel
  • Preview 1
  • Preview 2


  1. Upload zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activează modulul prin meniul ‘Module’ din WordPress
  3. Find W4 post list menu under Posts Menu. Add and manage post list from there.
  4. User shortcode [postlist] with id, or copy shortcode from the config page.

Întrebări frecvente

Please ask any question regarding the plugin – here.

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2 martie 2020
Thank you !!!! for this awesome plugin. Just a question, Which shortcode may I use in template to directly go to edit the post instead view the post? Thank you in advance. Pablo 😉
23 septembrie 2019
Always good to encounter a developer who is willing to support their creation. This is the only plugin I can find which does the job of providing the list I need, and it does it very well.
24 august 2019
Love your W4 Post list plugin for WP, but since Version 2.1.3 the list type "terms" is broken when selecting taxonomy "tags". Up to older Versions i could build a glossary list based on terms. A terms list was displayed on the page. Now the output is empty. Hope the bug will be fixed soon to let me update to current version. Thanks Sven
18 ianuarie 2019
Hello , I need to look for the last post of the week of the month and the year from when the user searches. I installed the W4 post list and in the post-data query section is not configured well to be able to do these three searches.
7 noiembrie 2018
Thanks so much for this amazing plugin ! This is the only free plugin I found to make custom post lists. Is it considered to be able to finance this project?
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„W4 Post List” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


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Istoric modificări


  • New: Exclude author capability


  • Fixed: Using 0 for Post author to restrict posts from current user wasn’t working


  • Fixed: Terms Posts, User Posts list were not working


  • Fixed: Missing required files in upload.


  • Fixed: Terms & Users list were not working.


  • Fixed: Post title attribute on [title] template tag


  • New: Query Posts by current user. Use 0 in the Post author field to indicate current user. Ex: 0,12,32 or just 0.


  • Fix: Now one list can be loaded multiple times.


  • Date Query: Multiple date query filters
  • New: Shortcode [post_type], [post_type_label], [post_status], [post_status_label]


  • Fixes: PHP5 compatibility
  • New: Shortcode [post_name] – strange, it wasn’t there already.


  • New: Now shortcode can be used with list slug (post_name) or list title (post_title). [postlist slug=”a-slug”]
  • New: Shortcode [post_thumbnail] has new attribute to allow placeholder image if thumbnail wasn’t set for a post.


  • New: Use shortcode [user_avatar] to display users avatar.
  • Fix: User meta wasn’t working at all earlier, just made it to work.


  • New: Display Post term names or slugs in plain text mode rather than link (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/feature-request-289)


  • New: Meta Query with dynamic DATE value (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/meta-query-need-help-with-dynamic-value)


  • Fix: Finally the pagination issue is fixed.


  • New: Order posts by provided post ids
  • Fix: Multisite pagination issue fixed (https://wordpress.org/support/topic/nav-typeplain-not-working-in-multisite)


  • New: Display child post associated with current post

  • New: Serbian Language

  • New: Implementing Translations

  • New: Now you can group posts by custom field (meta_value).

  • New: Now you can group posts by modified (year/month) time

  • Improved: if meta value is an array/object, display specific value by using a sub_key. ex: [post_meta meta_key=”_wp_attachment_metadata” sub_key=”file”]

  • New: Implemented Date Query. Now you can filter posts by year, month and date

  • New: class attribute for [post_thumbnail], [post_image] & [attachment_thumbnail] shortcodes
  • New: use [post_thumbnail] & [attachment_thumbnail] shortcode as a fallback for the [post_image] shortcode, use [post_image use_fallbacks=1] to activate

  • Fixed: Admin error.


  • New: Select multiple post types at once.


  • Fixed: Terms will be ordered by the provided term ids if exists


  • New: Filter terms by parents


  • Improvement: Set Previous and Next button text for pagination, ex: [nav prev_text=”Before” next_text=”After”] change the button text with Before & After.


  • Improvement: Included characters limit for post title, ex: [post_title charlimit=10] will output only the 10 characters of post title


  • New: No items found – Display text when not posts/terms/users are found by the query


  • New: Presets – Create list fast using a predefined options/template/style.


  • Fix: RTL language Control Panel Layout fixed.


  • New: Use shortcode [post_image] to display image from post content. ex: [post_image position=’last’] to display the last image.


  • New: Filter Posts by Search Keyword


  • Improvement: Use shortcode [attachment_thumbnail] to display thumbnail from post meta value. ex: [attachment_thumbnail meta_key=’attachment_id’]


  • Shortcode: New Shortcode included [post_author_meta] to display available meta information of post author.


  • Improvement: Internal Fragement Update


  • Improvement: Included List Type label on Admin List Table
  • Removed: List date from Admin List Table


  • Fix: Using offset and pagination on posts list


  • Fix: Strip Tags only used on Post Excerpt upon exceeding limitation


  • Improvement: Minor Improvement


  • Fixed: Template Error While using Post Group


  • New: Users List
  • New: Users + Posts List
  • New: Exclude Current Post
  • New: Shortcode: [parent_link] Parent link of a post or media file
  • New: Shortcode: [post_the_date] Unique post date, ignored on current item if previous post date and curent post date is same
  • Fixed: Empty list display


  • Fixed: Meta Query & tax query issue


  • New: Category List
  • New: Category Posts List
  • Fixed: Post thumnail source using size – [post_thumbnail return=”src” size=”thumbnail”]


  • Fixed: Multiple List Issue Bug Fixed


  • Improved: Options form


  • Improved: Options form


  • Improved: List options page
  • Improved: List options shortcodes



  • Fixed: Ajax pagination issue.
  • Improved: Template input field.


  • Introducing: Tinymce button. Now, create a post list right from the post/page edit screen. That means more Independence !!!


  • Improved: Tax Query selection has been improved.


  • Improved: Meta Query selection has been improved.


  • New: Filter by post format


  • New: Meta query feature. Do query by multiple meta key/value with comparement


  • New: Post author email shortcode
  • New: Post item number shrtcode
  • New: Copy list shortcode directly from the lists table page


  • New: Group posts by parent, author, categories, tags, year, month, year month.
  • New: Shortcodes to display group information.


  • New: Added shortcode button to insert shortcode quickly, similar as tinymce button


  • New: Added loading state upon changing post type on options page


  • New / Clean Option Panel
  • A Lot more shortcodes
  • Add Css and JS for specific list


  • Template Tag Changed.


  • Important Updates.


  • Manage How to select the post image. Lots of options.


  • Include Post Thumbnail/Image in the list.


  • Category Post selection problem fixed.


  • Post Comment Count and Comment url tag added.
  • Fixed Html Template input issue.


  • Stable Version


  • A lot more template tag to arrange your post list with more flexibility.


  • The show future posts bug has been solved. From now on, there won’t be any selection problems.
  • Sliding JavaScript has been updated to match the latest jQuery.


  • Its been a total change in this version. New Management page added for Admins to assign capability for creating/managing post list. If a user has role to only create and manage his own list, he won’t be able to see/edit/delete the rest of post list option page.
  • Post list database management process. Admin can drop or install the plugin database on click. People are recommended to do removal and install old database once if they have upgraded to v.1.4 from a old once. When database table is dropped, plugin keeps the old data and prompt for synchronize it once after installation of plugin database table. Only admin can have this feature.
  • Shortcode Template. Design list using shortcodes and HTML. Check examples here


  • List only posts by category.
  • Show/Not show future posts.
  • Post lists with maximum posts to show.
  • One click select/deselect all posts.


  • Option Saving Bug fixed


  • Read more link after content.
  • Jquery effects to manage the list option more easily.
  • Changed post order by to an easier method.
  • A new „post select by” option.


  • Easier post sorting options.


  • Changed parameter to easily understand options. Please deactivate and reactive plugin after update if you face any problem.
  • Added template tag to show a specific post list at any place of your theme.


  • Show list also on inside post content, page content.


  • Enabled multi-lingual functionality.


  • Show/hide post list with Sliding effect while showing posts with category
  • Bug Fixed.
  • Added new option to show last post-modified time.


  • Fixed post list bugs.


  • Changed the posts selection method.
  • Changed the preview style.


  • Changed past preview style. Update for using new listing style.


  • Please update to Version 1.2.1 which fixed the category selection bugs from widget page


  • Please update to Version 1.2 for showing the actual excerpt length and removing it from other contents.


  • Please update to 1.1, to avoid the simple category count bug and enjoy the multi widget functionality.