Visibility Logic for Elementor


Hide or show an Elementor widget based on whether a user is logged in, logged out (guest), has specific role, based on user meta, at specific dates or by the browser used.

You can also hide an entire section too or show it just for specific users.

Based on your visibility setting for each widget you can restrict rendering elements on front-end, meaning that you can hide or show any Elementor widget based on the user role(Subscriber, Author, Administrator, etc), if the user is Logged our or if the user is Logged in.

Note: Updating from older version 1.2.0 to 2.1.3 is safe and it will keep your initial settings. You can still access them from the Stax Visibility tab when editing an Elementor widget or section.

NEW Free Features

  • User Meta content restriction
  • Restrict content based on User Browser(Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc)
  • Date & Time restrictions for content

PRO Features

  • Post & Page, Taxonomy, URL Parameter content restriction
  • Archive restrictions based on Post types and taxonomies
  • IP & Referrer restrictions
  • WordPress Conditional Tags restrictions
  • Fallback – Allows you to show a message instead of hiding the element.

Find more about our Pro version.

Other restriction options to come. Suggestions are welcomed.

Here is how you will find the Elementor visibility restrict settings:
1. Open a page with Elementor
2. Go and select any widget from the page
3. Go to Advanced – Visibility control
4. Here you will find the restriction settings for your element.

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Capturi ecran

  • Visibility Logic for Elementor - Enable conditions for widget.
  • Visibility Logic for Elementor - Restrict widget/section by user role.
  • Visibility Logic for Elementor - Restrict widget/section by user meta.
  • Visibility Logic for Elementor - Restrict widget/section by date and time. Show content at a certain date.
  • Visibility Logic for Elementor - Restrict widget/section by browser used.
  • Visibility Logic for Elementor - Admin Panel


  1. Încarcă modulul în directorul tău „wp-content/plugins”
  2. Activează modulul
  3. Editează o pagină folosind Elementor
  4. Select an existing element or add a new one.
  5. Go to Advanced – Visibility control
  6. Enable conditions and set your restrictions for the Elementor widget
  7. That is it 🙂


17 ianuarie 2022
Lightweight and works great with elementor
9 decembrie 2021
Just what I was looking for, No premium clutter of bs, this plugin does the job, This one goes on the list of +1 plugins
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Istoric modificări


  • Fix error when using Elementor version older than 3.3.0


  • New Section option: Hide section when all the widgets inside it are hidden
  • Fix printed styles for hidden elements of the same type.


  • Added extra compatibility with Visibility Logic Pro older versions


  • Added Enabled/Disabled icons on all sections to inside Stax Visibility tab to see at a glance which options are in use.
  • Added Dynamic conditions based on all Elementor Pro Dynamic tags (in PRO version)


  • Date and time conditions UI improvement to show current server time in editor


  • Fix Section restriction when used with Hide HTML option
  • Fix integration with Paid Memberships Pro plugin for section restrictions


  • Improved logic and fixed Condition type when set to „At least one” to match the restrictions


  • Improvement: Added AJAX control for User meta select to improve editor speed
  • Fix Fallback text so it shows correct escaped HTML


  • Moving from version 1.2.0 is won’t change anything on your site. We added safe fallback settings for older setting from v1. Old settings are now being taken into consideration and are available in the Widget settings. You can switch to nee new settings if you like or just leave those in place.


  • Added more User meta conditional operators
  • Added icon next to Widgets and Sections with conditions enabled in Elementor editor
  • Admin settings page improvements


  • Update migration logic to be less memory demanding


  • New free feature : User Meta content restriction
  • New free feature: Restrict content based on User Browser(Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc)
  • New free feature: Date & Time restrictions for content


  • Old settings migration logic update for inner elements.


  • Make the settings migration automatic on plugin update.


  • Fix PHP version compatibility in Updates logic


  • Code logic refactoring and introducing Pro features.


  • Fixed the edge case when you combined hiding elements for guests and user role


  • Made the selectors full width since there was a bug with Select2 control


  • Made changes to the hiding logic and the element is fully hidden, no extra empty wrapping divs shown


  • Visibility settings added for Section


  • Added translation pot file


  • Initial release

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