Acest modul nu a fost testat cu ultimele 3 versiuni importante ale WordPress. S-ar putea să nu mai fie întreținut sau susținut și ar putea avea probleme de compatibilitate când este folosit cu versiuni recente ale WordPress.

Usernoise modal feedback / contact form


Usernoise is a „just works” modal contact / feedback form. It became responsive starting from 3.5 release.
You will not need to change even a line of code in your site.


Usernoise demo is available at – a „Feedback” button at the left.

Ia versiunea Pro

Usernoise Pro adds even more features, like:

  • Public feedback comments
  • CSS customization for every piece of public interface.
  • Advanced debug info gathered along with feedback
  • Ability to use custom Feedback buttons without code modifications.
  • Second email for admin notifications.
  • [usernoise] form shortcode to embed the form right into WP pages or posts.


  • Adds a customizable „Feedback” button and modal form to your site.
  • Responsive!
  • Bullet-proof visual design will work with any site template.
  • Spam-proof. Usernoise is designed in such a way that most of spam bots can’t see its form.
  • Admin notifications, feedback archive available at admin area.
  • Modal window can be controlled by Javascript API.
  • On-page forms added in 3.0
  • Lots, lots of options.
  • Highest performance possible. From 2.0 release, Usernoise only adds a small link to your site’s HTML.


  • IE7+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Safari on iPad supported.
  • Usernoise can be disabled on mobile devices.
  • WordPress 3.2 is required.

No-WordPress version

Non-WordPress version is available at CodeCanyon.


If you need Usernoise in your language which is not supported currently – you can help Usernoise by
translating it. Don’t worry, translating is extremely easy – just download a localization template, edit it with your favorite text editor and send to email karev.n (at) gmail dot com. Your help will be really appreciated.

Available translations

  • Arabic – by Ahmad Mohammad
  • Deutsch – by Alexander from []
  • Brazilian – by Ricardo Silva
  • Bulgarian – by Димитър Митев
  • Chineze – by Song Zou
  • Czech – by Ondřej Fiala
  • Dutch – by Reggie Biemans
  • Finnish – by Teijo Kulmala
  • French – by Brad Coudray
  • Greek – by (Artemis Kasomoulis)[]
  • Italian – by Omar D. Molteni aka CyberAngel
  • Lithuanian – by Vincent G from []
  • Hungarian – by Bálint
  • Persian – by Morteza Nazari
  • Polish – by Konrad Sztumski
  • Portuguese – by rasilva
  • Romanian – by Alexis Selăgianu
  • Rusă
  • Spanish – by Dario Doidos
  • Swedish – by Mattias Thurfjell
  • Tamil – by Bagerathan Sivarajah
  • Turkish – by Can Türk
  • Ukrainian – by Vladyslav Cherednichenko


Having problems or need support? Feel free to email me – cherry (dot) dev (at) gmail (dot) com or open a support topic.

Capturi ecran

  • Usernoise form.
  • Admin bar with "New usernoise records" notification.
  • Admin interface


  1. Upload usernoise folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activează modulul în meniul „Module” din WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings – Usernoise in admin area of your site, set it up to your needs.

Întrebări frecvente

  1. Usernoise button does not show after installationCheck if your theme has <?php wp_head(); ?> call at header.php. Also check if some of your plugins install their own jQuery versions. Feel free to contact me for help.
  2. I have problems with notification email delivery – It is a generic WordPress problem with outgoing emails. You can use All In One Email plugin to fix it and have HTML emails instead of plain text.
  3. Can I open a feedback window using some other button? – yes, you just need to upgrade to Usernoise Pro.
  4. When I fill the feedback form and click „Submit feedback” button – the loader spins, and nothing happens – most probably, you have define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true); in your wp-config.php, also check if you have Site Url option at the general settings page equal to actual site url (www prefix matters!).
  5. Is Usernoise spam-proof? – Yes, it almost is. Let me know if you are receiving a lot of spam with Usernoise – I’ll try to help.
  6. I need Usernoise in my languageDownload a localization template, edit it with your favorite text editor, and send me to karev.n (at) gmail dot com. I will include your translation and credits into the next Usernoise release. It takes 2-3 days usually.
  7. Can I add some custom fields to Usernoise form? – Yes, you can, but it requires some coding skills. Use un_feedback_form_body action and un_validate_feedback filter.
  8. Usernoise is missing /some feature/ – Feel free to contact me! I really appreciate new ideas.
Installation Instructions
  1. Upload usernoise folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activează modulul în meniul „Module” din WordPress.
  3. Go to Settings – Usernoise in admin area of your site, set it up to your needs.


26 septembrie 2016
The plugin looks nice and can be useful if you pay for it, yet the free version should be avoided. It uses old icon fonts, it significantly degrades website-loading speed, and lacks important features (like not loading in certain pages) and lacks any kind of support whatsoever.
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Contributori și dezvoltatori

„Usernoise modal feedback / contact form” este un software open-source. La acest modul au contribuit următoarele persoane.


„Usernoise modal feedback / contact form” a fost tradus în 3 locale. Mulțumim traducătorilor pentru contribuția lor.

Tradu „Usernoise modal feedback / contact form” în limba ta.

Te interesează dezvoltarea?

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Istoric modificări


  • Translations re-scanned
  • “Apostrophe in site name” fix.

3.7.13 – 3.7.19

  • Translations updated: French, Hebrew

= 3.7.13-3.7.15=
* Minor CSS compatibility fixes
* Translation fixes
* Changed placeholders for logged in users


  • DB revision bumped to fix the problem for upgrades.


  • Fix: feedback category tabs did not show if 3.7.10 was the first version installed.


  • Czech language added.
  • Hebrew language added.
  • Deutsch localisation updated.


  • XSS vulnerabilities fixed.
  • Added „Name” field to the form.


  • Bug fixed: feedback editor page did not open without Pro installed.


  • Mobile detection bugfix
  • Improved compatibility for feedback editor.


  • Bug fixed that disabled embedded Usernoise if „disable on mobiles” was enabled.
  • Removed the padding left at feedback tabs when icons are disabled


  • RTL-related CSS fixes
  • Mobile detection using Mobile Detect library by Serban Ghita
  • An option to allow direct publishing.


  • Warning fixed.
  • CSS fixes.
  • de_DE translation fix.


  • Added an option to disable Feedback button and form icons for sake of Bootstrap compatibility.
  • Minor CSS fixes.


  • On-page form bugfixes.


  • Minor housekeeping…


  • Editable field placeholders.
  • Updated .po files.
  • Turkish language.
  • Just use <a href=”#usernoise”>link<a> to open Usernoise from anywhere.
  • Deutsch translation fixed.
  • Russian localization fixed.
  • Improved on-page mode.


  • Icon on a feedback button added
  • More reliable database upgrade mechanism.


  • Font Awesome instead of images for icons.
  • jQuery 1.9 compatibility fixed.


  • jQuery 1.9 compatible
  • Responsive!


  • Minor CSS and validation fixes.


  • Greek translation added, thanks to (Artemis Kasomoulis)[]


  • Swedish translation updated.


  • Fake release to fix Usernoise auto-updates.


  • Fixed a compatibility issue with NextGEN gallery.


  • Reverted back to admin-ajax.php entry point due to numerous compatibility issues.
  • Added permission management code to activation hook.


  • Caching issue fixed.


  • Fake release to fix plugin page.


  • On-page forms added.
  • Lithuanian translation updated.
  • Tamil translation added, thanks to Bagerathan Sivarajah.
  • Arabic translation added, thanks to Ahmad Mohammad.
  • Romanian translation added, thanks to Alexis Selăgianu.
  • German translation updated.
  • A bug fixed that prevented Tahoma-based style to be shown.
  • Helvetica as a default window font.


  • Call-time pass-by-reference’s removed for better PHP 5.4. compatibility.
  • Returned back a „Font” setting removed by accident.
  • Fixed a bug with „ok” button at the thankyou screen.


  • Persian language added – thanks to Morteza Nazari
  • „Submit” button font size increased
  • Updated Lithuanian translation


  • Comment bug fixed
  • Lithuanian translation added, thanks to Justinas Jakūnas


  • A fix for installations with custom url(s).
  • Redirection from feedback items at admin improved.
  • A fix for „Enable / Disable” usernoise option.
  • Russian translation updated, .pot file updated.


  • Better compatibility with IE8 when the button is placed at the left or at the right
  • iFrame instead of inline div design should dramatically increase compatibility and make it
  • Redirect back to feedback list when an item is saved.
  • Updated Russian localization.
  • .pot file updated
  • Added Polish translation, thanks to Konrad Sztumski


  • Minor Javascript API extension
  • CSS compatibility fix for Avisio theme


  • Workaround for Windows hosting problem
  • Better info about Pro without throwing to the third party site.


  • Upgrade ad only shown on Usernoise pages.


  • ‘Usernoise is disabled’ notice removed for non-admin users at admin area.
  • Broken theme detector added.
  • Updated to latest Plugin Options Framework and HTML Helpers libraries.


  • Bulgarian translation updated, thanks to Димитър Митев
  • Broken Turkish translation removed
  • Typo in „Your feedback has been sent” fixed
  • Admin notices removed
  • Plugin options framework updated
  • Final cleanup before Pro version release


  • CSS compatibility with PressWork
  • Added Bulgarian translation, thanks to Димитър Митев.
  • Added Hungarian translation, thanks to Bálint.
  • Added Norwegian translation, thanks to Arnfinn Anda.
  • Updated .po files – dear translator, please update your translations.
  • Settings page totally rewritten using Plugin Options Framework.
  • HTML Helpers updated to latest version.


  • Chineze localization added, thanks to Song Zou
  • Theme compatibility imporoved: Usernoise is loaded in header by default, but an option to load it in footer added. Loading in footer makes page loading a bit faster, but can be broken easily.
  • Removed ads from admin.


  • Swedish localization added, thanks to Mattias Thurfjell
  • Multilinguality-friendliness. If you’ll blank titles/texts at the admin area – default values will be loaded from localization specific to current WP language.
  • Minor event system change.
  • CSS compatibility fixed – reset code for height, text-shadow and box-shadow added
  • Brazilian localization added, thanks to Ricardo Amaral

  • Usernoise auto-disables during update to 0.4.6 – fixed.
  • Feedback button CSS compatibility fix.


  • Finnish localization added
  • Reverted to 0.4.4-like „Feedback” button position
  • CSS compatibility improved for „close” button
  • A bit of invalid HTML fixed
  • Finnish localization updated
  • A bug preventing Usernoise from loading with custom entry point files and DOING_AJAX defined fixed.


  • Italian localization added
  • Code cleanup and minor optimizations


  • Compatibility fix should resolve incompatibility with themes having .left, .right classes defined.


  • Ukrainian localization added, thanks to Vladyslav Cherednichenko.
  • Security fix – dashboard widget should be only visible to editor and administrator users.

  • Better compatibility with old jQuery versions.

  • Hotfix – „can’t view submitted feedback” problem resolved.


  • Deutsch localization added, thanks to Alexander from []
  • Duplicated close buttons bug fixed.
  • Theme compatibility CSS fixes.
  • Conflicts with third party plugins / themes resolved by adding prefixed API.


  • Slight refactoring… as usually
  • Compatibility with non-standard installs where plugins are not at wp-content
  • Minor CSS compatibility fixes
  • Spanish localization added, thanks to Dario Doidos
  • Turkish localization added, thanks to Emre Aydin
  • Added an option allowing to hide Usernoise button on mobile devices
  • Direct link to usernoise settings added to admin bar
  • Admin bar items not shown when Usernoise features are not available to the current user


  • Post type changed to un_feedback to avoid conflicts.
  • Added an option not to show feedback button border.
  • Added a shortcut settings button at the feedback form.
  • Security hardening – now only administrators and editors can manage feedback.
  • Feedback button removed from HTML code to improve compatibility
  • Simplified localization loading


  • Admin area fix – feedback types were not shown in Firefox
  • Submit feedback button compatibility with themes improved.
  • feedback_type_slug WP_Query option added
  • Portuguese localization added, thanks to rasilva
  • Feedback button z-index increased for sake of compatibility with themes


  • „Email feedback author” feature added.
  • IE8 with left-positioned button fixed.
  • JS code refactored totally, became much more extensible.
  • Feedback form is loaded with separate ajax request now.
  • Usernoise frontend code is not loaded at the backend now.


  • Minor optimization
  • Compatibility with older jQuery versions < 1.4.1
  • CSS code refactored
  • Added „un_feedback_form_body” action to allow adding new fields.


  • Dashboard widget added
  • IE9 compatibility fix
  • „Feedback button position” option added
  • French localization added, thanks to Brad Coudray


  • Added admin notifications settings
  • Duplicated usernoise settings section link in admin UI to make it cleaner
  • Bugfix: usernoise did not load jquery, relying on loading it by WP theme
  • Feedback form style updated a bit
  • Dutch localization added, thanks to Reggie Biemans
  • Localization bugs fixed


  • Customizable feedback button color
  • Customizable form font
  • Localization-ready
  • Russian localization
  • Added an option not to show email field
  • Feedback is ordered by date descending by default
  • Hooks added to single feedback item page
  • Some bugfixes
  • Added some hooks to get prepared for Usernoise Pro


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Versiunea inițială